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Chrylser PT Cruiser Owners: Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited March 2014 in Chrysler
Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your PT Cruiser!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Also, if you are interested in a live chat, I can arrange that for you. All Club chats are set up on

4:00-5:00 pm PT/7:00-8:00pm ET


5:00-6:00pm PT/8:00-9:00pm ET
6:00-7:00pm PT/9:00-10:00 ET
7:00-8:00pm PT/10:00-11:00pm ET
(The latter may be rather late for East Coasters, but is available if you want.)

Let me know if you are interested in a chat and the day/time convenient for you.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Owner's Clubs

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  • cruiserkevcruiserkev Posts: 2
    Hi. My Name is Kevin, and I live in State College Pennsylvania with my wife Theresa, and three extremely spoiled cats. I've been cruising since 4/20/01 in an aquamarine 28F with a few extras. A friend of mine does some online work here at the Edmunds site, and I was mentioning to him that I noticed a lack of a PT owners forum here in the Town Hall. He got in touch with Karen, who quickly added the forum. Thanks Karen!

    It looks like we can take this forum in pretty much any direction we'd like. What are some of the things you'd like to see covered here? Personally, I'd like to get to know other owners, and trade some stories and tips. I'm interested in setting up a local PT group here in the State College/Centre County area, and would love to hear from anyone nearby who'd like to be involved. We have an actual drive in movie theatre, and there are a couple of annual car shows and cruises here as well.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,965
    Glad to see you made it. This IS the ground floor, so don't worry too much that there was no reception committee for your arrival! I'm not a PT owner, but I am looking forward to a closeup look at yours this week. It's almost time for a new vehicle at our house, so you never know...

    PF Flyer


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  • kh60kh60 Posts: 2
    Hi I'm Keith from eastern PA. USA, and I have been following the PT from before the first one rolled off the line and knew I just had to have one. After waiting for a year and a half I stopped in at our local dealer to find out about ordering a 2002 PT on 6/9/2001.
    After building one on the computer at the dealer, the sales team told me they had one just like I had built on the lot (2001) cranberry limited - ABS - /am/fm/cass/cd/ - heated seats - stoarage tray - chrome wheels - leather seats - moonroof - ( my dream of the last year and a half )
    After making a deal (below msrp) with a rear spoiler to be added later I drove it home that afternoon, and a few hours later we took it to our first cruise night to show it off.
    I own three other chrysler products but I never had a must have feeling for anything in my life like I have had for the past year or so about this PT Cruiser.
    I was going to replace my caravan with the PT but decided for now that the PT will be our fair weather and weekend vehicle.

    Let's go cruisin
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,965
    Interesting that the first two posters in this owners club would be from PA!

    I have to say that I was impressed with the rear seat leg room in cruiserkev's PT. I was very comfortable in the back behind Kev, who was in "full cruise mode"! LOL

    PF Flyer


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  • Glad to have you aboard. My PT is my every day vehicle, and I've never had so much fun driving in my life. I've got a relatively conservative day job, so I won't be doing a lot of modifications. I do have a brake light cling, so when you're behind me, and I hit the brakes, you see "PT Cruiser" in red where the upper brake light is. (cue the song, "Born to Be Wild...")

    Being an idiot, I'm lucky to have a Cruiser at all. I had been admiring them from afar, but really hadn't checked one out. I had NO idea they were hard to get, for example. So, with a little time left on the lease of the vehicle I was driving, I called a friend of mine who owns a local dealership. I told him I'd like to test drive a PT, and if I liked it, I'd like to get one in the next week or so. After the laughter died down, he told me although it was unlikely, he'd shake some trees and see what he could find. Next day, he calls. Someone ordered one, but now that it's here, they've decided on another vehicle. I asked him what color, and he said aquamarine. I told him I wasn't sure about the color, but I would sure like a test drive. Well, it was love at first sight, and I drove it home the next day. It had everything I wanted, except a moon roof, which I really haven't missed.
  • davidm8davidm8 Posts: 2
    Hi folks,

    I live in the Philadelphia area. Got my red PT Limited in January. I love it. 4,100 miles, no problems---not even a rattle. A very solid car, so far. Gas mileage is a bit dissappointing (18.5 to 21 or so), but a guy at a gas station told me it might 'break-in' at some point and do better?!?! Sounds like mechanic's mumbo-jumbo to me, but we'll see.

    I bought from Videon Chrysler in Newtown Square. MSRP-$22,400. I highly recommend these people. Straight-shooters. No pressure. Free 1,000 mile check-up and free first oil/filter change. Good, punctual service department.

    I really do love the car. It still makes me smile every time I climb into it!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,965
    Your car is great cruiserkev, but I think I'm kind of partial to the metallic red one. That one has caught my eye. Might be interesting to go to a PT gathering to see what people are doing to customize their rides!

