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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    If you're in a really crowded market with 5 Audi dealers on top of each other, you might get a deal like that. But I doubt a lot of dealers are going to be that desperate @ 200 over invoice. Edmunds average prices are less than $1000 off MSRP as a TMV.

    Audi is one of the few makers that has NO dealer holdback. So getting 200 over invoice will definately not be the norm around the country,
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    Cool..BTW, Costco auto purchase price for this is invoice + 500 so this is not too much better than that.
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    It is 09 2.0 T. purchase. Car on the lot. They offered premium or premium plus for this deal.
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    i am working on a similar deal for a premium avant. wondering if they are just trying to move inventory or whether audi is helping them in some way. my guess is that thier inventory levels are swelling. take a look at dealer' web site or for the number of a4's they have in stock. I am in NYC and am working with jack daniels in norther new jersey. they look like they have a huge a4 inventory right now, although not a lot of avants, per se.
  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    I put a deposit down on an '09 A4 3.2 April '08. Long story short, the car didn't get ordered until late July '08. Longer story short, car should be at dealer Nov. 17, '08.

    I'm wondering if anyone has received or has knowledge of receipt of a 3.2 which was ordered who would be willing to share some info w/ me. I'm looking for dates and prices in hopes of getting a good price after all the wait and mis-information and/or screw-ups. Late July, after car was supposedly ordered, I was told car would be here in 75 - 80 days. Late August I was informed it would be late Nov. before I got the car.

    Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm located in Louisiana.
  • I ordered A4 premium plus package with a few more options but it is 2.0T on mid september. Got an email from my dealer saying the car was already on a ship and it would arrive to a US port on 11/11 so i should get it around 11/17. Try to negotiate at invoice price or lower because you can.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    kduda, how much did you end up paying for the 2.0 premium plus and what options did you choose? I am in the market for the same thing, with only the sport package but the dealer only wants a couple of hundreds off MSRP, I think they are crazy. Please share the details of your deal.

  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    What I've ordered is a 3.2, and I'm not finding any info about the 3.2. Best I can tell, the ones being sold thus far are the demos and/or the cars Audi supplied to the dealers, not the ones that were ordered, but that's also why I'm posting, looking for info from others who have received 3.2s.

    When I put down my deposit (April), I was told that I would have to pay MSRP, but that's also when I was supposed to have the first '09 A4 3.2 in Louisiana. Because the car wasn't ordered when it was supposed to have been plus the fact that the car is now not coming in until approx 50 days later than I was originally told (for reasons unknown to me), which was 75 - 80 days from the order date late July, I'm no longer willing to pay MSRP.

    I hope that makes some sense even though I can't help you out on the 2.0T. The last I was told was my car should be here and ready for me Nov 17th, but that's been a couple of weeks ago. I'll be sure and post the price when/if that day comes. I'll be watching your post, though, and so please let us know what happens.

    Good luck!!
  • 2.0T quatro premium plus + rear airbags + wood trims and the price i got was $500 under invoice. I got the deal after a few email back and forth with a local audi dealer.
    I do think buyers can negotiate for a better price in this economic environment.
    Good luck!
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29

    Great deal you've got. Can you breakdown your price..Inv, dest, options, etc to arrive at your price? What is your location and did you have a trade-in? Thanks.

  • I know this should be on the lease forum, but thought maybe it should help some of you with the deals going on....

    36 month lease 12k a year
    09 A4 Q 2.0T Sadan - Meteor Grey/Blk, Premium+ and Navigation

    2k down and 525.00 a month... this was about 3 or 4 weeks ago... I held off since my car turn in date was in late Nov, so hopefully they have a better deal going on in Nov, which in most cases they do since sales tend to slow down, plus add in the current state of the country, maybe Audi will toss out some deals to move some cars.

    Also, I was told if I wanted a 08, I could take a 5 or 6k rebate ( forgot which ) and a 6% discount on top of that on MSRP....

    This is in Norcal and only 2 dealers in the area

    Happy Hunting

  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    Yup seems like there are some unpublished specials. dealers are easily doing 500 below invoice.
  • hi,

    i'm in the sf bay area and am looking to deal with sonnen; where did you get this pricing? also, what was the msrp of the car and the negotiated selling price? does $525/month included taxes? i called today (looking to buy at the end of november) and the number thrown out for a 2.0t sedan, prestige plus nav and audi drive select (msrp ~46,500) was $725/month with $2500 drive away. sounds high to me. what do you guys think? thanks.

  • djdjdjdj Posts: 111
    Today I testdrove (for the 2nd time) a 2009 A4 2.0. I have a 2003 A4, so I think the salesman is getting his hopes up.

