Did the dealer or bank forget about my lease?

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I leased a vehicle on 6-2-14. It is now almost 5 weeks later, 7-5-14. I haven't received anything from my leasing company at all. I was expecting a welcome packet via USPS, or an email, a payment coupon book, or something. I haven't received anything since I left the dealer 5 weeks ago. It seems I should be making my first payment around now or at least be able to log on the lease company's (Ally) website. But they don't recognize the VIN# of the car or my SS# either by phone or website.

My dealership has already proven itself to be fairly incompetent in both sales and the handling of my trade... now I'm wondering if they've botched my lease as well.

Thoughts on this are appreciated!


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    I'd call the dealership and ask to speak to the finance manager. Tell him you want to know if your lease has been funded, and that you haven't received a bill for the second payment.

    Incompetence is the most likely reason, but you still need to make the payments on time.

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