    PF Flyer


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  • I couldn't help logging onto this site. I figure if anyone knows about PTs, you folks do. I am going to look at the 2002 PT and I would like to know if anyone has heard of what changes will take place. I would like to see a turbo option. I guess I acn only hope.
  • I live in central PA and am looking for a daily driver. I do territiry sales in some of the northern counties where i know it snows good! Currently drive a '98 beetle which is great on gas but is lacking in the cargo area. Have any of you driven the cruizer in the snow? How did it do? Also how has gas mileage been? probably looking to drive 150 mi. a day is this a car you would recomend?
  • Hi ,
    My name is Louie ,Retired and living in West Florida.
    In April 2000 I went to look at the Chrysler Minivan but when I saw that I could have two PT's
    for the price of one minivan I ordered the PT's
    and took delivery April 14, 2000.
    I took the white one and my wife took the Silver
    With almost 1 1/2 years of everyday use and loving every minute ,we are unable to find any
    reason to bring them in for service other them
    the regular routine maint. (oil & filter changes).
    I have over 17,000 miles and my wife is close with just over 16,000.
    Being we both love driving them , we found ourselves at times taking both cars rather then fighting as to who will drive.
    This is the ideal marriage having his & hers PT's.
    The reason we were able to get two so fast was because we did not order the Limited Edition with all the options. All we wanted was auto/trans - air cond - am/fm/cass - tinted glass - pwr/windows & cruise.
    We find that there are more Limited Editions on the road then Base models, now which one is Limited ??
  • Well. We finally took delivery after 17 months. We got the new color of Light Almond. It's beautiful--the drive, the car, and all.

    Our other car is a Lexus, and excepting a few creature comforts, it's an easy transition. The PT is fun, a solid ride, and surprisingly quiet.

    We look forward to a long happy life together.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    We just took delivery yesterday of a 2002 Touring Edition in Inferno Red. My initial take on the car is that it is a tightly put together vehicle with some very thoughtful touches. Unfortunately, I won't have much opportunity to test out my initial feelings as it is my wifes car and I may not be able to pry it out of her hands. As we speak, she is on her first antique hunting run, across the Bay bridge into Marylands Eastern Shore.

    The ride with the touring suspension is very firm as are the seats. Steering is very tight and requires more effort than my other two rides. It's not unpleasant, just different and I'm sure that with a little more exposure I will find the other steering sloppy and ride too soft. The sound system is very good, I really like the (now) standard AM/FM/CD player, the sound was very clean and crisp when we tried out a cd. I have a feeling that my first few trips with the car will be spent with the owners manual clutched firmly in hand as I learn to use all the features.

    BTW, Hi Karen
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Hey back atcha!

    Congrats on the PT...or I should say congrats to the wife.

    Owner's Clubs

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  • msu1msu1 Posts: 6
    I just turned 9000 on my PT.
    it is running good.
    the gas mileage is still about 20 mpg.
    I do a lot of highway driving
    I hope it gets better.
    I took the back seats out, there is a lot of room for my dog back there.
    I do have one problem.
    the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT occasionally comes on.
    But if I keep it filled with gas it OK.
  • cmimcmim Posts: 9
    Picked up '02 Cranberry Touring - ABS/CD-Cass./moon roof/pwr seat/cruise/side airbags/auto
    for MSRP-21,280. Coming from years of p/u's and suv's and going to a PT is quite a change. But it is refreshing to get back the nimbleness and ease of parking you getin a car like vehicle but still retain the versatilty the suv's have. I think the PT is a great compromise and with it's great retro looks it was an easy pick for me. Looking forward to having fun driving again.

