Honda Pilot Catalytic Converter

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I had my converter and O2 sensors replaced in March 2013 and now my check engine light is on again with the same code when we ran the diagnostic. Anyone else have this problem? I am beginning to wonder if it was done correctly.


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    Well the code only tells you what system or circuitry is in distress. These codes don't tell you which part to replace. So yeah, sure, sometimes you can be fooled if you rely on the codes as a parts replacer---that doesn't work out too often.

    However, it's conceivable that a 2005 car could have had a bad catalytic in 2013 and now has a very unhappy catalytic, because perhaps there's a misfire and it's getting raw fuel it cannot digest.

    Needs further diagnostics to ignition and fuel system. If the last catalytic in 2013 cured the check engine light issue, then it was probably the right thing to do.

    However, if THIS new catalytic proves to be no good, then somebody just cured the symptom, and not the disease.

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