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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rayoubrayoub Posts: 2
    Audi is currently offering great rates on exisiting 2008 as well as a Special edition package to bridge the gap between the 08's and 09's. The 09's wont be here until Sept
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    You've probably already made your deal, but I ended up spending $800 over invoice at Audi of Charlotte for my 2006 A4 2.0T Quattro, which is about $2500 off MSRP. I had to factory order mine too since they didn't have a large selection of manual transmissions available. You'll likely get a better deal if you factory order one and can wait 3 months.
  • mankumanku Posts: 63
    Sticker: $45125, price paid $40125


    Drive off: $886
    Monthly: $503
    This includes licensing, tax (8.25 in socal) and Audicare.

    Getting delivered this afternoon!
  • ken1496ken1496 Posts: 11
    My lease is up in July and I am thinking Audi A4. Do you think I can get a killer deal if the 09 model will be available in Sept? How much should I expect to pay below MSRP? I am thinking A4 Avant / AWD / Tip with options.. $38k. Thanks,
  • ante148ante148 Posts: 8
    The 3 yr lease on my 05 A4 was schedule to be up in Feb 08. Since I no longer drive to work everyday I decided to lease a certified pre-owned 06 A4, which was a good deal vs. buying my 05 off lease. 0 down (expect taxes & fees) $285/month. In January, Tri State Audi's were running this special with very attractive lease rates on the 06's. My saleswoman (who had leased me my first A4) was very aggressive with the sale..calling twice a day for a week. Fine, used to that. Problem was, my old lease wasn't up until Feb 5, and it was only Jan 3rd. So, Riverside Audi agreed to make my last lease payment. I made the transaction and they agreed to make my last payment.

    After getting multiple calls from Audi/ VW Financial that I owed the payment, I called my saleswoman at least 4 times. She claimed the payment was "in the mail". Unreturned calls and emails to head of sales (new and pre-owned) - no response. Calls to Audi of America - they are nice, but in the end, I think has no influence on a private owned dealership. Riverside Audi saleswoman calls me back (finally) and says they never agreed to pay my last payment. WHAT?!? My fault I didn’t get it in writing, but seriously, you are making that claim? Audi of America called and was actually shocked too.

    Fast forward to April – they just made the payment, but there is now a late payment on my credit report for it. Riverside Audi is a very pushy, make the sale, then don’t care to maintain relationship type of atmosphere. Their service dept happens to be top notch, in my experience. Prior to my first Audi I had 3 Acuras… much different sales relationship and experience.
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Could you post that on "Dealership ratings and reviews" too? It would be nice to give other folks a warning. Thanks for posting.
  • mewantsmewants Posts: 3 lists a bunch of incentives for A4, including up to $2000 cash back on the A4 3.2. However, I cannot find any incentives listed on Edmunds, KBB or any other car websites.

    Does anyone know if is reliable and has anyone taken advantage of the offers?
  • I've been doing research online -- thinking about an Audi A4 AWD or a BMW 3 series convertible. Have been working hard and driving a beat up old hand-me-down car -- and decided it's time to break open the wallet and have a little fun! However, after reading the online discussions, it seems like ALL the Audi and BMW service departments in my area are pretty crumby (service not done right, cars taken for joy rides, dealerships not accountable). What's the deal? If this stuff turns out to be true, it would sure take the joy out of the ride. For those of you driving Audis in the D.C./MD/VA area -- do you have any good stories? (BTW -- my Toyota dealership has not been honest or good to deal with either -- but that's another story).

    None of the dealerships post their entire new car inventories on their sites. Is there an easy way to check out each dealer's current inventory without calling or visiting each one?

    Any suggestions about how to not get taken for a ride on a resale? I'd be happy with a car with a few miles on it -- but am afraid of buying someone else's problems. A mechanic told me beware of CPOs -- that the only warranty that the CPO paperwork provides is a guarantee that the car is not new!! Any thoughts?
  • Hi - any feedback on what I should pay for an A4 Special Edition Quattro (Manual)?

    Dealer quote was 3000 down, 408 per month lease? Another was 2000k down, 417 per moth...any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you..
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56

    I guess it depends on your local market, but those quotes seem quite high. I just leased a 2008 A4 2.0 T CVT Special Edition (Black on Black Leather) last Sunday 5/25 from Audi West Covina. Keep in mind that this is for the CVT transmission, which has an MSRP of $975 less than the Quattro manual you are looking at. Here are the particulars:

    MSRP: 32,075 (including destination and iPod interface)
    Selling price: 29,175
    Adjusted cap: 30,400 ($650 Audi Care and $575 Acquisition Fee rolled in)
    Residual Value: 16,999.75 (53% w/ Audi Care)
    MF: 0.00002
    36 months / 45,000 miles
    Monthly payment: $373.18 + tax
    Due at signing: $0

    This was a true sign-and-drive lease, as I did not pay anything at inception. Audi even covered the 1st payment under the current lease special on the SE models. So, I just have to make the remaining 35 payments of $373.18 + tax.

