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    I agree. I love my TT, but a 6 cylinder twin turbo would make it perfect (or a 500 lb weight reduction, but that's another argument altogether).

    On the off chance that there are any Audi execs reading this: You guys should think about giving your cars competitive power when they are introduced--years later just doesn't cut it!
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    Do you think the chassis is really up to a TT V-6? Seems like they'd have to rework the car underneath as well.
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    Not that I believe everything the car mags say, but they all seem to agree that the chassis is up to the task. As I said earlier, my chipped TT has about the same power as the V-6 and I haven't noticed any problems. The new V-6 model features upgraded brakes and suspension mods as well. I think the rigid chassis and AWD make the TT an ideal platform for the V-6. I'm hoping they'll build a turbo V-6 next!
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    I think putting a turbo 6-banger would significantly change the positioning of the TT, something Audi may be afraid to do at this point. Such a car would suddenly find itself in the realm of such cars as the BMW M3 or CLK500, or comparable niche-wise to the Japanese supercars of the 90s (Supra TT, 3000GT VR4, 300ZX): the realm of the heavy, expensive, powerful coupe. Suddenly the TT (which stands alone in a unique niche) would find itself being lambasted by the press for being soft compared to the M3, or being low-prestige compared to the Benz, or being unelegant compared to a Lexus SC, or something similarly silly. And yet, that would be the case.

    Give an Audi TT that kind of power and either Audi would have to hold the line on price (resulting in the perception of the TT being a "Bargain" rocket--the Chevy Camaro Effect), or Audi would hike up the price to the current going rate for blown 6-cylinders and run right into the VW Phaeton Effect.

    Personally I think the TT should continue to receive incremental evolutionary upgrades and Audi should save that TT V6 for a hot-rodded version of the Audi A3/A4 coupe. Audi S3 TT... mmm.
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    I hear what you're saying, but given the fact that Audi TT sales have fallen off the charts, I think it's time for something more aggressive.

    Although the 2004 models will soon be at your dealer, Audi is still selling leftover 2002 models! They've even had to go as far as calling brand new 2002 models "certified used cars".

    The TT is already a "niche" car and conservative upgrades won't help it recover sales. If Audi doesn't get aggressive in upgrading the TT, it will go the way of the Dodo bird. In my opinion, that would truly be a shame.
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    Has anyone changed done their own oil and filter change on this car? Can you pull the oil plug without jacking up the car? Can you get it up a pair of ramps, or do you need a jack? Where is the filter? The plug? How much oil does it take with a filter change? Is there a good manual (owner's manual doesn't recommend owners change the oil themselves)?
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    I'm no mechanic, but I usually change the oil on my cars. However, changing the oil on my TT is too much of a pain, so I take it to the dealer. Even the local oil change shops don't want to mess with it!

    It seems like it would be very difficult to do an oil change up on ramps because you have to take off the plastic shroud that protects the underside of the car and you probably won't get enough clearance. If you try it, be very careful putting your car up on the ramps because the front spoiler is pretty low to the ground. You could scrape the bodywork if you're not careful--an assistant is essential.

    Please let me know how it works out if you decide to do it on your own. Good luck!
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    Has anyone heard WHEN the 2004 TT's will be offered for sale. All I hear is 'the Fall of 2003'. Is it September, October or November? thanks!
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    I don't know for sure but I would think it's coming out around Sept in US. The 2004 TTs come with DSG and I'd love to see how that performs!
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    Hi there! I have a 2001 TT 225 quattro coupe, and I can't stand the wimpy little horn. In addition to sounding more like a "poot" than anything else, I believe that it's a safety issue as well - people don't see small cars like ours sometimes, and offending large vehicles may not hear the anemic stock horn if we try to warn them that we're next to them.

    I know that most car horns are 12V and should (theoretically) fit fine. My question is this: what is a good LOUD replacement horn for the TT? I'd like something as ear-splitting and obnoxious as possible, as long as it's legal. If I could find a horn that sounds like a firetruck horn, that would be ideal in my opinion! I'm also looking for something cheap - I'm currently unemployed from layoffs, and looking for something as cheap as possible to achieve the goal at hand.

    So to recap, does anyone know of a good LOUD replacement horn for the TT?

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    That's one of my favorite lines from Pink Floyd. "The Wall" sounds great on my TT's Bose--better with the top up of course. Sorry for the silly post, but I just didn't want to see the forum die due to complete lack of interest.
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    Is there a difference in the shading of the black interiors between years? (Talking mainly about the leather). It seems the 2000 and 2001 are pure, jet black, while the 2003 is a softer, more charcoal black. What's 2002 like?
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    My 2002 TT has a jet black interior. Haven't noticed the lighter black in the newer TT models, I'll have to look for it the next time I go in for service.

