NEED HELP Choosing a RELIABLE mini pickup. Any ideas?

crazygrrrlcrazygrrrl Member Posts: 85
A co-worker of mine is thinking of buying a mini pickup and he asked me what I thought. I love sports cars, but know nothing about pickups, so I need all the help and advice I can get.

First off, he wants a 2-seater. No king cab, no bench seat, no fold up child seats in the back. 2 seater only, so he can use the truck to commute to San Francisco in the carpool lane with only 2 people (trucks are cheaper than 2 seater sports cars).

Second, body configuration doesn't matter (long bed, short bed). He doesn't expect to haul anything large. This will mainly be a commuter vehicle.

Third, towing capacity does not matter, a 4 cylinder or V6, or inline 6 will be fine. Just needs to have enough pep to pass and merge.

Fourth, he doesn't need 4 wheel drive. Gas prices are high enough here, and he never goes off road and we don't have to worry about snow.

Fifth, the truck has to be reliable. (Don't want to get stuck on the Bay Bridge. No shoulder!)

Finally, he's looking for an "economical" truck. One that doesn't chug too much gas. I'm guessing this means above 15 mpg for city, maybe 25 for highway?

Any suggestions or advice on what to get or what not to get?

Thanks for your help!


  • yurian44yurian44 Member Posts: 25
    It's been a very good experience also. My first Nissan was purchased new in 84, i put 120,000 trouble free miles on it. Only routine maintenance every 7,500 miles. No break downs, never left me stranded and even the brakes lasted over 80,000 miles (mostly freeway driving though). It was stolen and not recovered for over 3 months, I'd purchased my 2nd Nissan by that time. Both had the standard 4 cylinder engine, it's no powerhouse but in 1st, 2nd or 3rd it will have an easy time with San Franciscos hills. My current Nissan, a 91, now has 160,000 miles on it, one set of brakes and a timing chain is all it's needed in 10 years and 160,000 miles. A friend of mine who lives in San Francisco just sold his Toyota PU, 200,000 miles on it and it never had a major break down. I can't tell you if the 2001 models are as reliable, as far as reliability goes, i have no complaints with mine. My mileage averages about 26 mpg day in and day out.
  • fredvon4fredvon4 Member Posts: 18
  • fredvon4fredvon4 Member Posts: 18
    I have an 86.5 nissan v6 2wd with 320,000 miles that has gone to Germany twice (Army) and only has ever had normal maintenance. It still has the factory wheel bearings, rotors, and drums. I always get better than 26mpg on regular. Germans use cow ureaha (sp?) to de ice the roads and I was not always able to wash it (army). Still no rust. Lawn mower rock took out the windshield last year. The auto glass shop had the windshield and seal and did the job for $127. Bought this truck as a home owner with previous experiance with Datsun motors. Best $7200 ever spent. Wife has worn out two cars and my truck still hauls the groceries. Also had a Toyota truck in the 70s that I sold to a fellow soldier for more than I paid ;>) He still has it and thinks it was the best $5000 he ever spent. My young soldiers that had/have S10s or Rangers are mostly disappointed with the reliability and cost of repairs. I would have to say that a good, used, 80s Nissan or Toyota would make an inexpensive, very reliable, San Fran commuter.
  • crazygrrrlcrazygrrrl Member Posts: 85
    Ray was looking for something new, but seeing how well Nissan trucks held up, maybe he'll consider it. It's a lot cheaper than buying new, and would be less expensive to insure. 26 mpg in a V6 truck is amazing. That's how much I get for my V6 Firebird!

    Did Nissan have a name for its trucks in the 80's? Were they called Nissan Hardbody pickup?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a new truck?

    Thanks for the help!
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Treated it like dirt for 172,000 miles. It took the abuse well. Almost 30 mpg on a 4-cyl.

    I'd consider Toyotas also.
  • crazygrrrlcrazygrrrl Member Posts: 85
    What year Nissan was it?

    Did you do the maintenance on it to make it last that long under abuse?

  • fredvon4fredvon4 Member Posts: 18
    I did high school in Berkley late 60's... still don't miss the shake rattle 'n roll of them Oakland hills. My mom still lives there though.

