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Hi. I was just at a dealership. Deal offered (unofficially): Fully loaded 2014 328i. Sales price (Sticker on car): approx. $47,000. Downpayment for lease: approx. $4,000; monthly fee: $445. Said would throw in Tire Program for free. Good deal? Please let me know. Note: I keep reading comments that should not pay a lot for downpayment, but how do you do that and NOT pay a super-high monthly fee? I'm new to this, so would greatly appreciate thoughts / advice. Thanks in advance!!


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    It's always good to know the details. Selling price? Breakdown of where the $4000 is going. Term and mileage? How much is tax?

    Of course, when you don't make a big downpayment, the payment is higher... but, that payment is real.. If it seems like a lot, maybe it is.

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