    msu-1 - it could be a vacuum problem with the gas cap. A new gas cap might fix the problem
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    His suggestion that two PT's were the way to domestic harmony was right on the button. The end of December, taking advantage of the Home for the Holiday incentives, I took delivery of my second PT, a steel blue Classic 5 speed. As this is my daily commuter, I don't need all the bells and whistles that the TE or LE offer. The 5 speed is also a blast to drive. I still get visitation rights to the Inferno Red TE, whenever it needs gas.
  • heart93heart93 Posts: 15
    And I'm very satisfied. I have about 4,000 miles on my Black 2002 Limited (4 whl ABS w/ tract control, heated seats, and upgraded radio being the only options). I bought it for 2% below invoice & could have picked one up the same day, if I had been willing to take an automatic. I wasn't thrilled with the acceleration & knew I wanted a 5 spd, so I waited around 2 weeks for a 5 speed that had already been ordered to arrive.
    This is my first Chrysler product, and so far I'm very pleased.
  • 2002 Almond Pearl 5spd. Just turned 10,000 @ 90+ miles a day! -PTzPT
  • Hi all, just ordered an cranberry PT.My wife went CRAZY over the PT when it first came out. I never saw her so exited over a car as she was over the PT's We waited until the dealer markups went away and discovered a rebate in effect until 2/28 so we may the plunge.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    I traded in my sedan on a new PT. Like many I thought I would wait but sometimes you have to treat yourself a bit. Mine is an Almond color. I thought about getting the Automatic but living in the mountains I decided I would buy a stick at least one more time. I wanted to do some of my own things so one of the few options I added over standard was wheels and rims. I am going to order my Spider spikes this weekend for next winter so I will be ready. I can't see how I couldn't like this car and the after market people are all over the place if you wish to fix one up even more. Believe me I looked at lots of other wagons but kept coming back to the PT. Good luck to the rest of you.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    That almond is one cool color. It was high up on my list of colors to choose from. My wife has an Inferno Red Touring edition with an Automatic transmission. I later got a steel blue classic with stick. Both are a blast to drive I know you will be very happy with yours
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    I looked real hard at the Inferno Red Cruiser. I have had nothing but red cars for years now. Well at least one car has always been red. Where I live there are very few garages and the winter can take it's toll on bright dark colors. I know I can make a shelter for my car and I have a real good car cover. But this is the lightest color car I have ever had and I think I will like it. There is something to be said about owning a PT that only Jeep and old sports car owners seem to have. That sense of friendship and respect owners seem to show each other. I have see a few other PTs and almost always the other people wave. In the last few years I have had a Prelude that once I started fixing it up to look and drive better seemed to anger every other small sporty car driver I ever met. If you pull up to a light and even look at them they take off from that light like they were at the Winter Nationals. Same thing happened when I lowered my SC-1 and put a cold air intake on it. So far I have noticed other PT drivers are more than willing to stop and talk and share what they are doing and give Ideas on what you can do easier.
  • marrelammarrelam Posts: 2
    I'm SO EXCITED!! I just brought home my 2002 deep cranberry PT Cruiser! It's the base model with some extras(moonroof,dark tint,pwr group). I traded in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee - this will be a big change. I love how the interior lights dim on/off when opening/closing the doors! I can't wait to cruise around in it tomorrow and learn all of the neat things to do with it. I'm interested in learning about any other web sites for the cruiser. Anyone want to compare deals on it? Lease or buy prices? I just don't know if I got as good of a deal as I think I did?
  • defcon1defcon1 Posts: 2

    Mark you calendars everyone. We are holding the event again this year. Last year's event was put together in just 2 months. This year will be bigger and better.

    PT Cruiser enthusiasts and their guests from all over the U.S. and Canada will come together to the central New Jersey shoreline at Seven President's Oceanfront Park in Long Branch on Saturday, October 12. This gathering will include a public show-and-shine, free door prizes, music, entertainment, award ceremony, raffles and much much more. Proceeds from this event will benefit Starlight Children's Foundation.

    Last year more than 167 PTs from 16 states and Canada were in attendance.

    Please visit the webpage for more info:

    Hope to see you there! :)

  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    You can second guess your decision till the cows come home. The bottom line is: Are you happy with the car? Are you reasonably happy with the price you paid? If so, don't worry about it. Just go out and cruise. When I bought my wifes car in October, prices were higher than when I bought mine in December. Did I get a bad deal on my wifes car? Not for the time I bought it. Is my wife happy with the car? Yes, she loves it and threatens to bodily harm anyone who touches it.

    I like the interior lights also. That option is called theater lighting as the lights dim the way they dim the lights in the theater at the beginning of the show. I think it's a cool effect.

    There are a few enthusiasts groups for the cruiser. One of my favorites is

    They are a nice group of people.
  • hildihildi Posts: 1
    I've had a PT since 4-2001. Had an 8 month wait after ordering. Never even test drove it, but knew we wanted on. Gave up an SUV, wondered if I made a mistake especially with our Nebr. winters, but we didn't. I love it, and proved that I could plow through deep snow also. Haven't had any problems, but was dissapointed with the mph. Would consider trading for a 03 turbo, if they come out with them. Was amazed how it handled through the mts. and the power it had to climb. Very happy cruiser.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    We don't get that much snow where I live but what little I have been in hasn't been too hard to drive in. I do have a set of the spike spiders that clip on to the wheels in case it ever gets too slippery for me. As far as the MPG goes I was prepared to get a bit worse than I do. I have a 3000 foot climb everyday but that means it is a 3000 foot drop everyday also. I have averaged 24-26 MPG from the first week I brought the car home. The K&N hasn't changed milage that much but it pulls the mountain a bit better. I love the room this car offers. Today I went to the DYI store and came back with several flats of plants, a Microwave, and a planting pot. All fit in the back with the rear seat still in the upright position. I gave up some MPG from my Sedan but I got a lot more useful car. Next comes the new exhaust.
  • karluvver1karluvver1 Posts: 19
    My daughter and family blew the trans. on their 92 Dodge van and the price to fix was more than the blue book value, so I gave them our 88 ply. voyager and since I had always admired the Pt cruiser I shopped for one. We test drove a PT at one dealer and were impressed. However they were selling them at MSRP. Then we went to another dealer who had about 50 on the lot and found exactly the one we wanted and their price was $1500 below MSRP. We went for this deal.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Do you drive a PT Cruiser or Dodge Viper? If so, and if you're willing to talk with a major daily newspaper about your car, please send your vehicle info and contact info including phone number by noon Eastern on Monday, June 10 to and/or Thanks!


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  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Come join us in this new Wagons Board discussion: PT Cruiser Turbo. See ya there! Thanks for your participation.

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