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Chrylser PT Cruiser Owners: Meet the Members



  • Funny how so many here seem to be in Pennsylvania.
    I'm in Pittsburgh. Just got my PT today! Red Inferno pearl coat, Limited Edition...LOVE it. Been sitting in it in the garage all day reading the manual. Would be cruisin' but it has poured all day and don't want to get him wet. :) I'm in love.
  • jrockingjrocking Posts: 2
    I've been shopping for a car since Thanksgiving. Considering the Honda CR-V, new 2003 Subaru Forester, and now the Mazda protege 5 wagon and PT cruiser. I loved the PT Cruiser when it came out but I live in northern Michigan and decided I needed an All-Wheel Drive vehicle. The price on the Honda and Subaru is high so I began looking at the PT again once I learned it had traction control. Has anyone driven it in slippery, snowy, road conditions? Will the new 2003 PT have better mileage? And most importantly, has anyone seen the horrific safety reports posted on the site under consumer complaints? It scared me to think about getting a cruiser - if you read these complaints from PT owners. Any comments please. I'm tired of researching. Thanks.
  • voronvoron Posts: 2
    I'm From the Northern VA/DC area, and my 91 Mercury Capri was dying. It was going to cost more than it was worth, and we needed a more roomy car. My fiancee and I were thinking about a compact SUV or pickup, but we both really liked the look of the PT Cruisers. When we saw how inexpensive they were, we went to go test drive one. Well, it turns out that the new 2003 Turbos were in, and OH MY GOD what a difference. It's hard to compare 150 hpr with 215 hpr. We were originally going to get a black one w/purple flames, but we thought the deep cranberry actually looked sportier. (plus it's my favorite color -- though it's more of a wine than a cranberry) It has all the options, full leather interior, auto/stick, moonroof, etc. We are probably getting silver & black custom flames put on. (definitely some flames). Paid 25,700.
    It is totally worth the extra money to get the turbo. Gas mileage isn't bad either -- 24.4 hwy miles in the mountains with A/C on.
    I thought I would miss my little convertible, but whatever! I usually have the AC on in the summer anyways (very hot summer here). This car so ROCKS!
  • Going from a 94 Grand Am with all the options to a base model Cruiser with the added convience package there is no comparison. I did alot of researching before finally deciding that this car was the way to go. All around this car is built SOLID. It is very fun to drive and I am constantly getting compliments. I bought this car after searching a wide variety of cars from old to new and after finding out that the PT Cruiser was less money insurance wise (in comparison to other new autos)and it was a solid built car with great reviews and was in my price range. This PT Cruiser was all I needed for my family. This car handles great and the gas mileage is average. You cant get everything you want all the time... Automobiles in itself are risks that we take. The 4 cyl. 2.4 engine has just enough pick up for a car weighing 3100 lbs. I went from a 6 cyl. 3.1 engine and this car does well considering the weight factor. The new turbo well to new for me to comment... It's the first year out thats always a risk in itself also... Anyone interested in the 2003 models 4 cyl engines do just fine.... Not sure about the snow though. .... Lord just keep us safe....
  • I traded in a 2001 Red Touring for a 2003 Red Turbo. Runs great, much quicker than I expected when I read they were coming out. 1st fill up 20.5, 2nd fillup 21.5. As good as the 2001.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    First I put on a cold air intake. Next came pin striping with flame outlines. Added a chrome accent grill kit. Today I had a exhaust system added and this car is beginning to take on a life of its own. I want to go to 225x50x16 tires and drop it maybe 1 1/2 inches. It is started to look pretty good.
  • 2nd Annual National PT Cruiser Charity Event

    This 3 day national/international event Includes a public show-and-shine, New York City boat trip, private dinner, tons of free door prizes, music, entertainment, raffles, best-of awards ceremony, and so much more. Last year close to 200 PTs from 16 states and Canada were in attendance. Already over 100 PTs have registered coming from 17 states and Canada.

