1995 Chevy Monte Carlo SS indicator lights

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This is my restored '95 Monte Carlo with the Intimidator SS add on package. The car was bought as a basket case in 1999 as a total basket case and as of now this is where it's at. It's equipped with a 3.1 that has been rebuilt and all the body panels that were rotted were replaced. I've had 2 minor problems that I can't find solutions for and I prefer to re-work the car on my own rather than pay a shop so if anyone has some ideas I would appreciate some input. There is an "anti lock" light that stays on all the time and on occasion, the "service engine light" pops on but there doesn't seem to be anything affecting the way the car runs when it does. If someone has any ideas on how to correct these 2 issues I would appreciate the help. Thanks!


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    The two lights may be related. Do you have an owner's manual. This tells you how to extract a trouble code using the car's onboard diagnostics. Your car I believe has the OBD-I system, which most hand-held scanners can't read---so trying for a free scan at Autozone and such may not work for you.

    The trouble code may give you the hint you need--if you do extract a code, bring it back here and we'll try to help you further. I'm thinking you have a sensor or wheel tone ring problem.

    Here's a video that gives you a quick review of how ABS works and gives you a couple of quick tips that might even solve your problem: (Sorry about the Rock Auto ad, but hey, it's not a bad place to order the parts you need).


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