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    hmm...this forum is pretty dead, but oh well...I am just so excited I just picked up a 2002 CPO TT with the 0.09% for 60 months deal! 57000 miles full equipped except nav. they wanted them to go with 25200. What a sweet ride!
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    Hello guys, how are you doing?
    I'd love to buy a 2002-2003 Audi TT and I have a couple of questions. If I buy a 2003 TT to a dealier, they are not offering me any guarantee but they are telling me I have Audi guarantee until 2007, can I just buy the car, take it to the nearest Audi dealer for a check out and if they find something they will repair it for free? What is the difference between a certified pre-owned audi and an audi that is still covered by the 4 years/50,000 miles guarantee?
    Many thanks,

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    Well, I have purchased a 2001 TT QR 225. I have had it since June and I must say it has been quite enjoyable so far. This is my first Audi but I have owned other German cars (VW). When I purchased it from Carmax, I took it to Tischer Audi for a full checkout. All was well. It had only 16,200 miles on it and runs like top. As also being my first convertible I can't seem to keep the top up on nice days. Now my question. How many of you do your own tune-ups and oil changes? I do all of these on my Durango but it seems a little daunting to try this on my Audi. I have purchased a Bentley service manual and it has helped me when I am poking around under the hood to learn what is where. Do you keep your lower cover on? They call it a noise shroud? but is it worth keeping on the vehicle? It seems that engine cooling would be greatly enhanced without this on as to allow a better flow of air under the hood. Thanks for your responses and let's pick up the pace on this thread. It seems to be a little slow.
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    wow talk about low milage. Hope you got a good deal on it. I guess if you care enough to buy a bentley manual then sure do your own oil change. I used to do it on mine when I have access to a facility for hobbist to do stuff on their car, but since I moved I just take them to a local mechanic and save myself some time and keep my hands clean.
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    Hey lecco, Now that the weather is getting colder I think that I am going to go that route myself. There was a time it would not bother me but now I am just as happy to let someone else do it. I got a good deal on it $26,500 and have had no problems with it. I usually only use it on sunny days >8^)>3 It is a fun driving car. Has anyone hear had oil consumption issues. I have heard/read that they somtimes drink a bit of oil. I use Mobil1 5w-40 in mine. I read on some german car pages that over there 40 weight oils are recommended highly. I do baby me vehicles when it comes to maintenance. Do you know how to turn off the service indicator. It is telling me I need service but I just had it done. I leave no oil in beyond 5000 miles. And only synthetic fluids are ever used.
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    Nary a peep in this forum about recent models. Is that because they are so incredible that everyone is too busy driving them to post?

    I'm going cross-eyed with all of this online research. Anybody out there have anything to say about the newer models? Any experiences with the DSG tans.?

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    does anyone have any recommendations for which aftermarket choices, customizations, or accessories work really well for the TT? I've seen things like the center armrest I'm considering, but I was wondering about other things like inexpensive power improvements, lower body moldings, wheels, etc. In terms of what "working well" means, I would say relatively inexpensive, in keeping with the TT's character/style, and impactful either visually or practically.
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    Hi all, just got a 04 180R a few months ago, traded my old Z3. This is a third car (a 3rd Audi) and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

    Got it loaded down for invoice. I was happy with the price but wondered about the resale with the dealer going to invoice to get it out the door. But oh well since it is a third car and I will keep the miles low & it will be a long time before selling. No major problems to note, but the center storage door behind the seats won't close and I have the same rattling from the side mirrors, those will be taken care of at my next service stop. I put a small "bee sting" antenna on it from ttstuff to replace the ugly stock black one. If you guys have any questions about it let me know, I have two other audis as well so I am happy to help out wherever I can.
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    From what I've been told (from Audi service manager), oil-burning seems to be a common problem with the TT's. My 02 225 TT (40k mi.)burns about 2 qts. about every 7-8k miles. I can see the soot collecting on my tailpipes (starts collecting after only one day). The manual says to change oil every 10k miles but I don't trust it. The dealership handles my TT service and they do oil changes every 10k with regular oil (synthetic is extra). The dealer uses 0W-30 which seems a little light/thin for such a hot running engine. Hope this helps.