    To register or obtain more info please visit:
  • jr48jr48 Posts: 1
    Hi! I live in central Maryland and just picked up my Cruiser 2wks.ago. Its been great the ride and look is fantastic so much so that my wife always wants to drive my Cruiser. Just wanted to chime in on the discussion . Keep on Cruising, jr48
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    2003 PT Cruiser Limited Edition in Deep Cranberry. I ended up getting one because my 02 Jetta was totalled, and I wanted something with a good interest rate, lots of room, good reliablity, and a good price. I work for Chrysler Financial, so I knew good rates could be had (I got 1.9%/72 mos.). Ended up paying $22,050 for the car before taxes, and $25,500 or so after taxes, 100K warranty, and GAP insurance. Has 66 miles now, just got it tonight.

    Look forward to many more happy miles behind the wheel.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    You paid 3450 taxes/license on a 22K car?

    My 20-ish K car hadunder/around 1K in TTL! Did they mess with the numbers? Hopefully you can do something about this!
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    ... only add maybe another $800 to $1500. So GAP insurance is something like $1,500? Is it worth it considering you'll probably never have to use it?
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    ... my dealer offered my a 7yr 100K warranty (basically adds balance to 4/50K from Mazda for 1900. When I laughed out loud, he dropped the price to 500 :) I still refused (maybe I should have gotten it? I can still get it, it just won't be at 0% any more!)
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Apparently you have a little trouble reading or something. I said the warranty, TTL, and GAP came to $3450. That's not unbelievable actually.

    TTL = 1100
    GAP = 498
    warranty = 1840

    That comes to $3450 in my book. I actually asked them to lower the price, and she said she couldn't do it. After doing some investigating the next day, I called and told her to cancel the extended warranty and recontract me. So I ended up paying $23,886 on the road for the car. Not too bad, considering the MSRP is $23,325 for it and I got the 1.9%/72 in lieu of the $2500 rebate.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    No need to get all defensive - so I missed that. It still was high, as you yourself realized and got the warranty cancelled. Just looking out for you and letting you know the deal I was offered on warranty.

    I was about to congratulate on a great new car puchase, but given the last response I received, I'm afraid another helpful gesture will invite more brickbats.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    First, I am just responding because I haven't checked this section of the board lately.

    Sorry about being defensive to your response. I found that the extended warranty's book price was around $1200 and the extended warranties are usually pure markup anyway. I also got a chance to read Consumer Reports and it says the PT is about as reliable as the Civic, so I thought the car should be fine without the warranty for now. How many problems I have with the car in the basic warranty period will determine whether I feel the need to spend for an aftermarket warranty. I have been trouble-free for 5000 miles now, alot more than I can say about the VW this car replaced...
  • Just got a 2001 LTD with 3,800 miles on Halloween.
    Negotiated price down to $12,900 from sticker price of $15,900. LOVE this car. It is very nimble. I work with a guy who paid $22,000 for one of the first to arrive in Memphis. He is excited that I got such a deal, but concerned about his cars depreciation. He loves his too.
    I saw mine on autotrader and was shocked that it was still on the lot when I got there. I am driving to Revel Enterprises in Paris TN Friday to get some goodies for the PT. I just printed there brand new 48 page catalog.
    Here is link
  • There is a flood of PTs on dealer lots with very big discounts available. This is the opposite of what it was like about four years ago. Depreciation isn't so bad now, based on today's actual selling prices. Still not the best, but more in line with most other small cars.
  • Just returned from a trip to Revel Enterprises in Paris TN. Very nice facility. Everyone friendly and helpful. It was great to see upclose all the goodies I wanted. Shelled out about $600.00 while there and made a wish list for additional items.
    Can't wait to install goodies on the 2001 LTD
    I got last week. Top item was Airraid Intake.
  • Does anyone have a MOPAR Nav System installed...I think it's called the RB1?
  • No, but I know one person that does have it. Not cheep at $1200 or so and one should really have the six disk CD changer (he does) so one can use Nav and listen to CDs at the same time. Has what appears to be the same data base and display information that my MDX has (an Alpine unit). Works the same way except the Cruiser version does not have a touch screen or voice controls, so it is not as easy to input information as one might like.
  • I was at the PT Cruiser 2nd Annual Block Party at Pomona CA today. They had a large crowd and a huge number of PT's turned out for the event. I saw cars from many states and as far east as IL. They had two convertibles, one of which they will be giving away tonight. It was worth the time spent.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    Well, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since I'm only posting here for the first time and I've had my '03 Dream Cruiser since the end of June.

