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    Personally, I would rest easier knowing I had the warranty thru BMW. Some 3rd-party warranty companies back in the 90's are no longer in existence. I'm guessing you know this, but just in case it wasn't stated to you, the $50 deductible applies for each visit, not for each item repaired during that visit.

    Can I ask which dealer you used to purchase the Maintenance Plan? I might wish to check them out, just in case. Thanks!
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    I was quoted 2500 for extended warranty for my 2003 through Car Care Conncetion through BMW dealer. Does anyone know anything about them? Also quoted 1600 for extended maintenance waaranty. I'll wait until warranty is near to ending to negoiate with dealer.Any advise would be appreciated.
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    I paid $100 (each) over what the dealer supposedly pays for the warranty and the maintenance for a grand total $2720 (I think invoice was something like $895 for the 2 year maintenance plan, and $1695 for the 2 year warranty through BMW).
    I got this at Kuni BMW in Beaverton, OR.
    They were a little crabby with me for doing my homework on the internet (I can't remember the breakout of the numbers, but I do remember thinking they wanted to charge me around $3700 for the two together (list price)), but I think they were ultimately fine with getting $200 for 10 minutes of paperwork!
    Good luck...
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    oops $1625 not $1695 (math is hard).
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    A rock the size of a baseball kicked up and put a 50 cent piece size crack in my windshield. I lease the car from BMW financial. Do I need to have this replaced at the dealer for a much higher price or can I take it to an auto glass place? Is the qulaity the same? I ask because I have to turn the car in to BMW at the end of my lease and I can't turn it in with a bunch of non-BMW parts. Anyone have any experience with SafeLite windshield repair?


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    Have you checked with your dealer? Mine doesn't even do glass.. they recommend an independent.

    Have you checked with your insurance company? In some states, there is no deductible for glass breakage.

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    Hi. Can you please tell me where on the internet you found the information regarding what the dealer pays for the warranty and maintenance programs? I'm in Washington DC and I'd like to present that same information to my dealer. Thanks!
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    Can you tell me what kind of gas should I use for my BMW 325i. Regular or Premium Thanks
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    Premium... 91 octane or higher.

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    For future BMW care and maintenance questions, please post in the particular model group. You can find them using the "browse by vehicle" to your left.
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