    OK back on subject, I know you asked Raybear....
    I still drive my 86.5 hardbody V6 (3.0L) every day. I have always changed to oil every third month since new reguardless of milage. Air cleaner is changed when dirty. new fuel filter every year. I have 284,600 actuall miles on four sets of tires (Firestone). I have replaced the shocks once. My wife & son (13) replaced the fan belts and timing belt while I was in Korea on temp duty. The rear drum brakes wore/ware out at twice the rate of the front disk pads, I get about three years service out of pep boys cheap shoes. I have a rather expensive ham radio that draws 22amps then I'm talking, the alternator has stood up to this abuse for the last ten years.

    I keep pretty anal records as this was my very first NEW vehicle and I was a poor soldier. For the record I also have a 2001 Ford F250 4X4 V10 crewcab belchfire gas guzzler with all the bells etc.. still drive my little red Nissan every day. This truck has been over every bridge in the bay area and beggs me to take it back to Germany where it can be bigger than all the other cars.
    Fred /KD5NCO
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    Bought a new and beautiful l981 Datsun 4X4 King-cab 4X4 pickup. It ran like a top for about 60,000 miles before things started going wrong. The paint was awful, but it was red. Started having a lot of rust spots develop and it was only 3 years old and I kept it washed. Then the carburetor didn't want to let the engine start on hot days - we do live over a mile high. The u-joints all started slipping on the drivetrain and was hopefully the reason the transfer case would not hold a gear downhill when in 4WD - it did get used in 4WD quite often. The spark plug sleeves started losing their threads - had to tighten spark plugs about every time it needed gas. These were the highlights - there were other problems, not to speak of the single wall bed that allowed just about anything to dent the outside. I have driven full-size Ford trucks ever since and been happier with their longevity -minimum 150,000 miles on each of them with no major problems and never a worry about using them too hard.
  • thedarkwolfthedarkwolf Member Posts: 70
    I bought a 93 nissian 2wd 2.4l 5-speed 105k mile truck in Jan and sofar so good. It has plenty of power and rides and drives really nice for a truck. I am getting somewhere around 25mpg overall with it. I do have something in the front end going bad on it though. Its creaking when I back up and have the wheel turned sharp.
  • fredvon4fredvon4 Member Posts: 18
    Don't sweat it Dark Wolf

    The front end of you truck has a turning STOP that contacts the lower controll arm to limit the total steering travel. When you have the wheel turned all the way to the stop and move the vehicle frorward or rearward the lower control arm moves up or down as part of the suspension and rubs on the stop. Makes a terrible sounding noise some times, at other times you don't notice it. Really bugged me at first until I got under the front while wife backed up so I could see what the frill was making all the noise.

    Enjoy your truck.
  • f1julesf1jules Member Posts: 288
    Stay away from Ford Ranger and the Chevy S-10 pickup trucks-unless you enjoy break downs. I would go with the Toyota or the Nissan.
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    all I know is in JD Power Rankings the S10 was number one in intial quality,

    my family has an 83 ranger, since new, replacements timing belt and ignition module, 175,000 or so, no other belts or hoses, and it was used hard. original clutch.
  • yellowdryellowdr Member Posts: 41
    Nissan gets you where you are going and you get more for your money. If you ever need an extended warranty, something is wrong.
    2wd with 5 sp I got 22-25 in town and up to 29 on the road. I tried to replace my nissan with a Chevy or Toyota but could not justify pay so much more (as much as $6000) for a vehicle listed by Edmunds TMV for $100 more in value. So, I bought another Nissan and it is far.