    Having seen the '04 Dream Cruiser, and an occasional '02, I think the '03's Tangerine Pearl is the best color so far. Some of the "Aztec(?)" gold '02's make me think of mustard; others seem ok, particularly in bright sunlight. But the two-tone Navy over Silver '04 sure is a throwback, to police cars of the '20s and '30s!

    I enjoy my Cruiser, except for the mileage; no better than 15 mpg, but then I only have 3000 miles on it. We'll see. Though I like the Sirius radio and subscription that came with it, I can't foresee taking the Cruiser on a long trip that a satellite radio seems best suited for. Now I think I should have tried to have that radio swapped out for one with a cassette player (and Sirius?) and added the 10 disk changer. Ah, but that's how you learn things; experience.
  • I think you will find a lot of Cruiser posts on the many PT club sites. Don't know why this forum is ignored.

    My PT GT has seen a very slow increase in mpg since new. The mpg started improving at about 3k and is up about 12% to 17.5. Still not great and the small tank makes for a short range. I've seen 25 on the freeways, but 23 is the norm.

    Mine came with the CD and cassette radio. Personally, I like the nav radio, though I might miss having the cassette and don't like having to install a CD changer so I could listen to a CD and use the nav at the same time.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I bought a base, with a stick, and I am getting between 20 and all the as high as 29.68 on one highway run. The last freeway run, with air on on the return portion, and a little bit of hills, and in town, was 26.5 or around that number. With an automatic, and all in town use the 15 MPG seems almost normal, but I would expect closer to 20 MPG. Hope it improves. Have you contacted the dealership? At around 3,ooo, some people start to improve on the MPG. I got 29.68 once and that was at around 900 miles on the car.

    & Silber my ride!
  • i have had a 2002 pt for 3 years now. i love it accept for that gas milage. 17 and 23 is about the best i get, and i am a normal driver, not heavy on acceleration, or breaking. :shades:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    You posted 17 to 23 MPG.... not good.......
    Wow, that is not good at all. Others have reported such low numbers. With the last fill-up, I made around 25MPG, and that was a mix of driving and some pretty high RPMs on shifts. No not to red line, but above the 4K RPMs on shifts. I will keep track on each fill, but so far it is 24 to as high as 29.68 on one good run. I can easily get 20 to 25 in a mix of driving, with 20 the low if mostly in town, shorted runs. I do have a stick though, so perhaps that is the difference.

    I guess you could try taking out the back seats to save weight. That could save 1 MPG.... well maybe???

  • postiposti Posts: 1
    Greetings! I'm a new PT owner - bought a 2005 automatic sedan with 19K from the dealer for $12.5K. Wonderful car - I have been very pleased with it in the 6 weeks I've had it. Mileage started out at about 24 mpg mixed driving (I have a 15-mile commute that is mostly highway, but includes some in-town as well). About 2 weeks ago, I installed a K&N air filter - about $30 from Advance. These are high-volume filters that are reusable, so the initial cost is offset by longer life. I have used them on MGB sports cars. Anyway, my mileage is now running about 26 MPG. Not a huge jump, but again, a bit of savings in the long run. Note that this is a stock replacement filter, not the aftermarket add-on you can get on eBay.
  • My dad is giving me a car for my High School graduation present. I have a summer only car right now and need something that is going to be reliable and will handle well in the winter. One of my options is a PT Cruiser. I came across this site and i'm hoping to get some feed back from people on their Winter driving.

    *Have you had trouble with it starting?
    *Does it have good traction or will i have problems with sliding?

    Those are the two main things i want to know. Anything else you could throw at me to help my decision would be appreciated.
  • bret27bret27 Posts: 10
    Our 2003 lease is almost up and we are wondering when the 2008 model and colors will be released. Anybody have any info on this?
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Your lease is "almost" up and you are asking about the 2008 model. Do you mean the 2007 model???
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