2015 Hyundai Genesis Video Review

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    Is this a sponsored article? I'm a fan of the Genesis brand but this sounds like a Hyundai's ad not a review.

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    I agree. Aside from a few lukewarm comments on the fuel economy and badge presence, it sounds more like an ad. If for nothing else it's a very high level overview that sounds like it's designed for a very casual car shopper. Maybe fine for edmunds.com but doesn't really deserve to be on the front page of Inside Line... er, I mean "What's Hot"

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    This article reads like a copy paste from the manufacturer's press conference. I guess that's why the job title of the "writer" is editor and not journalist...

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    Seriously lame "review", Edmunds. Maybe trying to compensate for their paint-drying presentations of the past, perhaps? Either way, I like the Genesis exterior, but that interior is just too generic and sterile for an attempt as a premium model. For just a bit more money, I'd easily choose an A6/E350/535i

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    Its more than a bit more money to purchase a similarly equipped A6/E350/535i.... That said, this article is not a review...its an advertisement....a total waste.

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    This and some of the Lexus hype remind me of what I call the Motorweek effect - "I never met a car I didn't like" ;)

  • biglee13mbiglee13m Member Posts: 5

    Equip A6/E350/535i to the same level of content and pay 20k more

  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233

    I traded my 535i in on the 2015 Genny 3.8L V6. Quite impressive, frankly - and I could buy two of the vehicles I was considering for the same price.

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    The new 2015 model Genesis is one of the best bangs for the buck for a upscale vehicle. . Inside is vey nice and new improvements to the suspension make this vehicle winner. . Not a big fan on exterior look. If I buy one wont be till they restyle the body some more. I like the look of the 2015 Equus and 2014 Genesis better.

    I really like my 2013 R-spec Genesis. Its fast, luxurious, ultra quiet inside and fun to drive. Not to mention the Awesome 17 speaker w/ amp 7.1 Lexicon sound system. Just below the B&O and Mark Levinson system. had both systems. Acura ELS system I heard and is very nice also.

    The( new) Mark Levinson system is probably the best one out there. IMO

    23 Telluride SX-P X-Line, 23 Camry XSE

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