    Toyota is a good vehicle but it costs more for not that much more...nicer inside. Toyota owners love their trucks.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    Go to, to the auto section and then to news and advise. Then to reliabiltiy data.
    All this talk of Fords and Chevy being unreliable..
    Take a look at Toyota pre 1996....
  • countsmackula1countsmackula1 Member Posts: 61
    I'd get the basic Toyota Tacoma (2.4 engine) 5-speed. A friend says his approaches 29 miles to the gallon when it it's unloaded, cruising at 65 mph on the interstate. The Nissan would be perfectly acceptable as well, but I think the Toyota will be a tad better over time. Tell your friend to use only synthetic oil (Castrol or Mobil 1) religiously, and the truck will outlive him, for sure. When I got rid of my '89 4wd Toyota , it had 224,000 hard miles on it and ran like champ. They just don't want to die! Hopes this helps, the count
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Member Posts: 218
    I love my Nissan truck...couldn't be happier with it!
  • slamedtacomaslamedtacoma Member Posts: 18
    i agree w/ crazy. but i want ot add. i have the same taco shes talkin bout but bet close to 29 or 30 w/ a load. and it got a bit better when i lowered it 2 inches. but still. my truck out does the family car. thats my oppinon.
    but we used to have a nissan pick up. it was ok. i liked it but there could deff. been things that changed. that may have since we had ours
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    just remember that nissan and toyota are foreign and that would make you a traitor,
  • countsmackula1countsmackula1 Member Posts: 61
    Are you serious? If it weren't for the Japanese, we'd still be driving cars from the 1970s with crappy interiors and inefficient powertrains. Competion means everyone must constantly improve their products, whcih is great for consumers. That's not the definition of a traitor. Rather strong accussation, don't you think?? Both companies employ thousands of Americans at state of the art plants, and Toyota is one of the highest-paying of them all. No, I don't work for them in any way, I just wanted to set the record straight. Perhaps you should think a little before dropping by........
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    I have a 1993 Nissan 4wd with the 2.4 4 cyl. Troublefree great truck.. 20mpg City, 25 highway.

    Only dislikes are notchy shifting 5 speed, 4 cyl. not very peppy. Other than that, it is a great looking truck for being 8 years old with 90k.

  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    new Chevrolet COLORADO with in-line 4.2 DOHC chain driven camshafts and 270 hp. Est 0-60
    7.5 secs. or less
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    Is a good truck also, get the V6, the 4 is a little underpowered.
  • mikeb3000dsmikeb3000ds Member Posts: 7
    The Mazda B-series pickup is a nice truck also, I choose this truck when I went shopping for a small pickup for commuting the 30 miles to work.

    I picked the Mazda for its styling and price, my truck came loaded with the V6, power everything, Bed liner, the works for $13,395.

    I looked at the Tacoma but thought the price was a little to high... around 3,000 more for a comparable equipped model, it seemed smaller inside to me, and I wasn't impressed with the side impact crash test results. The Nissan was just too damn ugly to me, and the GM trucks price was to steep also.

    just my 2 cents
  • erkkilaerkkila Member Posts: 22
    If the new Colarado is as good as the current S-10 was (and still is) when it first came out, it should only be 2014 before they get all the quality and design problems sorted out!!!
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    As far as reliability goes, all of the new trucks today can easily reach 100k+ miles with no problems. I have an 89' Ranger supercab 4x2 2.9L v6, 5sp with 225k miles on it and it still is going strong. It has the origional clutch and only has needed a water pump replaced at 120k miles and fuel pressure regulator replaced at 170k miles.
    My MPG's averaged around 25mph with city/highway driving.

    BTW, the Mazda is the same truck as the Ranger.

    You can get the ranger for around $12k in XL trim and $14k in XLT trim. I think the XLT is a great commuter truck..
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    Why are so many S10's around, 1st and 2nd generation?

    And why is the S10 2nd in sales to the Ranger if its so unreliable??

    I'm on my 2nd S10 and both have been great. My first one went over 300,000 trouble free miles before I sold it.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    that American cars are just not reliable and are all junk. I would have believed this in the 80's but Ford/GM and Dodge have made great strides in quality/reliability and refinement. Its just that these reviewers at the car mags and car sites are blind and still living in the 80's. I have test driven many different types of cars/trucks and when matching vehicles in the same class are are right on even scale when it comes to fit/finish. The stigma is slowly fading as data becomes available on the internet and more people learn that if it has a Ford/Dodge or GM badge it doesn't mean its unreliable or of less quality.
  • michgndrmichgndr Member Posts: 160
    I'd have to give the reliability issue to Toyota. Just sold a '90 4WD a while back at 156K miles. Had it for four years and spent very little in maintenance. Extremely reliable. Took abuse great and kept putting out. Have also owned two S-10s and an S-10 Blazer. Seems like they just keep coming up with things to fix or adjust or watch.

