Eclipse '90 roof lining falling

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The interior roof lining on my '90 Eclipse is separating from the foam (?) causing the lining to hang down, I tried spray adhesive to hold it, but shortly afterward it separates again. I'm at a loss!!!Help!!!!


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    It's tough to patch up a headliner. I can't recall how it works in your car, but in many cars it's just a one-piece replacement that you buy. Essentially the adhesive gets old after ten years. It's quite a common thing, and might cost about $250 to fix up....check with your local upholstery shop and they can advise you. Maybe it can be removed and repaired more cheaply than buying an entire new headliner.

    If it's not the one-piece type, then that could get more expensive.
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    Your cheapest solution is to go to an auto wreckers and get a new head liner (provided you are interested in installing it yourself) if you can find a clean one. Installation if your somewhat inclined is not very difficult. Remove all the supporting trim along the sides of the roof as well as the front and back, remove mirrors, visors, etc. Most parts are held on by clips, screws, or slide on and are easy to remove. The foam ceiling will lower easily, have a friend help. Preferably write down where all the screws belong so you do not become confused (not that many). When re-installing you usually will start with a centering clip (holds ceiling up)on each side of the roof, pop these in and the ceiling will float and require no assistance from someone else as you work your way around putting back all the trim. It should take 2-3 hours at most.

    If you cannot find a replacement ceiling, then the next step is to upholster the roof yourself. This again requires removing the ceiling, then you strip off the covering from the foam (it removes easily, but do not pull too fast). After removal of the covering remove excess glue with varsol and let dry, then lay the side to be upholstered facing up on a saw horse or large table. Lay the cloth over the top of the foam panel and cut the cloth leaving at least 4 inches extra material all the way around. Next spray the glue (contact cement works, but it's best to get glue from an upholsterer) on lightly on the foam and "very" lightly over the cloth so not to soak it. Have a friend help and lay the cloth over the center, then work the cloth from the center to the edges. The excess you wrap over the edges, and any excess material at the corners can be trimmed (cuttin V-groves within 1/8" of the edge allows you to get around the corner edges nicely).

    If you do the ceiling upholstery yourself, your costs should be under $40. It might even be less from a auto wreckers. Doing this work is not difficult in my opinion.

    If you want to just throw the material hanging back up, then just clean off the glue you used with varsol (hope it removes, I know factory glue comes off easy), and use the correct glue.

    I would start with getting a headliner from an auto wreckers, at least they allow you to remove it yourself (most places)so your well prepared when you work on your own car. You then will find the job very simple.
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