Has anyone wrecked and the airbag not deploy?

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I have a 2006 PTCruiser Tourist and have loved it but 3 days ago I had a really bad accident and smashed the whole right front end so bad the wheel was bent all the way up. (it actually climbed a small tree it first uprooted and flipped landing full on that corner before falling back upright) I had my seat belt on and thankfully no broken bones or internal injuries.....BUT am suffering multiple bumps and bruises and I know if the airbag had deployed it would not hurt so bad.......bad enough to lose my car! Someone said it had to be head on to deploy....I don't believe that. Just wondering if it has happened to any one else??


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    This is not so uncommon. Back in about 1999, air bag deployment standards changed because automakers were concerned about too frequent unnecessary deployment causing more injuries than the accident might have.

    So now, as in your car, various sensors help the computer make a split second decision whether to deploy or not. A lot of it has to do with the rate of deceleration, so you can't just look at the damage and say whether the bag should or should not have deployed.

    We're very glad to hear that you were not seriously injured!

    PS: No, it's not a question of being "head on" to trigger deployment. For instance, your car's undercarriage could hit an object, decelerating the car rapidly, with no head-on damage whatsoever having occurred.

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