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GTI - manual or DSG?

tomtom123tomtom123 Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Volkswagen
My girlfriend and I have decided to get a car and we've chosen to get a 2015 GTI, but we're not sure about the transmission. The pros and cons that we're hung on:

We will be living on a hilly part of Brooklyn. Also, my girlfriend sort of knows how to drive manual but not comfortably enough to drive on the roads, so she's not 100% in (and obviously can't be) that she wants a stick, although I think she would enjoy it in the long run.

I love and prefer stick, and the manual on the GTI is insanely good. Buttery smooth and just a great feel. Also, we would mostly use this car on the weekends as we both take the subway to work, so even though we're in the city, we're not daily commuters.

Any thoughts? We're buying it for the long haul, so we really need to think this through and can't make up our minds. I'm also wondering if I should ask a dealer to let her try it in an empty lot, just so she can get a feel. But assuming that may or may not sway her, any ideas?

Thank you!


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273

    It sounds like you want a stick, and she'd rather not drive one.

    I've been down that road. If this vehicle is truly for both of you, you should get the DSG. (and, I am a die-hard stickshift driver)


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