    The "Big 3" still have a lot to learn about QE, much less QC.
  • erkkilaerkkila Member Posts: 22
    Wow! That's totally incredible! They must have put a Toyota drive train in it at the factory by mistake, because there's absolutely no chance an s truck could make it that far without replacing or repairing everything at least once.
    How do I know this? I had the misfortune of owning a 1995 Sonoma for six years, and it was completely astounding how often parts broke or wore out. When I was finally able to get rid of it at 120,000 miles, it was basically ready to go to the scrap yard or spend a couple thousand more dollars on it to keep the POS on the road.

    There are a lot of small trucks and sport utities that are 10+ yrs old on the road here in the Toronto area. Toyotas and Nissans are the most common, followed by Fords and the old style Mazdas. I'd say for every 25 of the combined above, you might see one s truck. Ten year old Dakotas? Every single one of them is in the scrap yard.
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196

    Here in So. California, my son had an '88 S10 that went 165,000 miles, a '94 that went
    200,000 mi and now a '99 Xtreme that has 45,000 trouble free miles, it is a crap shoot,
    i had a '87 S10 2.8 4x4 that went 145,000 and a lemon '91 S10 BLAZER 4x4 that self
    destructed at 90,000, horrific defects, ABS, engine, electrical, mechanical- even
    Consummer's said not recommended. GM has internal publication that had New
    York taxis with 4.3 go 500,000 without major repairs. It is a CRAP SHOOT! Maybe
    the new S10 and or Chevrolet COLORADO may be good choice. I like Toyotas and
    Rangers, only TOYOTAS are expensive, and Rangers were more trouble free than
    S10's. That was my experience with them. My 95 Ranger ext cab, purple color and
    2.3L went 150,000 mile and 116 mph on level ground before i traded up to real truck.

    Never replaced brakes on Ranger, clutch was worn quite thin though.

    good luck

    driving pickups since 1961, owned all makes except Dodge. hmmmm may
    have to check them out, new ones anyway
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    Toyota never made the 2.8 V6 or 700R4. Maybe you had a lemon ever think of that? I only replaced batteries, tires and belts every few years.

    Oh yeah the water pump went at @200,000 miles. Cheap American crap eh? That and routine maintenace and I had a very good truck.

    Thats why I bought a new S10 in 99 and sorry to break your heart but it has been absolutely perfect. Two years and nothing has needed repairing or replacing.
  • erkkilaerkkila Member Posts: 22
    Before I bought my brand new B3000 last summer, I test drove several used rangers, mazdas and s trucks, none of which were more than three years old and more than 30,000 miles on them. Every Ford and Mazda I drove was as tight and solid as brand new. The two s-10s that I test drove (one 97, one 98) both felt and sounded as if they were going to rattle them selves to pieces when ever I drove over any bump. The brakes on the s trucks were complete junk compared to the fords and mazdas. With my previous s truck experience and after driving these two junkers, all I can say is GM sure must make a lot of lemons. Then again, how do you expect to make a good truck out of cavalier and camaro parts?
  • erkkilaerkkila Member Posts: 22
    There's no way Toyota would make a motor as completely gutless, gas sucking and totally crappy as the GM 2.8 V6. I'm not even going to start on the 2.2 wondermotor GM has the audacity to make.
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    They did make many gutless Toyotas, the 22R in a Fourunner, the 3.0L V6 Fourrunner,
    very very gutless on infamous GRAPEVINE HILL in So. Calif. Along with 2.8L S10
    Blazers and 3.0L vulcan Ford OHV V-6 Taurus motors. A '00 S10 Xtreme with manual
    and 2.2L VORTEC will climb Grapevine at 90 MPH.......also with the ZQ8 suspension
    will out handle all RANGERS, DAKOTAS, MAZDA, etc and get 27mpg too.

    love those gutless 2.2L four popper GM motors. You get a chain driven camshaft, no
    stinkin Timing belt to replace in Death Valley and 120 hp to play with. cheap too
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    Tacoma-S with a supercharger. Now that is not too gutless, better than gutless
    TUNDRA V8, which my'00 C2500 3/4 ton spanker can spank 100% level road or
    steep hills..opps back to topic, reliable mini is THERE IS NO RELIABLE MINI, you
    take a chance at whatever you buy. Some get 300,000 mi , some don't, you are at
    mercy of auto worker who may be having a bad day at the assembly plant when your
    vehicle gets built....
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    How can you explain the 23 mpg I got? gas sucking? No. My new S10 with EFI is rated 22 on the highway.

