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2015 Toyota Camry Launches in 30 Days | Posts: 9,602
edited August 2014 in Toyota
image2015 Toyota Camry Launches in 30 Days |

Toyota's U.S. dealers are prepping for the launch of the revised 2015 Toyota Camry midsize sedan in 30 days and are planning to spend $1 billion this year to upgrade their facilities, according to Robert Carter, senior vice president of Toyota's U.S. automotive operations.

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  • Should be an epic snoozefest

  • kshankarkshankar Posts: 172

    The Iroad looks like the most exciting offering from Toyota since the late great Supra

  • greg128greg128 Posts: 416

    I did't think it was possible but they actually made it uglier than the outgoing model.

  • "Killer interiors"? Really? Have they mentioned they've removed the cover from the center console storage space? Why, Toyota? Why do you think leaving our stuff open to view from the outside is "killer"? All you're doing is taking away what is already there and attaching an advertising tag-line to it. STOP TAKING AWAY WHAT IS ALREADY THERE, TOYOTA! You've removed the upper glove box and coin box from the Corolla, as well as it's rear clothes hanger hook, and you think we're not on to you? Some will buy your advertising shtick, but not me.

  • zakyum1zakyum1 Posts: 1

    I love the COIN BOX/HOLDER on the left side, but lately Toyota is removing these on newer models . WHY?

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