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Audi TT



  • This is more of a general roadster question, but does anyone own a TT as the only car in their household? Is it possible to survive with six feet of trunk space? Thanks.
  • The TT 180hp has 7.8 cu ft, while the BMW 325i convertible only has 7.7 cu ft. Of course, the TT does not have a back seat...
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    The TT's power does kick in at around 2k rpms, but if you ever let the clutch out below that "sweet" spot, you'll just about stall the car. I guess if you can train your foot to let the clutch out later, you'll be fine. I've never driven a turbo'd car so it doesn't feel natural letting the clutch out at 2500 rpms for normal starts. Also, even though the torque is about the same, the Z3 is over 200 lbs lighter so starting from a stop feels easier.
  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    I was seriously interested in a TT 225QR in '01; loved the styling,fit and finish, etc. But couldn't get past the artificial feeling turbo lag (probably more pronounced in the 225), especially in the stop and go environment I'm in--if you do mostly highway driving it wouldn't be as noticeable. Also resented paying $40k for a 4 cyl. car. So decided the 3.0 Z3 was for me; terrific engine, classic upright seating position, retro interior--and then got great discount from dealer cash back program that started in fall '01 and I believe still goes on. It's a buyer's market for Z3's.
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    If you're ever in the Cleveland area with your Z3 drop me an e-mail that you're coming and I'll show you some turbo lag. Actually the lag is less pronounced in the 225. This is my third turboed car and it by far has the least amount of lag. As for paying 40k for a 4 banger. Think of it this way. Is there another car on the market at that price range that delivers 125hp/liter? Sounds like you didn't even test drive the 225. If you had I think you might of been driving the car you really wanted. Hope I didn't come off rude. I just love the TT!
  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    No, I thoroughly test drove several TT's, took one home for a couple hrs., b/c it was the car I really wanted--even had the color scheme picked out (silver/baseball leather). The only problem was the turbo 4 and this was totally solved by the strong 3 litre BMW engine which I absolutely love. Also like the retro interior (admittedly not as stylish as the TT) and upright seating, all of which remind me of my first car, a '68Triumph 250. And the $3k cash back from BMW sealed the decision. But I still look twice at every TT I see, and appreciate the fact that there aren't that many around here in suburban Phila.
  • 6444064440 Posts: 2
    I had my heart set on a 323 BMW convertible, 2000, 5 speed, but I'm having trouble finding the one I want. The Audi TT is looking like a nice alternative. Does anyone have direct experience in comparing these two cars? I would be interested in a 2001 Audi TT, I don't need a 2002.Thanks for your responses.
  • Drive the TT thoroughly. As you can see from above, I cross shopped the TT with a Z3 roadster and was put off by the characteristics of the turbo 4. If you don't mind that, as well as the far less roomy interior, the TT is a little gem--and not nearly as common as the 3 series.
  • I live in Florida and am looking at a 2001 tt roadster, Lake Silver/grey, ~12,500 miles, cd changer. Certified to 100,000 miles at Audi. They are asking $32,000. Is this a good price? They said they may be able to take $800 off (after repeatedly asking). My other option is a 99 Merc slk230/28,000 miles/but it has a light re-paint on the passenger door (fits perfect though) for $27,000. I have to travel for both vehicles. Opinions?
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    32k for an 01 TT 180 convt seems a bit much. Depending on the options on the car, you can get a new TT 180 convt for a little over 34k (msrp). Most dealers are coming off of msrp (check out edmund's TMV) for the convertibles. For a few extra dollars, I'd go for a new 180 TT. I'd stay away from the SLK too. If it's been repainted, even if it looks good, in a few years, you'll really be able to tell the difference between paint jobs. Then you'll have a really hard time unloading it later.
  • I live in CA. I am interested in buying new audi TT. I am not quite sure whether I should get a quattro since I don't live in snowing places. Is it really worth the price. Also, what options are good to get and what can I get by with?
  • can't you only get quattro if you get the 225hp. version?
    you may not need the quattro but you may want the power.
    i'd say you have to drive 'em.
    if you're set on the 180hp. then that's a whole 'nother question. if you just want to go for a nice cruise i'd say you don't need the quattro. if you want decent handling i'd say you would want the quattro.
    i have never driven a tt however, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
    i do have quattro though. and while i certainly do not need quattro in l.a., it is nice.
