Sensitive brakes at low speeds. 2014 Mazda3 GT.

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My 2014 Mazda3 GT with 10K has from day one been very touchy on the brake pedal at 1-3km/hr especially at traffic lights and stop signs, Sometimes they just grab other times you can feather them enough when you are creeping. I had a 2010 GT and never had this problem. Dealer told me they all do this. I was hoping that as brakes wear in they would become less sensitive, no luck. Wrote to Mazda Canada and after 3 weeks they replied they were sorry about my "breaks", see my dealer and any modifications to the brakes I make would void my warranty. Any suggestions as to problem or solution?.


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    Yeah, send a letter to the dealer and CC Mazda and tell them that you are very concerned about the brake action in your car, and that you feel it is quite abnormal, and that the car is dangerous to drive (and underline "dangerous" with a red pencil or highlight it). You would like, therefore, for either the dealer or a factory technician to examine the car, as you have serious safety concerns for yourself and family, and you feel that your complaint about this is being dismissed without proper investigation. Tell them you expect to hear from them promptly.

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    Cute comment... What I would like is info if anyone else has had or having same problem? I will deal with my Service Manager but would like something more technical than a red pencil to point at him.

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