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    My '01 TT warranty is expiring soon. Any suggestions on what I can REQUIRE from the dealership as opposed to what I can REQUEST for my final maintenance under warranty? Thxs.
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    hi- just got the 2005 audi TT 3.2 and i love it, but i just learned (the hard way) that the car does not come with a spare tire or a donut. i got a flat a few days ago and had to wait for roadside assistance to tow me (the gash in the tire was too big to use the tire mending kit). i really don't want to be towed whenever i get a flat, so what can i do? i also don't want to buy a whole new tire (that is about $500.00) help please. thanks.
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    Hmmm, I guess they removed the spare doughnut from the TT's. Mine (02 225 TT) came with a doughnut. It eats up trunk space so maybe that's why they removed it. My advice would be to buy a doughnut from either ebay or some aftermarket Audi site and stick the doughnut in your trunk. You can also buy a tire cover so you can keep your stuff from getting dirty. Oh, you would also need to buy a jack too. The Audi jack is like a jigsaw puzzle, the "scissor" jack from the japanese cars (toyota, nissan) are much easier to operate. Good luck.

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    Just thought of something. Check to see if your Audi came with a tire cover. I don't think our tires can fit in the trunk so the cover is there so you can put the flat tire in the passenger seat. Where your passenger is supposed to sit is beyond me.

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    I have a 2004 3.2 DSG and it takes a quart every 1500 miles. I have 9500 on it right now. I am looking into this.
  • leofenderleofender Member Posts: 2
    I have the DSG model and it works as advertised. You can go full auto, full manual or into a sport program mode. It takes a little getting used to.
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    I just received an email back from Audi and they said that the 2006 TT will be available in late Summer or early Fall 2005, not in 2006. Can someone also confirm this.
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    I saw pics of a TT quattro sport in the Geneva Auto Show and was wondering if the car is going to be made available for sale. The roof of the car is in all-black (similar to the original NSX). The car looks hot!
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    what kind of chip do you have and where'd u get it? I'm lookin into getting one for mine, but don't know a lot about them and don't wanna drop $500 on a piece of crap.
  • illiterate101illiterate101 Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased an 01 225 HP Roadster and would like to make some mods to it. Not sure what the best thing to do it, or even where to get it. I talked to a salesperson once about a chip that reads as factory eventhough it's not. Any info on this would be awesome and helpful to me. Thanks.
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    From what I've been told (from Audi service manager), oil-burning seems to be a common problem with the TT's. My 02 225 TT (40k mi.)burns about 2 qts. about every 7-8k miles. I can see the soot collecting on my tailpipes (starts collecting after only one day). The manual says to change oil every 10k miles but I don't trust it. The dealership handles my TT service and they do oil changes every 10k with regular oil (synthetic is extra). The dealer uses 0W-30 which seems a little light/thin for such a hot running engine. Hope this helps. ywilson1


    I have owned a 2002 TT QC 225 since December 2001 (bought new -- now with 37K miles). I use a quart of oil about every 3100 miles. Some may consider that high oil consumption. I don't know. I had a 1963 XK-E that took a quart every thousand miles. Gas station stops were: Fill the crankcase and check the fuel. My experience with the TT appears to about match yours, regarding oil consumption. I get the soot also.

    I decided to follow the manual, with oil changes at 10K miles. I too am bit skeptical, but so far -- no problems.

    The Quattro Quarterly, Spring 2005 has an article on engine oil: Slippery Path. According to this article, the "change your oil every 3000 miles" mantra is a combination of marketing and the word not getting out to service folks on the changes in engine oil technology. The European manufacturers are going with lighter/thinner oils to promote fuel economy. And, they are specifying oils with higher standards. From my reading it appears ten thousand mile intervals are Ok.

    Admittedly, I got lost in the first paragraph of the article. I'm not a petrochemical engineer or an expert in consumer affairs or legislation -- or alphabet soup (SAE, API, ILSAC, ACEA, MRV, or CCS). But I got enough out of the article to spur me to start doing some research.
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    hi everyone. I am a new tt owner, so far I haven't noticed anything wrong except the drivers side window is lower in the back portion of the door (found out this was a problem at the auto car wash...) any ideas on how to fix this? can the door panel be taken off to check it? if so how??
  • carittgirlcarittgirl Member Posts: 2
    :lemon: i sure hope i didn't buy a lemon! there's a lot of negative posting on here!
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    I'm thinking of buying a used TT. I just want to know what the lifespan of that car is, in miles based on your experience, and what you know about this car. I'm really clueless and would appreciate some help. Thanks! ;)
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    After a run in with an ex-girlfriend I am in need of a replacement convertible top for my 2001 TT. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • leonivleoniv Member Posts: 120
    Sorry to hear about your top. The ex must be bitter.

    I had to replace my top after I shattered my rear glass due to my own stupidity. I put a small bag in the folding top area while on a road trip and pressed the button to lower the top. A new top through the dealer is 3k with half of that being labor (it's a 1.5 day job). There is an aftermarket top that's cheaper price-wise and the rear window can be replaced separately from the top. I've never seen it so don't know if matches the car or not. I went with the factory top since it's a lease and didn't want any crap from the dealer saying they don't approve of the aftermarket top upon the car's return. The aftermarket top was a few hundred cheaper (I think around 1k vs 1.5k for the factory top), but labor will remain the same. Also, don't think the dealer will install an aftermarket top. Hope that helps.
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    Check out Audi Performance Racing (APR)
    and Revo

    Both will require soldering of your chip (I had a 2001 and just got a 2005)

    APR lets you control the ECU program by the cruise buttons
    Each one will tell you the other will blow up your engine.
    They will both get you to 260-265 HP from waht they claim.

