BMW M6 vs. Range Rover.... What should I get?

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Budget is $35-$40k... so obviously buying used. Looking for ~2010 Range rover full size or ~2008 BMW M6.

Most people (my friends are college aged) think I am crazy for comparing the two, but honestly I'd buy the range rover and not even think twice except range rover
came out with a new body style in '13. My price range is around '10
models. I don't need the newest year, but I want the newest body style
(big concern of mines). I just think I'd be disappointed if I spend that
much money ($35-$40k) and I"ll always think it's "old"

I live in a small, condensed, college town, I live 2-3 miles from the gym and school (where 90% of my driving takes place), and there is no place to actually drive an M6 with speed. So don't think I'd take advantage of the M6 car if I got that. Plus, I am not sure if the M6 is for an everyday drive, think it's more of a Sunday car.

Gas? They both get crappy gas miles. But I don't drive more than 5-10 miles a day (if that) so it's not a concern.

Space? It's me 95% of the time alone, so the M6 would do. But, my brother is in Med School 4 hours away, parent's house is 2 hours away, we have a vacation home 5 hours away, and we travel within the region quite a bit and noone else in my family has a big car, so it's a bit hard when we travel. Dad wanted me to get Tahoe/Escalade, but those are too big...I think he is trying to get me to drive the family mini-van lol. Think Range Rover is as big I'd get.

Completely lost on what I should get or lean towards. Thoughts? Opinions?

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  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481

    I'd choose the M6 for a) fun b) better reliability and c) resale value.

    Neither car will be cheap to repair or maintain.

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