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    Personally I wanted all the power I could get and since I live in snow country I wanted Quattro. If you can live with less power(and it's alot less, I've driven both) go with the 180. The Quattro isn't true Audi Quattro. The car is basically a front driver and the backs are only controlled when needed. So unless you're really not going to be doing alot of hard driving you could get away without Quattro. However I have read that it does make for a better balanced TT. The stereo upgrade is well worth it. I don't know what the stock lighting is like but the optional lighting is awesome. I don't believe the 180 I drove had the sport suspension and I did like the drive but I can't imagine it being as nice as one with. You could opt to drop the winter package but even in Ca. the heated seats are nice. Just depends on how much you want to spend. And then there's the roadster. I personally don't care one way or the other but living out there I probably would of purchased the rag top. Hope I helped a little.
  • Thanks ppl for the advice, obviously, the price is kind of an issue for me cuz i am looking to spend under 34,000. I test drove the 225 in the dealership couple days ago cuz that's what they had for test drive, so I did not get the chance to feel the difference between the 180 and 225. I just learned to drive manually only several days ago and I never had a coupe or roadster before. I read that the roadster when top up while traveling at high speed can cause some noises. Is that true? Otherwise, living in CA, I would like to enjoy the sun and wind with top down. Also, I have seen some 2001 TT in the dealership. Do you think there's a lot of room for negotiating? couple of thousands or more maybe?
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    MSRP for a base 2001 180 TT Roadster is $33,775. That's under your 34k, but good luck doing it CA.Try for a used low mile TT that has some options. I bet you could find a 225 Roadster for less than the 180 new. Just a thought.
  • jgpjgp Posts: 7
    I have been looking into purchasing a used TT coupe. I have looked at several cars on the road, none of them have sunroofs. Do any TT's have sunroofs, after market or otherwise?
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    Not an option. Has someone had one done and now has it up for sale? Probably not. Can you have it done? Probably.
  • leonivleoniv Posts: 120
    Does anyone know of any current lease deals on 225 TT convertibles? I'm in the Atlanta area and my wife and I are pretty close to leasing a 225 TT. We're still makeing our rounds through the different dealerships. We've never leased before so I'm not up to speed on certain things. More specifically, what are drive-off fees and which ones do I HAVE to pay? I know when you purchase cars, dealers try to rip you off with stupid doc fees. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Although I don't street race, I'm not averse to having a little fun with other sports car drivers. My 2001 TT Roadster 225 has made laughingstocks out of the few Z3 owners foolish enough to attempt to run with me... The same goes for Boxsters (non "S" models) and BMW 3-series (except the superb M3). Although it suffers from some turbo lag and only has 225hp, the Quattro AWD absolutely rules through the twisties. The Quattro advantage is truly evident when the road surface gets wet (then I get to watch the others get really small in my rear view mirror). By the way, the TT has much more passenger room than the Z3, not less as cited earlier.
  • nikicanikica Posts: 2
    I am looking for your input...I am very close to buying my new 2002 TT Coupe, but am a little undecided between the 180 quattro and the 225. I have test driven the 180FWD, 180Q and 225 coupes, and the 225 roadster. I really like the power with the 225, but I wonder how much of the car I will really realize - how often does one get to 6th gear, and would the 225 be more difficult to handle in idle traffic? I live in LA, and do freeway and city driving (and sit in traffic enough). Other question is, with the added weight of the quattro, is the 180Q a little sluggish, or was it my imagination cos I test drove the 225 first? The 180FWD was really punchy and quick, without the extra 300lbs, I actually enjoyed that drive but I thought the quattro would be the better option. Then, I also wonder how many of you out there have experienced the bag of problems posted on that other website with your TTs? Thanks for your thoughts.
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    I get mine in 6th whenever I get up to 65mph. But, I think the thing your forgetting is the fun factor of the 225, in getting up to speed, no matter what gear you end up cruising in. When you speak of driving in traffic I'm assuming you're referring to how well the clutch and engine work together at take off. While one can get off the line from idle I find, as most have posted, that launching at around 3k works great. As to problems, the few that I have experienced have been minor. The biggest one being the bypass valve problem, but they solved that with an upgrade on the 2001's. Half of my problems have been created by the dealer. For instance, my left window had a failure of a plastic piece in the drive mechanism. They replaced it for me but now I just figured out that the speakers in the left door aren't working. Hope this helps a little & good luck.
  • nikicanikica Posts: 2
    Thanks, ugly1 for your feedback. I think my heart is really set on the 225, for the reason that you pointed out... I was trying to second guess myself as to whether it's a "guy thing", and whether I was that munchkin gal trying to muscle up the guys out there in the 225 when all I might've needed was the 180Q (I don't mean to offend anyone)! But I guess you gotta go where the heart is sometimes and splurge on yourself. Does anyone have an idea as to how close or how far from Edmunds TMV the dealers will go on the 2002 models out in CA? I'm looking to buy. Thanks.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I must challenge your assessment of the TT 225 performance.

