Ford F-150 Check Engine Light

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I have a 96 F-150 with the 5.0 liter V8. A while back the "Check Engine" light illuminated. There is no noticeable change to the way it runs, except the mileage has decreased slightly. I disconnected the battery in hoping it would reset, it re appeared. Does anyone have any suggestions short of taking it in for an expensive diagnostic check.



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    You need a scanner to pull the codes and fix the problem AND to clear the codes.
    When the problem is repaired, the light will go out.
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    Just had the same problem with a '93 E-150 Van. Turned out to be the Fuel Pressure Regulator. The independent shop that did the repairs told me when the regulator goes bad, it pulls more fuel through the pump and decreases gas mileage. They said if it went unchecked, it can quickly cause the fuel pump to go bad. The cost to replace the regulator is about half the cost of a fuel pump replacement.

    That may not be the cause of your problem, but it's one possibility to consider. Good luck in resolving your problem quickly!

    Columbus, OH
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