Valve Ticking... what is it?

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i have a new 4 cyl. car and i get a lot of valve ticking. it's not the most musical sound to hear from under the hood. i want to know... what is it? is it normal? what causes it? thanks.


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    Depends on the car Alex. If the car has mechanical valves (sometimes called "solid lifters"), the ticking is due to incorrect clearance between the valve stem and whatever activates or pushes it to open it. So an adjustment by a technician cures this.

    If the valves are "hydraulic", they are supposed to automatically adjust themselves. If they don't, and are clacking loudly, this could be a that the hydraulic lifter isn't pumping itself up and releasing the way it should.

    A very light ticking especially when cold, might be normal. But if you are getting loud ticking from a warm engine, you either need a valve adjustment or a warranty repair.

    Another possibility, unlikely on a new car, is camshaft damage.
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    i guess i'll need to ask dennis again to see what the celica engine's valves are controled by. funny though, the dealer technician didnt say anything to me when i brougt the car in for service. even though the ticking is pretty obvious. could be he just couldn't care less. i'll bring it up when i go there this week for a belt tensioner install. thanks again.
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