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Has anyone converted a TR7 to a delco alternator?

dpwestlakedpwestlake Posts: 207
edited April 2014 in General
Has anybody changed to a delco alternator on a Triumph TR7? I've heard about it being done on a TR6. If anyone can post part numbers or suggestions I'd appreciate it.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    What I think would be easiest is any type of American alternator that has the voltage regulator built right into it. Then it's only a matter of mounting it to the engine and lining up the pulleys. More of a plumbing job than anything else. Go to and look in their club listings. That might lead you to a BB where you could post a specific question like this. TR7s are not very popular on these boards and so I don't know that you'd get much response. But let's hope so!

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  • carphotocarphoto Posts: 37
    There is an e-mail list just for TR7 and TR8. The Delco conversion is common and not difficult. However the Lucas alternator usually fails due to a burned out diode which can be replaced seperately for very little. When my Lucas alternator started to fail I found one on the net for like $50 without a core. I have an '80 TR7 Spider Edition with Bosch L-Jetronic FI. It's been as reliable as any Honda or Acura I've owned. E-mail me and I'll send you info on the TR7 mail list.

    Kurt Oblinger
  • dpwestlakedpwestlake Posts: 207
    The alternator itself is most likely fine. One of the mountings ia broken off.
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