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BMW 5-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • 1stbmw5401stbmw540 Posts: 6
    The midwest price (Chicago to St Louis) is around $600 for the hood, bumper, lights (including fog), and mirrors. This is on a 2003 540 with the sport package. Other 5 series (with or without sport package) will run about $100 less.As previously mentioned, all the companies use the 3M product known as Scotchcal. Their technics at cutting the pattern to fit the car is what varies. The company I'm going with is Ultra Shield. Make sure you get references of the person doing the work. I found several in my area but only one had worked on BMW's (the price was the same with all). The local dealership used the individual and he knew just what to order. You will save by not going to the dealer. For a 540 with sp, you must order the M5 bumper kit. Hence the extra cost. Everyone whom I talked to is very happy with the product. I'll let you all know how it comes out.
  • aqbaqb Posts: 12
    ... was not installed by dealer. Is it necessary to drill (gasp) into front fairing to install? Where do the little hooks on the bracket go? l'd love to go without it but have already been stopped once....
  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Posts: 51
    ...the bracket is an interchangeable part of the bumper. The existing middle strip pops out and the license bracket pops in , each side strip slides under the remaining part of the bumper....

    I did the car came with bracket ,I did not like it and had dealer replace it with matching narrow middle strip. I kept the bracket in case I ever live in a state requiring two plates on the car.

    Do I feel your fear? Yes, I was afraid to pop the strip,the dealer did it in seconds. Snap, snap, done! Put the drill bit away.
  • aqbaqb Posts: 12
    ...but there ain't no strip ... does the '03 sport pkg have a different front bumper/air dam array, perhaps...
  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Posts: 51
    I have 530 with SP, so maybe this is different from 540. I had previously posted some before and after closeup pictures,but the website has now closed them . I'll see if these can be posted to another website where you can take a look and compare to your car. The dealer should definitely know so you can contact them too. ( I have tried to access ,a picture storing site, tonite, but their server is down)
  • aqbaqb Posts: 12
     Thanks for your help -- and patience.
     I must have had a bowl of STUPID for breakfast and can't upload pix directly, but if you click on this link I hope it will bring you to pix of bumber and bracket. &mode=invite
  • evuniaevunia Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 528i with an extended warranty coverage.

    The car broke down on July 3rd, just before we were to go on a long-weekend trip. The water pump and thermostat failed, the car overheated, and we were unable to drive it even 1/2 mile.

    I called my BMW dealer in Schaumburg, IL, where the car was purchased. I was told they couldn't help me that day, and that they would be closed until July 7. I wasn't offered a loner or a rental car.

    I subsequently took the car to a local mechanic who repaired the car. I was glad that they were able to help me and that we didn't have to cancel our trip.

    Since July 7 I tried to receive a compensation from the dealer for the $700 repair work. After a visit to the dealer and several call to various BMW offices, I am told that they cannot reimburse me since the mechanic was not authorized by BMW.

    Am I being treated fairly? Is there anything I can do about this situation?

    Thank you for your help.

  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Posts: 51
    aqb , sorry for delay...hope this works... is different.yet it seems your plate should not require a drimageill....
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    evunia... You wrote, "I have a 1998 528i with an extended warranty coverage." But you don't say who provides the warranty.

    Is it BMW CPO? If yes, you really needed to get it serviced by a BMW dealer. That is part of the agreement. Just as if the car were under the original new car 4/50 b-to-b warranty. These warranties don't let you go outside BMW network. And CPO provides BMW roadside assistance. (Thinking it includes trip interruption benefits.)

    If not CPO, then your issue would seem to be with the 3rd party warranty company.
  • aqbaqb Posts: 12
    Mystery solved (I think). The '03 540 Sport Package comes with the front bumber from the M5. BMW Tech tells me ya gotta screw it in to the bumper, no way around it. Gulp.

    Thanks for your help and perseverence.
  • warthogwarthog Posts: 216
    I have a 2003 530i with about 3200 miles. I just checked the oil and found it a quart low. Is this usual or do I have a problem?
  • mtjohnmtjohn Posts: 34
    Any good advice on door "clunks" over bumps--kind of a heavy rattle. Also, my throttle seems a little sticky. Hard to make smooth minor adjustments w/acceleration. I have seen the door problem from other posts--just wondering if anybody has a good solution.
    Any advice appreciated.
  • davidg_prdavidg_pr Posts: 2

    I have a '99 528i and it overheated after I
    stopped at idle for about 10 minutes on a long
    trip. I let it cool down and started up and
    finished the trip while keeping an eye on the
    temperature. Did not do it again for a week,
    but didn't trust it anymore so took it to the
    dealer. The diagnostic was bad water pump.

    It's been over six months since and haven't had
    a problem yet (knock on wood).

  • davidg_prdavidg_pr Posts: 2

    I have a '99 528i and about three times now,
    after turning off the car, one or two outside
    lights stay on! (Usually its the rear driver's
    red light that turns on when the headlights are
    on, the last time it also left on the front
    yellow light on the driver side).

