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Looking for Current Lease Info-2014 Acura MDX SUV SH-AWD w/Technology and Entertainment Package

nringnring Yardley, PAMember Posts: 97
edited July 2014 in Acura

Hi Steve!

I am looking for Current Lease Info-2014 Acura MDX SUV SH-AWD w/Technology and Entertainment Package in the Philadelphia, PA area. I also attached the Edmunds TMV specs configured on Edmunds.

Here is what I am looking for below for a** 2014 MDX SH-AWD with Technology and Entertainment Package**. Figure top tier credit- loyal customer (I just leased my 3rd Acura tl 2014 for 10 years of service & looking to switch my wife into the 2014 mdx sh-awd with technology and entertainment package lease. Looking for Current #’s as of July 9th 2014.

I put zero down towards any lease to lower payments. I am ok with paying first month at signing + title transfer and doc fee.

**MF %-

Any dealer incentives, rebates, kickbacks, special programs, or loyalty programs

I am not sure yet on term and miles, so appreciate the MF & Residual for the the following combinations:

**36 & 48 mo lease for 10K miles **


36 & 48 mo lease for 12 miles

I show from Edmunds:

MSRP- 51,460
INVOICE- 47,654
TMV- 48652

If anyone has a quoted or recent deal done, what was the NET ADJUSTED CAP COST including the 895 destination fee that would be great.

Thanks so much!

Noah Ring @nring


[email protected]


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,525

    .00103 MF and 57% residual for 36mo, 10K/yr.

    48 mo. residual is 47%.

    No apparent incentives on this model.

    Edmunds Lease Calculator
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    Edmunds Moderator

  • mdxbuyer10mdxbuyer10 Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2014
    I am too looking for a lease on Acura MDX A6 - AWD with technology and entertainment package with zero down payment. As I am new to leasing a vehicle, can somebody tell me what does 'MF' stand for.....

    Thanks in advance
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457

    @mdxbuyer10, MF stands for Money Factor: Also called a lease factor or even a lease fee, this is the interest rate you are being charged. It is expressed as a multiplier that can be used to calculate your monthly payments. For example, 7.2 percent interest, when expressed as a money factor, is .0030. To convert a money factor to an interest rate, multiply by 2,400. To convert an interest rate to a money factor, divide by 2,400. (Always use 2,400 regardless of the length of the loan.)

    Here's one place to start:

    10 Steps to Leasing a New Car

  • nringnring Yardley, PAMember Posts: 97

    @kyfdx thanks again!


    [email protected]

  • nringnring Yardley, PAMember Posts: 97

    @mdxbuyer10 check out this lease calculator. I hope edmunds buys this one soon. sorry, it's better then anyone i seen. on your desktop go this url as you need flash. not compatible on iPhone. the #;s don't lie. you need to know the MF, Residiual, MSRP, Invoice, years, and miles. also if putting nothing down (never put money down on a lease. EVER). leave it zero. acura MDX financing is low and you can do a zero sign and drive deal. I usually pay do 1st month payment and doc fees with are title, tag transfer of 77 and 133 so 200-300 on pick up. so on a 36 month lease, i now have 35 remaining payments.


    [email protected]

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