    Crappy? It started every time. Since it was a 60 degree V6 it was naturally balanced. Very smooth. It was no race car engine by any means but it was no turtle either. And the 23 MPG in mixed city/highway driving was great.

    To say toyota would never make a gutless gas sucking crappy motor well you opened a huge can of worms there.

    I can start with my friends corrola. It was gutless. I told him he should replace the speedometer with a calender and he did!

    Actually he put one of those small ones businesses give out over the speedo. He figured he wasnt going to pass anyone anyway. Drove it like that for a couple years.

    You want to talk about sucking some gas? Look at the Tundra. Its supposedly full size (its not its midsize) but the mileage compared to a silverado V8? What does the Tundra get? 17 highway? The Silverado? 21. Whos sucking gas now? The Tundra.

    What Camaro and Cavalier parts are in the S10?

    Camaro parts I might buy because its RWD, but Cavalier parts? Sure and I have some ocean front property to sell you in Florida.
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    Actually the S10 Xtreme with ZQ8 suspension, close ratio steering, short thro manual tranny does use
    suspension from Z28. That is reason ZQ8 Xtreme is such a formidible handling mini, cute looking too, too
    bad the Ford Ranger Splash and EDGE have no comparable suspension. 2.2L four popper sees duty in
    SATURN in form of DOHC chain drive, and maybe cavilier, hmmmm Toyota Tacoma-S has lowered
    suspension, very quick and pricey....
  • erkkilaerkkila Member Posts: 22
    that the 2.2L motor in the s-10 has absolutely nothing in common with the saturn 2.2. The s-10 motor is the same piece of worthless pushrod junk that comes in the cavalier. The Europeans,Japanese, Koreans,etc.,etc., must kill themselves laughing when they see that this is what the world's biggest car company has to offer in a reasonably priced 4 cylinder engine. It really is quite pathetic when you consider that every other company offers 16 valve four cylinder motors in their low priced cars that can completely smoke the 2.2 cavalier motor with no problem, not to mention being 100 times more refined. by the way jim4444, the 2.8 was a cavalier motor too. If your s-10 ever needs brake calipers, rotors or spindles just go to the junkyard and pull them off a second generation camaro. P.S if anybody has an s-10 with the 2.2 motor, don't race anything besides kids on their bikes(might lose to them too). As for Toyota motors that are gutless, who cares? The things are 100% bulletproof.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    Z28 suspension on a S10????LMAO!!! What did they do, put leaf springs on the Camaro??? Coils on the S10??? Explain this one to me. The Saturn and S10 2.2 comparo was priceless also!!!
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    The 2.2L VORTEC chaindrive ohv 4 banger is not that gutless, the manual can hold its own. I owned an
    '00 Xtreme reg cab with ZQ8 suspension (Z28) , close ratio steering and manual tranny. I managed 0-60
    in 11 secs. Could do 93 mph before limiter cut in. I got rid of it in 8 mos. Got tired of it and the
    irratic engine computer. Cute lil mini too, gutless?? define was fun. I won many stop lite
    jackrabbit runs due to superior driving experience with manual trannies. Could beat any vehicle that ran
    0-60 in over 11 secs. Millions of cars out there do that...
    I ve also driven/owned Toyotas; Carolla and '78 Landcruiser, not 100% bulletproof, maybe 77% and parts very
    costly....for info on Z28 ZQ8 sus in Xtreme visit There is no reason to LYAO. Wait
    until Chevy COLORADO hits the streets, your bumblebee cars, trucks, Fords, German Dodges and
    cop cars are in for a spanking in a big way.....

    Good luck in choosing a reliable mini......

    Oh, BTW the 2.8L 60 deg GM V6 first saw duty in 1970 CITATION-X and later in the Fiero...

    Where were you in 1970?? I was street racing my 1964 3/4 ton Chevy step side with 327 and granny
    gears in Alhambra, Ca smoking all the muscle cars.....
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    a 1969 VW beetle semi-automatic.

