91 Isuzu Trooper. What could possibly be wrong with my clutch now?

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I have a 91 trooper 2.6 6cyl. Bought it a few months ago with about 160000 on it. Had the whole engine rebuilt top to bottom due to a major coolant leak. Part of that rebuild included replacing the clutch kit.

A couple weeks ago my clutch started losing pressure and would not go into gear, especially not into reverse without grinding. My mechanic thought it may be the master cylinder and the slave which he replaced. After replacing those two components Trudi (my trooper) ran fine with the clutch nice and tight with lots of pressure shifting quite well. Two days later tho the clutch started losing pressure again and is now not shifting very well especially not reverse...

It feels like sometimes itll have more pressure than others especially if I sit and pump the clutch for a while before shifting... ANYWAY

Does anyone have any idea what may be affecting my clutch pressure if the master cylinder and slave have been replaced??? I dont think its the pressure plate because Ive been told that if that was the issue then it wouldnt be inconsistent like mine is.... Honestly the pressure plate seems to be the only thing left to replace as everything else is new as far as I know...

ANY help would be greatly appreciated as Trudi runs really well other than this problem... and my mechanic said that as far as clutch pressure goes the master and slave would be the only things causing that problem ---- yet! the problem has come back!

HELP HELP!!!! S.O.S. Please and Thanks Trooper lovers


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209

    clutch fluid contaminated? possible air/water bubbles in the clutch fluid? symptoms seem to be an exact match with air-bubbles, from what I understand. do symptoms vary with temperature? can you bleed/power-bleed it ?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482

    I'm with elias and would suspect that the system has not been power-bled. Some clutch hydraulics are VERY difficult to bleed properly.

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