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hi folks,

first time using a message board, go easy.

what is the best way to get wax off black plastic trim that seems to be everywhere on my new car (aside from not putting it there in the first place). it seems real tenacious, which is good for the paint but looks silly on the trim. thanks in advance!


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    Generally you try to go to one of the topics which exist and ask your question there. "Store Bought Waxes" is the one to go to. That question has come up several times and one remedy besides not getting it on in the first place is --peanut butter-- But in my limited opinion I have found that the better waxes (not the one step kind like Kit, NuFinish etc) come off much easier.
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    My experience is Fresh as I used this for the first time last night - it was recommended to me in another forum.

    While cleaning my car last week I got some wax residue on the side trim (both sides even, when I do something wrong I like to just go all the way with it). I picked up a bottle of Mothers Back to Black at PepBoys for, I think, $4. Last night after my weekly I wash I applied it to the trim using a terry cloth towel. By the time I finished the trim on the other side of the car, the first side was done. Simply buff off the excess.

    I've only done this once, but this morning the car looked fantastic.

    Hope this helps
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    Try using peanut oil, Several people on saabnet swear by it.
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    Of course your Saab will be covered with squirrels the next morning, but it's a small price to pay.

    Whatever you use, test a little on an inconspicuous part of the trim...don't just smear it on. Not all plastic is the same.
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    The cat that sleeps on the hood of my car keeps the squirrels away.

    I tried the peanut oil/peanut butter trick. What it is really doing IMHO is keeping the trim 'wet' with the oil; you've probably noticed that while the car is wet the wax doesn't seem to show as much. When the oil washes off eventually, the wax is back.

    I use 3 things, with reasonable success between them:

    A. 'Goo gone' which is a solvent to remove the wax (yes DO try it someplace first!)

    B. Black Again which is a solution that turns black in UV light. BMW has it in their parts departments

    C. Black Kiwi liquid wax for shoes. On my plastic bumper trim it works very well. On flat glossy plastic panels (such as below the windshield wipers) Black Again seems better.

    Good luck...squirrels are delicious by the way.
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    thanks folks for the good advice. i will try one or more of these things tomorrow. really appreciate it.

    once this topic fades, it might be okay to freeze it or include it in another.

    thanks again.
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