Is it true that dealers can only order 2015 4 series BMW convertibles and not 2014s?

grandmablinggrandmabling Member Posts: 1
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I was told by one BMW dealer that they could order a 2014 4 series convertible to my specs and by another that all dealers could only order 2015s at this point. Which is true?


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 224,173

    It's just a guess, but the other dealers are probably correct.. The first dealer is telling you what you want to hear... But, in about a month, they call you back and tell you the car is going to be a 2015 and they can't give you the same deal you negotiated..

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  • rsmmathewsrsmmathews Member Posts: 1

    grandmabling, I just bought a 2014 428 iC XDrive today and it is almost completely to my specs. I called BMW of Manhattan, told them exactly what I wanted and they came up with two cars in hours. One was not as loaded as the other but both we perfectly acceptable. We bought it sight unseen but I trust BMW of Manhattan completely. Cannot wait to drive our new Bimmer.

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