    If you are looking to lease, make sure that you negotiate the purchase price instead of getting quotes on monthly payments and amount due at signing. When you negotiate a lease this way, you typically don't end up with favorable terms. The lease specials on the A4 SE are insanely good right now... use this to your advantage. Best of luck!

  • Wow - this is great info! Can I ask, how did you cover the sales tax on he vehicle?

    I am in Chicago - the tax is around $2300....and I was looking at a black/black, SE manual - MSRP=33000
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    Where I live, the sales tax is assessed on the monthly payment. This may be different in the state of Illinois. Some states require that you pay the full amount upfront on a lease.
  • What do you think the price should be on the following A4 2.0 Cabriolet Quattro

    MSRP = $44,575 (includes 2.0 AWD cab, with prem pkg, bluetooth, heated front seats, ipod interface and dest. chg.)

    Edmunds Invoice Price for the above = $41,511

    Dealer says will sell for invoice price (don't know if theirs is different from Edmunds yet and don't know if they plan to add on other charges other than tax, tags, reg.)

    In addition to selling for invoice, Audi will subtract another $2000 (conquest/loyalty) off the price if I lease -- (using the Edmund's invoice price, this brings the lease plus residual total to $39,511 plus tax tags, registration and any etcs.)

    Is this good? Any charges etc. I should be aware of?
    Is Audi offering to pay the first month's payment on this car?
    Does anyone know if the .00002 MF is available for this car? Is MF negotiable, or is this fixed by Audi Financial?
    Are dealers offering any special prices on Audi Care? Should I go for that?

    Other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance to those of you that offer advice. This site is great!
  • alankaraalankara Posts: 1
    2008 Audi A4 SE Quattro with Convenience Package, Rear Side Airbags, S-Line Package/Titanium Package, 6-speed, iPod interface, etc....MSRP 35625.

    How low will the dealer go on these cars, or do they all go for sticker or more? Does anyone have any guidance on this, or perhaps the residual value, and a money factor that is currently used for either a 36 or 39 month lease. I live in NYC if that matters.

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Hi All,

    So here it is: Black/Black, Manual, Quattro Special Edition - MSRP 33300, tax is due up front @7.25% - which is factored in

    $1750 - out of pocket
    $1000 - trade
    Free scheduled maint.

    $415 Per month

  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    It looks like a pretty good deal for the Quattro model, considering your tax is due upfront. However, we'd really need all the details (selling price, cap cost, annual mileage, lease term, etc.) to be able to tell you for sure. Also, is the tax for a lease on Illinois on the entire price of the vehicle or just the depreciation?

  • Thanks Jordan - the tax is actually on the entire price (less trade) -will see what else i can get - my sense is there is some money on the table here - original quote for same was 3500 up front at 420.
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    You'll see this mentioned over and over on the leasing forums, but you really need to negotiate the terms based on the price of the vehicle, not the monthly payment.

    In order for the people on this board to accurately assist you with your lease deal, you will need to request the following information from your dealer:

    -Vehicle price
    -Documentation / dealer fees
    -Registration and licensing fees (set by state of IL)

    We also need to know how many months your lease is and the annual mileage allowance. This will determine the residual value of the vehicle. If you are working with a good dealer / salesperson, they will have no problem providing this information to you.

    Based on the MSRP of your vehicle and the lease specials on the SE models right now, I think you should be able to get your payment right at $400 with only the tax paid upfront. Since the price of the vehicle (less trade credit) will be in the neighborhood of $30k, you should expect to pay around $2,000-$2,200 for the upfront tax. Everything else should be rolled into the lease.

  • Hi All,

    I found a 2005 Audi A4 Ultra Sport 3.0 Quattro, 6 speed, 22.5k miles, loaded, silver with black interior - very nice car

    Certified audie, mfg warantee up in Sep 2008, get 2 more years,

    Dealer asking 25500 - i want to pay 24500 - Any feedback?
  • mersh123mersh123 Posts: 4

    I'm new to leasing and looking for some feedback and/or advice on a quote I received.

