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NEED HELP Choosing a RELIABLE mini pickup. Any ideas?



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    amoralesamorales Member Posts: 196
    There is a technical bulletin for '99 Trackers with drivability issues. I remember reading of complaints in vehicles with auto transmissions not shifitng properly, also the manual units. GM addressed this with upgrades to CHIP. Visit your GM service rep. Suzuki had same problems. Only problem we had was loose radiator hose, they blamed bad water pump and replaced it, held vehicle for 4 days to order part from GM warehouse. I informed them why not visit the Suzuki dealer accross the street and get water pump there, Service rep was obnoxious stating "GM buys from GM not another Dealer" I reminded him the Tracker is made in Canada at Suzuki plant, only GM thing about a Tracker is the Delco CD player and front Chevy grill, i got nowhere and gave negative response to Dealer Survey that this is last time we lease a foreign from GM. Lease is up next March and is way under mileage limits. Wife loves it and wants to
    buy it. Turning in survey to dealer per their request netted us two dinner tickets...

    Visit the Suzuki owners site under SUV's, lot of feedback.

    According to road tests of Suzuki V6 and 2.0 I4, the time to 60 was very close, less than a second diff. However the V6 with greater torque and horsepower in higher range, shined in upper RPM limits. When carrying passengers, V6 was effortless. We carried 4 passengers to visit my son 90 miles away climbing several grades in Pasadena area, no sweat. I found the 2.0 four cyl to have adequate power for passing and for keeping up. Love those DOHC four poppers. I prefer my 300+ hp pushrod 5.7L CK 3/4 ton spanker of course, but for a munchkin SUV, i'll take a Tracker over a Toyota RAV, or similar Honda any day, the Subaru sportage is not too shabby though.
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    jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    A tracker has what to do with a mini pickup?
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    jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    I like my 180 HP 245 LB FT Torque V6 S10.

    Done everything I asked it to with power to spare.
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