2004 Honda Pilot EX- adding screen/backup camera

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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. I have a question, need your help and assistance.

I have 2004 Honda Pilot EX with RES (Rear Entertainment System). At the time we bought the vehicle, we have to select between navigation dash screen and Entertainment system, we chose the latter as we had two small kids-)- something to keep them busy in a car.

The car is in a good condition with less than 70k miles on it. Now we want to add backup camera and embedded dash-screen. I researched this a bit - talked to few dealers in Naperville, IL area, mechanics and BestBuy. So far, BestBuy offered most reasonable solution - put a new radio with a screen and then connect it to back-up camera. They suggested one of Kenwood models (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/kenwood-6-1-dvd-built-in-bluetooth-apple-ipod-ready-in-dash-receiver/3162751.p?id=1219088491855&skuId=3162751&st=kenwood car stereo&cp=1&lp=1)

I am good with the plan, but with one challenge. The current Honda radio broad setting is also controlling DVD player (essentially switch to DVD player located on ceiling of the car between back seats). DVD player is a separate entry below radio. When i asked BestBuy Geak squad rep - he was not positive that the new radio will have an option for switch to the original -Rear-DVD player. Technically speaking, to do this, a new radio should be able to switch between the new device and old DVD.

Also, should I consider wireless backup camera vs. wired camera ?

I appreciate your thoughts and help.


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    I think the only way for you to get a reliable answer to this is to go to a high end car audio shop (one that builds custom systems)--I don't think Best Buy has the chops for this type of individualized install.

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