    After having seriously considered getting a roadster and extensively test driving numerous competitors, I concluded that the TT was a beautiful car, well made, but significantly lagging many others in the performance department. I tested against the Boxter, Boxter S, M-Roadster (former 240 hp), Z3 3.0 and S2000 among others. My subjective evaluation was that the TT was the slowest of the bunch and tied the Z3 for last in handling. In fairness, I did not test drive under adverse weather conditions, since it was going to be a second "fair weather" car for me anyway.

    My "subjective" evaluations seem to be "objectively" confirmed by a quick check of Road and Track test results. I tend to use 0-100 figures as the best test of an engines strength, since 0-60 times can bundled pretty close together and only go through 1-2 gear shifts. According to R&T, the 0-100 numbers are: Boxter S - 13.5 seconds, S2000 - 14.2 seconds, M-Roadster - 14.2 seconds, Z3 3.0 - est. 16 seconds, Boxter - 16.9 seconds, TT Roadster(225) - 17.6 seconds, TT Coupe(180) - 21.8 seconds. Note: There were no figures for the Z3 3.0, but it feels marginally quicker than a 330ci, which is 16.3 seconds. For comparison, the Audi S4 is 14.5 seconds.

    Clearly, the Audi TT is a fine car and an attractive cruising Roadster. A "performance" roadster it is NOT. The Quatro version is also several hundred pounds heavier than the Boxter S and Honda, making it feel much less nimble.

    P.S. I got a great deal to upgrade my 540i 6-speed for an M5 that is arriving in less than 2 weeks, so, alas, I've passed on a roadster for now. Had I bought one, chances are 60% it would have been the S2000; 40% the Boxter S. Both of which handle extraordinarily well, with my slight subjective nod to the S2000. I strongly recommend to anyone considering a TT or any of its competitors to take the time to extensively test drive everything yourself before making a decision. I never would have expected the $33k S2000 to impress me nearly as much as a $53k Boxter S. There are a lot of different factors and personaly preferences that go into a roadster purchase and you can't always believe what you read.
  • I've had this TT turbo quatro for exactly a year now and, overally, I'm deeply impressed with his car. I think my dad summed it up by saying 'you must really like it, you've never kept a car this long before'. True. My only complaint has to do with service, not product. Trying to buy one of these from the local Boulder, CO dealer was a nightmare (although the Ft. Collins dealer was great). And getting it serviced has been difficult. Every time I've called to get it in for a simple maint. checkup it's a 30 days before they have an opening. I suppose this says something about Audi's ability to get trained mechanics in the pipeline. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. And, luckily, the cars very dependable so the need for a quickly available mechanic isn't all that high. Would I buy this car again? Yes. (But not in Boulder).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,338
    Hey, doesn't Arlene still work at the Boulder store? She was pretty good I thought.

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  • jborden1jborden1 Posts: 12
    Hello all,
    I am 20 years old and a sophmore Mechanical Engineering student. Recently my mom has been looking to replace her 99 BMW Z3 2.5 roadster. She had her heart at first set on a New Thunderbird, but was put off by the fact that there is no manual tranny. So she and I went out at test drove the tt, boxter, and slk. After driving them she said her favorite was the tt, but that it was probly alot more than the boxster. Then I told her it was less and we decided that this was the car for her. She thought the boxter interior was like being in an escort. We later brought dad out to drive one, and the dealer only had one roadster on the lot. We had decided on a black exterior with the baseball int. We were shocked when we saw the white roadster with black top. We decided to get this instead. Its a 225 quattro roadster with everything except nav. and phone. We also decided not to get the baseball b/c the black looked so good with the white. I have to say this car is alot more fun to drive than the BMW was. But thats probly cause I got sick of the BMW. I love listening to the turbo, it sounds like the ones on semi-trucks.

    Just thought I would share. The Z3 is a very good car, and the I-6 engine is sweet, but in all around styling and usefulness the tt wins hands down.

    Look forward to future posts,
  • gangeltgangelt Posts: 11
    Can anyone help me. I just ordered a denim blue 225 TTC with everything but nav. The problem is, this is April, and I can't pick it up until late JUNE!!! And I live in Germany! Do you know of any two month sleeping pills or some sort of mind altering drug so I forget for a few months? This is driving me crazy. Any help with this illness will be greatly appreciated.
  • bruce_wgbruce_wg Posts: 4
    I'm talking to a salesman about a denim blue TT with everthing but NAV in San Jose, CA.....if I order it (which I will have to because no dealer in CA aparently has the coup in this color) I won't see it until August!

    Be thankful you are in Germany :)

  • gangeltgangelt Posts: 11
    I feel better but not much :) Let us know if you order it. I guess that's one of the good things about a TT. Not so many of them. I still hate the wait! What will it run you if you take the plunge? I don't think I get much of a rake off being here in Germany. Mine is $38,150 if I pick it up in Bamberg. Take it easy....

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