30,000 mile inspection/ necessary or gimmicky

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Hi fellow auto enthusiasts,

What is the really necessary items at the 30,000 mile? It seems they "inspect most of the things on the list. Does anyone have experience were a mechanic "inspected" an item and was able to saved you money? Any thoughts and/or insights would be appreciated.
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    So many variables, type of roads driven on, driver habits, maintenance etc etc etc

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    Well, inspections are worthwhile presuming we define what "inspect" means. To me, I'm not paying a mechanic to "look at" something. I can "look at" an exhaust system as easily as he can--but he is supposed to go over it, shake it, check the e-joints, look for perforations, tightness, signs of leakage. Same with steering box or CV boots--he should be digging in there with a light and his hands. I'm not even sure how you "inspect" a radiator---I guess look for leaks.

    Certainly, checking ALL the fluid levels and the brake pads and rotors is a good idea, and the fluid checks might take some time.

    Inspecting most of these things is not rocket science, so I'd like to know how much actual time is spent on these inspections. I don't see why an independent repair shop can't do this as well as any dealership.

    A mechanic with a sharp eye can save you money by intervening in a situation that is just developing.

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    That's what I do. Especially with only 30,000 miles. I will have them change the fluids, change the transmission fluid etc. I don't ask for a 30K service. I just tell them what I want done.

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