    - 2008 Audi A4 2.0T FSI quattro automatic with navigation, the convenience package, and the special edition package (premium package that also includes heated front seats and satellite radio with a 12 month free subscription)
    - MSRP = $38800
    - Dealer invoice = $36523 (sales person would be willing to sell it for $36000)
    - 36 month, 10k lease
    - $989.50 due at signing
    - monthly payment = $428 + MA sales tax (5%) = $449.

    The sales person stated that Audi of America is waiving security deposits on all leases for June, in addition to making the first month's payment. The money due is simply the bank acquisition fee and the plates and documentation fee. There would be no other fees associated with starting the lease.

    As I mentioned, I'm new to leasing so any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm interested in 12 or 15k per year. Any idea how much more that might be?

    Thanks so much for the help,
  • mersh, see my earlier discussions on this and the "lease" pages. I bought a different model than you are interested in, but the dealer took the price down to almost $2000 BELOW invoice and still gave me the best lease financing (MF conversion comes out to about 1.4% per year) and Audi paid the first month's payment. (Because they had to get my car transported from another dealer about 175 miles away, we added back in the cost of paying a driver to get the car.)

    Also, because the Audi financing is so good right now on the model I bought, and because Audi will pay the entire first month's payment, I had Audi roll the taxes, tags and Audi care into the price of the car rather than paying cash for these things.
    I decided it paid to keep my money in CDs or another investment earning more than 1.4%.

    So far, the dealer I have been working with has been terrific -- I pick up my car this week.
  • heischjrheischjr Posts: 17
    i am looking at a 2008 A4 quattro CVT and here are the terms the dealership gave me:
    MSRP - 34,100
    Invoice - 32,580
    Money factor - .00002, Residual - .54
    36 months with 12k miles per year
    $0 down $409.19/ mo., $438.82/ mo. after taxes.

    what do you think? should I try to negotiate the invoice price lower?
    This does not include the AudiCare. I got a quote from another dealer that was about $11 cheaper per month, but the first mentioned dealer is much closer to my house and they will get me whatever color i want.
  • maweissmaweiss Posts: 6
    Seeking feedback on these numbers :confuse:

    2008 Audi A4 2.0T CVT Special Edition
    Automatic, Premium Package, Metallic Paint, Bluetooth, iPod
    10K/year, 36 months Lease
    $800 OTD (DMV/Dealer Fees)
    Audi Makes the first month's payment
    $400 per month including 7% Florida Sales Tax

    Would appreciate if anyone could say if this is a good deal?

    It seems to be...but just need to be sure.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Just got my car today.
    Brilliant black/Beige inside,Special Edition package
    Bluetooth,6-speed Automatic Transmission with Tiptronic
    MSRP - $34,600,Selling Price - $31,953, Residual $19,030
    36 Months / 10K a year
    Due at sign in :
    DMV fee - $150,Doc fee - $148
    NY Tax upfront - $1,085
    Total : $1,383
    Payment $360 a month ( first payment paid by Audi )
  • richa4richa4 Posts: 1
    Make a cash offer, walk out the door if they say 'no' - say you will think about it, call back in a couple days (hope the car will still be there), make your offer again (speak to sales manager). This might be more effective toward the end of the month. Do your research - comps (what actual cars sold for similar to this one) are the way to justify your offer. If the car is at an Audi dealer, you may be able to get 0.9% financing - which will save you hundreds (or more) in finance charges. Good luck.
  • mjl05mjl05 Posts: 1
    200 A4 Avant Quattro 6MT SE
    Ipod interface

    MSRP: $34,550
    Offer: $34,190.
    Planning to lease with zero down, like the current A4 sedan offer.

    They are crazy, right? I should get close to invoice, which on Edmunds is $32,187.
    Is a manual Avant that rare that I should have to spend nearly invoice?!

    I was thinking to offer $32,200 or $32,500 or walk away.
  • jdunnisherjdunnisher Posts: 56
    Yes, there should be quite a bit of room to move on that price. My 08 A4 Special Edition had an MSRP of $32,075 and my purchase price was $29,175. That is $2900 below MSRP on a less expensive vehicle (mine isn't the Quattro model).

    I would check other dealers in the area, if that is an option. Otherwise, I would offer the dealer a price you are okay with, and if they don't accept then walk away. Best of luck.

  • I have negotiated a price of a A4 3.2 Quattro Automatic with Navigation and Convenience package for $40,475 including all dealer fees + Indiana sales tax. Now the sales person is 'claiming' that I cannot get the 0.9% 36 month special financing. Is he just trying to get me to pay a higher price?
  • blugekkoblugekko Posts: 5
    It all depends on your credit. Not everybody qualifies for the special financing.
  • Credit has not been checked. He outright stated that I can only have the low price or the special credit.
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