Jeep Liberty repair or total loss?

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I was wondering if anyone here can help me/ give me some guidance. I am not a mechanic and do not know the correct terms so please forgive the ignorance. I will try to describe my best the situation. I had a major car accident this past weekend. I was driving on the intestate and a car cut into my lane and in my attempt to avoid being hit by the car I ended up smashing into the retaining wall. I lost control of the car but thankfully did not flip or turned over. Both front and back axles (sp?) broke. My car is a 2005 jeep liberty limited 4WD, leather seats, sun roof, under 90000 miles. When I was able to stop the car in a safe spot (shoulder) I got off the car and saw that both front and back tires were gone, no rims, i could only see the metal parts (what you see when you get brakes fixed), there was yellow/green fluid leaking, my door (driver) cant close correctly, air bags did not come off since i did not have a collision front or back it was all on the left side of the car. Some of the car body - i guess bender around tires was gone. Both tow companies that arrived to the scene said it was total loss. Police and firefighters could not believe we were safe and had not caused major accident (THANK GOD!). So, my question is now that i released my car to the towing company that will take the car to the auto repair shop as per my insurance company instructions the guy in the tow truck says they will probably be able to repair it. Can you trust that a car with both axles broken, front door cant shut and fluid leakage be repaired and be safe to drive in highly congested interstate highways and freeways? Is there anything I can do to refute if the insurance company determine it is not a total loss. Dont get me wrong i do not want a car payment but i do want to be safe driving around town with my kids. Any help/guidance is much appreciated!

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    Mr_Shiftright - THANK YOU so much for taking time to answer my question and detailed response. If my Jeep can be fixed and I am assured it will be safe to drive it around city and out of town it would be great! I've had it for 9 years and had never had any issues with it just the usual battery change/ tire replacement/ normal maintenance. I will wait to hear that the mechanic says at the repair shop and be patient :)

    • Unfortunately the person that cut in my lane didnt stop and it happened so fast that all I saw was a white car (sedan) but no license plate so police said insurance will say it is my fault. I dont think I can fight it without any info on the other car and no one stopped.
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    You're welcome. Yes, it's sad but true, that if the other party wasn't identified, then you have to shoulder the blame and you cannot under law claim diminished value against your own insurance company. Please let us know what the estimate is and how this turned out for you.

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    Definitely will keep you posted! thank you again for your help!

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