Is no Electronic Stability Control OK/ safe?

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My 2001 Toyota Solara Convertible with 200k miles runs great.
But ... it does NOT have Electronic Stability Control, as that safety feature is only mandatory in newer cars. And it doesn't have any roof protection either, as in any convertibles.
Consumer Reports won't recommend any cars that has no ESC.
Should I replace that car with another used/ older car that has that safety feature?
Money is not an issue, though I'm very happy with this paid-off car, and thus very tiny cost for me now.
Thanks so much. I'd appreciate your thoughts.


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    I would say that if you've driven this car 200K miles and never felt to need for a computer to intervene in keeping it on the road for you, that you don't need it. Sure, ESC might be nice to have in certain situations, but there are many variables to why a car becomes "unstable", and contrary to what anyone tells you, an ESC system cannot defy the laws of physics. A very careless driver, or a very nasty unavoidable situation, cannot be automatically corrected by ESC as if by magic.

    ESC could help you avoid an accident, but it certainly isn't even close to guaranteeing it.

    Same with convertibles---it's not easy to flip a car over, but it can happen. If this really bothers you, you can install a roll bar for not a great deal of money---certainly less than a new convertible!

    to be as safe as you can---drive safely, use only the best tires you can afford, make sure the brakes are top-notch and up to spec, and simply avoid taking the car out in adverse weather conditions if you can. Nothing prevents accidents better than staying home! :)

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    @Mr_Shiftright - Thank you for your prompt post. Your argument makes sense and your tips on safe driving are wise. Now I need to find out where and how much to get a roll bar installed. I see that new convertibles all have roll bars. Mine does not. So each time I see a convertible on the road with the top down with the roll bar poking out ouf the rear seats' back, I am always reminded that my head won't have any protection at all, if the convertible flips over. Do u have any other comments? Thanks so much.

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