    I am stll trying to figure out which one to go with myself...This is what I understand so for. What state are you in?
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    I have a 2005 Quattro Roadster. (had a 2001 for a month - decided to just get new one). I LOVE IT! I might trade it for an SL600, but I will let you know when I have an extra $80,000 to blow on a car....
    As far as the 3.2, I have been asking around. (Mostly because I am still partially stuck on the 'there is no replacement for displacement' syndrome")
    If you are not going to do any modification, than go with whichever one you like most and enjoy it. If you have any intention of mods, than get a 225. End of discussion. I just got an email back from APR (Audi Performance Racing) and they have nothing and are planning NOTHING for the 3.2. So far, I have heard that no one is sure what kind of punishment the DSG tranny can take yet, and they don't have much room to do anything with a V6 crammed in under the hood.

    I have heard rumors of a blower for the 3.2 which could have potential, but time will tell....
    (and PS - I am very new to this so I am just putting out there what I have 'learned' so far. If I am way off, I would certainly appreciate an opposing viewpoint)

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    I have heard that the 2006 TT will not be sold in Massachusetts due to emissions regulations -- has anyone heard the same. Also, I am trying to find a 2005 TT Coupe Manual for sale and salespeople seem unresponsive!!! I thought the idea was to sell cars! Anyone have any ideas?
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    I am considering a 2000 TT 1.8 Quattro, 53,000mi., looks very good, runs great, but has two electrical repair notes in the carfax report. Does anybody know of particular electrical snafu's with this year, make, model, etc.?
    Any other insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have had my 2003 TT, 180 for only 4 weeks, and have had to have all tyres replaced!!! I really cant understand why if one tyre is damaged, you have to have the other one replaced also. Could someone kindly explain this to me? It is costing me a fortune. I have now switched from the orginal tyres (pirelle, to mitchellin). Thanks :confuse:
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    Well just thought I would check in. I now have 38,000 miles on my TT. I bought it with 16,000+ on it. It has been a joy to drive. I usually switch with my Durango by weeks. Still runs good. I use the M1 T&SUV 5w-40 synthetic oil. I can't say enough about the fun my wife and I have when driving. Great car that will be in the family for quite a while. :D
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    I'm in the same boat as [illiterate101]. Ready to make the move to either an ECU swap or reprogramming.

    Which did you go with - Revo or APR??? I'm considering one of these.

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    I have a 2000 audi Tt 180 hp. The clutch seems to be a little close to the floor. I would like to adjust it myself. any sugestions?
  • max19max19 Member Posts: 22
    I chipped my '02 ALMS 225HP and the results are nothing but incredible. Lots of power at all range and also changed the Diverter Valve to a titanium one. Turbo lag has been reduced greatly. I need to conduct a dyno to see were my HP gains were. They claim 262HP (37hp gains) w/ the Premium gasoline. I am also thinking about a stainless steel Catback system. Hey, there is also Stage III turbo (340HP) but it is EXPENSIVE.
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    Hello all, just wanted to touch base on here again, it has been a long time since my last post... I have a 04 TT Roadster 180. I have owned it for almost two years with no problems to report...I recently added an APR chip and have a remus exhaust on order. I can highly recommend the chip with no reservations, it boosts your lower end torque quite a bit and gets rid of some (not all) turbo lag...I also autocrossed it yesterday at an scca event, it did pretty well although my stock A/S tires howled all the way around. I'm going to do my best to wear them out so I can get some high performance summer tires. Other than that I love the car and enjoy those weekend cruises down Rt. 66.
    Happy TTing...
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    Juat wanted to elaborate on my chip experience since there is some discussion about it...I got the APR chip done by autoscope in Dallas (just searched the APR website for dealers). They did not have to remove my ECU, they downloaded the program through the diag port...They chargeed me 50 to install plus the 500 for the program, it was actually cheaper having the dealer do it. If you mail it to APR you have to take out the ECU yourself and then overnight it. Two over night charges were more than $50 (for me anyway), plus you have to mail a $600+ part away while your car sits undrivable....
    Went with APR b/c it seems most people had it or the Garrett and I read some negative things about the Garrett on forums and it costs more for 2+ complaints on the APR, I would highly recommend it, you can't get anything else with a higher hp per dollar ratio...
    Post any other questions...
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