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Kia Sportage 2008
HVAC Mode Control Actuator
Part Number: 97154-2E200
Auto Part Item View : 971542E200 (97154-2E200) ACTUATOR-MODE for HYUNDAI/KIA TUCSON
Southtown Kia
Edmonton, AB

My local Kia service dealer has tried to install the above listed actuator, to make the air conditioner (a/c) work, for the last two years. Over this time they have tried to fix and/or re-install this part with a new one, four times but in all cases the actuator stopped working anywhere between two days and one year.

When this part fails, a clicking noise is heard when the air conditioner is engaged, and the a/c itself doesn't work.

Last year, two of their service technicians installed a new actuator on two separate occasions, and the a/c worked for two days and two weeks respectively before it again malfunctioned. A third technician then tried a third installation and that one lasted for one year before the malfunctioning resumed as noted above.

Has anyone else had problems with this actuator?

I understand that if a manufactured part is faulty it may not get recalled by Kia Canada if that part does not compromise safety. This may explain why I've had this part re-installed as a new part twice in the last two years.


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    what was the final resolution to this repeatedly defective actuator? did the dash have to come out to replace a binding door? I am currently trying to get the mode actuator to go into place and it is extremely hard to do? You have to work blind and stand on your head and use only one hand!
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    Out of curiosity I looked up the time to replace the mode actuator, its .6 hours (36 minutes) customer pay and .3 hours (18 minutes) under warranty.
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    I wonder if THIS is your actual problem?

    You Tube Video
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