    Oh, adding Gibson exhaust, HYPERTECH, pulling VSS cable
    from tranny on 2.2 S10 xtreme and adding K & N will raise top speed to 124 mph verified by optional GPS
    system in vehicle. Adding NOX system will add more punch to S10 2.2 push-rod, overhead valve chain
    driven roller rocker camshaft. ALSO NO FILTHY TIMING BELT TO REPLACE like most
    16 valve 4 popper motors in the rice burners. Forget the movie FAST and FURIOUS, that is Hollywood
    special effects....
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    '90 S10 Blazer has 127,000. Has 4.3L V6, which is legendary 350 small block with 2 cylinders chopped off. Daily driver. Doesn't go far, just a few miles back and forth to work. Started everyday for 11 years, at least 5000 times! The most dependable, longest lasting truck.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    ZQ8 suspension uses Blazer parts. What Cavalier parts are used in the S10? OK the 4 cyl engine but other than that?

    The 60 degree V6 was used in many GM vehicles.

    I dont know about the brakes but even if you are right when it comes time to do brake work I'll get new parts, but you go right ahead and put brake parts from a junkyard on your truck.
  • rolanddtrolanddt Member Posts: 7
    Wow people going off about engine powers is ridiculous. I will tell you about my experiences with each engine.

    First I owned a 95 Chev S10 with the 2.2L and was really unimpressed. Even when getting rid of the thing at 29000 miles the power completely sucked with the manuel transmission. According to a road test it could only manage 12 seconds 0-60, which is not terribly great.

    Second I also owned an 82 S10 with the 2.8 V6, and that was very sucky. Made worse by other problems with this truck.

    Finally I have no problem with my 2.0 liter DOHC 16 valve engine in my 1999 Tracker 4X4. With the manuel it has lots more power than the previous vehicles I owned, and we are talking a 4WD here with drag coming at the front end. The most that my 95 could manage up a hill was around 80, with a tailwind. This Tracker can rev out hard and go like 95 up the hill, but who really cares about that considering speed limits are 70 on the freeways around here.

    Just my thoughts,

  • swampcollieswampcollie Member Posts: 87
    was an 85 Nissan 4x4 4cyl. the reliability of that truck was incredible. 10 yrs and 160k withonly a $35 fuel pump relay going out. i replaced belts and hoses at 100k just in case. My current truck is a 95 GMC Sonoma (also ext cab and 4x4). The list of replacement parts is astounding on this vehicle (4.3 engine). having said that, the Sonoma is much more comfortable and powerful. the ride is better and I would much rather take off across country in it and take my chances with a breakdown. It has 112k on it now and I am looking to replace it. My compact truck of choice at this point would be the Ford Ranger. From what I read and see, it is a good combination of nice ride, price, and reliability.
  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    Don't forget, the Suzuki engine puts out a whopping 127 HP and does 105 on the straightaway, at least that is what my wife's 99 4-door 4x4 red colored Tracker is capable of. Best HP the 2.8L had was 125 in 1987 S10 4X4, best 2.2L Vortec in 2000 gutless Xtreme is 120HP. Now if you drove the Saturn and it's 135 HP DOHC 2.2L , you would wish they offered the same engine in the very gutless S10. Love those high revving DOHC four poppers...
  • rolanddtrolanddt Member Posts: 7
    I totally agree with your assessment of the S-10, to be truthful I have driven one of those Saturns with the engine you are talking about and was somewhat impressed. It was a rental car, but the thing just seemed to have a lot of power for being a small engine. A very easy way to add power on those Trackers is to get a K+N airfilter and disconnect from the fender a small plastic tube which causes airflow to be improved. I do not know how much power this adds, but I can definitely tell a difference in accelaration and gas mileage.

    By the way, do you know if there is an aftermarket chip yet for these newer Trackers. I think these vehicles benefit from having really low rear ends, which helps off the line starting.

  • amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    tranny. It is posted on the Suzuki or Tracker site under SUV somewhere. One of the Sport Truck mags had one all decked out, maybe it was FOUR WHEELER, it had niite lites, special rack and aftermarket items including larger and wider tires. The V6 had same acceleration, however passing improved and top end at 105 mph, also can tow jet skis.

    Prices higher for new 2001 models. Our 1999 was approx $16,000, new model with same equip in low 20's
  • rolanddtrolanddt Member Posts: 7
    Please run that by me again? There is a chip, but only on vehicles with automatic transmsissions? I guess that does not include me because I have a manuel transmission.

    What was meant by that comment about same acceleration as new V6 engine? I was lead to believe that that engine sllightly increased performance but not overwhelmingly so.

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