    For a Premium Plus with wood (sticker $38.4K) he offered $37,182, 3.2% off of MSRP and 3.9% over Edmunds' cost.

    When he asked what I thought, I told him I wasn't convinced the A4 was worth $2,200 more than the new Acura TL. He said Audi dealers didn't have that much room to move on price but his sales manager wasn't going to lose a deal over another $500 off.

    I have a FrontTrak/CVT now; he did say he has no idea when they would get any 2009 CVT's in.
  • The dealers are in the san jose area, not sure I should give the sales guy name hate for him to know I have been posting his quotes on this website, but then again I kinda get the felling he reads this fourm ?

    Djdj, why would you get an Audi with front wheel drive only? I mean I like audi but I am not in love with them and the only reason to buy one is the AWD feature, otherwise it's like buy a VW but a lot more money.

    Speaking of has everyone seenthe Jetta Wagon, looks OK but no AWD.. The VW prices are MUCH cheaper then the audi prices.

  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    My '07 lease is up on the 17th of November. I have the 2.0T Quattro with Premium package (sunroof/ Xenon headlights/ folding mirrors) and bluetooth but don't have heated seats. (Could not find a car locally with heated seats and bluetooth!!! It was one or the other!! Who would order a car in Michigan without heated seats???)
    Anyway, my lease was pretty nice but only 24 mos. at about 379/ month. (Came to 479/month with all the taxes, etc.) Nothing down and no security deposit. I really wanted an A5 but they seem to be hard to come by. Guess my choice is to buy my car (residual is 26K and dealers are asking about 28-29K now) or just go with a 2009 A4. Where can I go to look up the invoice prices on the 2009 Quattro with the 2.0T?? Would like to get the nav package this time as I have an aftermarket GPS and love it! Also, I have XM radio which I installed yself for $90 instead of several hundred from the dealer!!
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    Edmunds's invoice price on A4 is very accurate.
  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    According to Edmunds over the weekend, it doesn't look like anyone is getting the 3.2 for much less than MSRP. I'm thinking it's due to the availability as there aren't many 3.2s to choose from down here yet, and when searching Edmunds, I don't see another car in the U.S. matching my configuration, which I thought would be a fairly common config w/ varying color maybe, 3.2 Ice Silver Metallic w/ gray interior, Premium Plus w/ wood grain and navigation.

    I was hoping to learn whether dealers were coming off the MSRP yet on the 3.2 AND when the dealers would be getting larger quantities of 3.2 as I presume this is when they will start to negotiate more.

    Again, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. The car I ordered should be arriving at port within the next week or so if they're to have it to me for Nov 17.

  • edmunds is very accurate with invoice prices. Dealers will likely add advertising/prep for about $383 and Transportation/dest was $825. These two numbers can vary depend on where you live (i think). You can come up with your final price by using edmunds's invoice + advertising/prep + destination. Good luck!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    Edmunds adds the destination charge on the last page, after you pick the options... It's usually a fixed charge for the entire country, except maybe AK and HI..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • How many of you are getting this car for under invoice? Also, when you say that you got it under invoice (i.e. $500 under), do you still have to pay some kind of dealership advertising/prep fees?

    I am getting quotes of around $400-500 over invoice with dealer fees of around $500 (varying slightly by dealer) here in Colorado. Could I really save $1000 and go from $500 OVER invoice to $500 UNDER? What about the dealer fees?

    Thanks guys!
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    500 off edmunds invoice which does not have any ad fee . Someone in the leasing forum reported 800 below invoice but that might be rare.
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    to recap:

    500 off inovice in seatle
    500 off invoice in San jose
    800 off invoice in NE penn

    invoice flat for northern nj for us AND probably could have pushed them a little more based on a subsequent conversation with the sales guy. i did get an additional $500 from audi for doing the audi driving experience and will get $500 from ACNA so in the end it was not horrible.

    the deals maybe better on the coasts than in colorodo. Strikes me as the dealers are either being motivated by inventory or audi (especially on leases?) to make much better deals than just a short while ago. which factor is the key to know how hard push and also hard to know if prices will fall even more. my guess is that sales price may get better but lease deals will shift as well so payments will remain essentially flat from this point on.
  • vkj,

    Did you have to pay any dealer fees (advertising, prep, etc)? When you say invoice flat, do you mean the Edmunds invoice price? One dealer showed me an invoice in which his invoice reflected advertising and prep fees, making it roughly $400 higher than the invoice price listed on Edmunds.