    Once I notice this, I have to go to the car,
    turn it on, turn on the lights and turn them off
    again. The lights will go off and it won't happen
    again for a while.

    My concern is that it may happen again and
    discharge the battery and leave me stranded.

    Anybody else seen this before? Thanks!

  • pap5pap5 Posts: 144
    Can't help you with the door rattle, but the sticky throttle that has been a common problem on E39s/E46s does have a fix. BMW finally solved it about a year ago after much prodding. No recall notice went out, because this was not considered to be a safety issue nor did it affect all production. Take the car to your dealer and ask for the sticky throttle fix (sorry, I don't have the part #). I did this last August, and the problem has not recurred in my '01 530i.
  • cheekscheeks Posts: 67
    I just took my car in to the dealer after complaining of rattling from the passenger side door area. They did some work on the b-pillars but the noise is still there. It's definitly froom the door area. I now have to go back to the dealer next week and take a tech. for a spin so I can point the noise out.
  • Cheeks. I had a rattle coming from the passenger door in my 00 323Ci. I took it to the dealer and my tech rep said it may be a wear and tear item not covered under warranty. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I told him it was a workmanship defect. Anyway, they fixed it as a warranty item and said it was a bulb that worked itself loose inside the door. I don't know if this is what your problem is but it could be, or I understand sometime door speaker mounting brackets loosen in the front door. Please let us know what it is when they take care of it.
  • cheekscheeks Posts: 67
    After further research on other bimmer boards, I have concluded that I'm a victim of the E39 infamous door seals. It seems that this is an issue many E39 owners have. I plan on taking it in this week and see what the dealer can do.
  • ii31ii31 Posts: 24
    My 540 had this noise from passenger window
    area. i.e. if window is completely closed. It
    was plastic seal on the door. They have already
    replaced it twice! One tech recommended spraying
    some liquid silicon on the inside of seal. Seemed
    to have helped. Now I hear noises from the seat
    belt latch area :-)

  • My 525, 5spd, PP, CWP is now two months old. Yes, it's not the sportiest model, but man, I love this car. However, I've recently noticed the following:

    First, the auto-dimmer feature on my rear view mirror doesn't seem to ever kick in. Usually after about 30 seconds to a minute, I have to readjust the mirror because I'm getting blinded by the car behind me. Am I not waiting long enough for it to take effect?

    Second, my headlights (halogen) seem to be pointed too low. I know this is a bit subjective, but it's pretty noticeable to me and also passengers, and I always have the urge to turn my brights on. I swear it seems that only about 30 feet are illuminated. Almost like the hood is blocking the top of the light. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to manually adjust these or am I left to contact my service dept?

    Thanks for your time and help.
  • I too have recently purchased a 525i and unfortunely they are not equipped with auto-dimming mirrors (on the 530 it is included in the prem package and it is on all of the 540s). I was suprised that there was no lever on the 525's mirror, therefore you have to manually adjust the mirror at night.

    I have not driven mine at night that much yet but it also seems the the headlights are adjusted a bit too low. I just figured this was to prevent the xenon lights from blinding oncoming drivers.
  • Sorry. I just reread your post and realized you have halogen headlights so just disregard my comment about the headlights.
  • Wow, that was an embarrassing oversight on my part. I was certain that I had read that the PP included the autodimming rear view mirror. When I got the car and didn't see the lever, it (incorrectly) confirmed for me that it was autodimming. Unfortunately, you are right, the 525 d/n come with the autodim.
  • spyderredspyderred Posts: 137
    You can Dim the rear view mirror by turning the clown nose (alarm light under the mirror) clockwise, it will flip up, then turn it back counterclockwise.

  • Who knew the clown nose was so versatile. Btw, if I remember correctly, you've got a great looking car. It seems deeper in color than imola red, but I'm not sure if I'm remembering it right. Congrats and nice ride.
  • I am happy to find out that there is a way to dim the mirror without having to manually adjust it. I guess I had not tweeked the clown nose yet and therefore had not discovered it's other function. Thanks!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    The headlamps can be adjusted; I think you need a Torx driver but it is a pretty simple procedure.
  • I appreciate the advice. I'm just graduating from auto-tard to auto-newbie, so I'll do some research to make sure I don't break anything (which is usually what I accomplish).

    Thanks again.
  • I had the same problem with door seal noise. Tried everything to no avail. Then I got a can of silicone spray from Pep Boys, sprayed it on both the door and the body frame at the top where the door closes. Noise gone.
  • cheekscheeks Posts: 67
    I drove over to the dealer and bought a tube of Gummipfledge from the parts dept. This is a silicone based product that BMW sells for those of us that have creaky door seals. It costs about $8.00. I put it on the door in question and I have to say I didn't hear anything. I remain cautiously optimistic that this is the solution. I'll post my findings after a few weeks.
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