  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    Just drove the new A4 today in Grand Rapids. Was quoted a "sale price" for the premium plus package with bluetooth prep for $36,525; residual 21,764 and Money Factor 0.00191. The monthly is $582 with 12K miles/ year X 36 mos. The sales person supposedly took $1200 off the list but that must be with the delivery fees and prep or some other charges added because it doesn't jive with the MSRP on the Audi web site. It was getting late and I wanted to drive an Accura so I was in too much of a hurry and didn't realize that my papers don't have the MSRP or itemized costs on them but I will have them fax me the info on Monday. (Dealers not open on Sun in Michigan) The money factor is better than Accura which quoted me 0.00251 on the TL!! BTW, these are the October Audi lease rates as I am told that Audi did not come out with new rates for Nov. last Tuesday as would have been the norm! Apparently local sales manager thinks that their rates were not competitive enough and so they are supposed to announce new lease rates/plans next Tuesday. He thinks that they are going to have a "sign and drive" but not sure that the residuals or the M.F. will change. Sure wish my current 24 mos. lease could be extended at my old rates!! I am paying $453 a month with 15 K miles/ year and I have bluetooth and Xenon headlamps.
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    actual invoice. the advertising probably is there because its a new model. the port fee is new..
  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    I keep reading where people say they're paying, roughly, between $500 below invoice to $500 above invoice for an '09 A4 2.0, but when I go to Edmunds TMV (True Market Value), it says people are paying MSRP price. Why the discrepancy? Perhaps I am just missing or not understanding something.

    The 3.2 I ordered should be ready for pick up Nov 17th, and I still don't feel like I've got a clue about what I should reasonably expect to pay in relation to MSRP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I just signed a deal yesterday.

    Some background:

    Dealer A: Sales manager came down to $500 below national invoice/destination as listed on Edmunds for a Premium Plus he had on the lot. All dealers in Colorado charge non-negotiable dealer fees of $400-500, as they all claim that their invoice is $380 higher than the national numbers due to advertising fees, etc. I have seen copies of invoices from 2 dealers reflecting this. Total cap cost with dealer fees (before lease acquisition fees) came to right around the national invoice. Note that this car did not have any dealer installed accessories such as clear bra, etc (which many in my area seem to).

    Dealer B: I had previously been working with the sales manager from this dealer and when I emailed him the deal from dealer A, he said that he could not beat it. He did not have the car I wanted (not the right color) on his lot and said that by the time he obtained it from another dealer (which apparently costs some money) that it would not be a profitable enough deal for him. This guy was very nice/easy to deal with and said to let him know if the deal fell through for some reason. At this point I knew I could not do much better on price.

    Dealer C (my local dealer): I went down there yesterday before committing to buy from dealer A just to make sure I liked the car in silver. I gave the sales manager the cap cost I'd been quoted from dealer A. He beat it by $200. I then told him that the silver model on the lot that I wanted already had a clear bra on it (seems that every car on their lot did) and that I was not interested in paying for a clear bra. He said: then you get it for free. So total cap cost (before lease acquisition fees) came to around $200 below national invoice ($600 below the supposed Colorado invoice) after dealer fees, including a free clear bra. I thought this was pretty fair considering dealer B couldn't beat dealer A's price which was $200 more than I ended up paying in the end ($300+ more if you account for dealer cost on the bra).

    Oh, and I leased the car. Dealer B had originally told me that he is definitely expecting more attractive lease numbers come Novemeber 12 based on info he's obtained from his factory reps (he volunteered this info and told me I may want to wait until then). All of these dealers agreed to not push the paperwork through until the 12th, allowing me to rework the paperwork if the new program is more favorable. So I will be touching base with the dealer I purchased from on the 12th.

    Hope this helps. All of my original negotiation was done by calling 5 dealers in Colorado and asking for the sales manager. I had an email drafted explaining what I was looking for and what I expected to pay. In the second round of emails, I started making up prices I'd been quoted based on what I'd read here, as the dealers were not coming down in price fast enough.
  • kduda1kduda1 Posts: 15
    Dealership told me $1000 off MSRP in July when they didn't order the car I put deposit on in April (see previous posts), '09 A4 3.2 Premium Plus w/ nav. When I inquired about discount since deposit was paid in April, car expected 75-80 days, and at 120 days out, car is still not here, I was told:

    "I have confirmed with management and yes, the $1000 discount that was originally offered to you is the same $1000 that I mentioned in my previous email. To avoid confusion there will not be a $2K discount on the car. I hope you understand that this is a considerable discount for the type of car that you ordered."

    Only 3 Audi dealers in the state, and if I get the car from another dealership, I was told by AudiUSA that the local dealership was "supposed" to service the car but they did not have to provide me a free loaner car, etc. I'm not willing to pay a luxury car price w/out the luxury car service.

    Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please note that the availability of 3.2s is nowhere near what it is w/ the 2.0s.

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