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Infiniti I30/I35 Owners: Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited July 2014 in INFINITI
Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your I30!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Also, if you are interested in a live chat, I can arrange that for you. All Club chats are set up on

4:00-5:00 pm PT/7:00-8:00pm ET


5:00-6:00pm PT/8:00-9:00pm ET
6:00-7:00pm PT/9:00-10:00 ET
7:00-8:00pm PT/10:00-11:00pm ET
(The latter may be rather late for East Coasters, but is available if you want.)

Let me know if you are interested in a chat and the day/time convenient for you.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Owner's Clubs

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  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351

    I am the one who ask Karen to start the club. Let me introduce myself.

    I own a 2001 I30t in Midlight Blue/Biege interior. It has navigation and sport package and also wood kit. The ownership experience so far is the best. When I bought the car 2 weeks ago, I bought it for $600 under invoice.

    I know the I35 is coming out in October. But below invoice price is too good to pass by.

    Nice to meet you all.

    Karen, these 2 chat times are good for me:Tuesdays:
    4:00-5:00 pm PT/7:00-8:00pm ET


    5:00-6:00pm PT/8:00-9:00pm ET
  • djr1951djr1951 Posts: 2
    I just picked up my I30L last night. Also midnight blue w/beige. It's gorgeous! but its been raining so its a little hard to enjoy. Paid about $500 under invoice too, but I don't think i got as much for my trade as it was really worth. So far I really love the car, but experience is limited. More as I drive it.
  • pql1pql1 Posts: 6
    Purchased my I30L about 2 months ago. It is black/graphite. Love my car but the black exterior color does get dirty easily. I'm a little jealous about all these great deals people have talked about. Bought mine about 3% over invoice...must be my area (northern va). The dealership experience has been incredible though. I still have trouble controlling my acceleration, that engine is powerful!
  • jtiernanjtiernan Posts: 9
    I picked up my new I30 on 6/8. I like the car. Only 75 miles thus far. Very smooth, roomy. Good braking. Like the compass, rear shade, seats.

    A few problems...rear license plate is loose. Dealer says that are all that way. Also, a tear in the trunk liner and the passenger seat belt sticks when releasing.

    I look forward to sharing with other owners in the future.

    Any idea on gas mileage and whether preium is really necessary?

    Thanks, John Tiernan
  • laheatlaheat Posts: 14
    Its been (3) weeks since I purchased mine (end of May). So far, WONDERFUL experience (1000K miles so far). Comfortable, fast, fairly good stereo system (BOSE is of course great - but a little disappointed in the "factory" Clarion radio.) Alpine would have been a better choice for I-30 and would have been worth the extra $$$. Anyway, great leather and comfort interior. BIG roomy trunk!!!!!! Paid 30K out the door, tax, plates included. Check your sunroofs - mine WAS NOT tinted (other then the standard factory tint like the side windows.) Paid $20 and got the sunroof window tinted barker - cuts down significantly on the heat when I leave the roof door open!

    So far great car for the money from a great company (Nissan Motor Corp).

  • zeliforpzeliforp Posts: 44
    I purchased a fully-loaded (minus Nav) Titanium I30t with Touring Sport package (side sills and rear spoiler) a little over two months ago for "exactly" invoice. I feel like I received a good deal though because the dealer threw in a free after-purchase window tint for $0.

    Excellent car thus far. The 17" wheels and side sills really give this car a different look. I swapped out the factory wheels for some Volk Racking AV3's, and I receive looks and positive comments on the car all of the time. The subwoofer had a buzzing sound coming from it after I purchased the car, but a trip to the dealer took care of that.

    I have been looking for an aftermarket sound system (Nothing is wrong with Bose, but I'm a Mark Levinson kind of guy) that will integrate with the steering-wheel controls and I just found a kit that allows the I30's controls to work w/ almost any aftermarket setup. Next step is DVD/Nav. I too have heard about the upcoming I35, but snagging an I30 now for (all things considered) below invoice was just too good to pass up.
  • atlboyatlboy Posts: 10
    Hi, my name is Chris from Atlanta, GA. I just purchased an I30t about 2 weeks ago! I love this car. I am a big Maxima fan, but I could not resist the extras in the I30. The engine is basically the same, but the Interior is much richer. My interior is beige and beautiful. I might trade it in soon for the I35t, it just depends on the engine!
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Are you selling your I30t wheels?
  • drc4ebgdrc4ebg Posts: 4
    Have not posted any messages for quite sometime now. I do report from time to time and so far I must tell you that am happy with the sedan and the service has been good.
    I was at the dealer to check on a cranny slip problem, (under 50%+ accelleration between 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd). I told them about the service bulletin, Dec. 04, 2000, Ref. ITB00-028A (pertaining to built dates before Set. 28, 2000, and VIN's JNKCA31A1T015622).
    The service person was not happy to hear about the service bulletin, said "never heard of it". But Marty, the mechanic pulled it out of the data base and gave it to me and asked that I bring it in with my next service call,(service advisor is turning red by now, looks unprofessional and ignorant). I was happy to see a mechanic take an active role. I will bring him a bottle of wine. That's it for now,
    David in Torrance
  • wayneweswaynewes Posts: 8
    Do you have any pictures of your Titanium I30t with the new Volk Racking AV3s wheels. I have the exact same car and was thinking of putting some new wheels on the car. Also, I had the same buzzing coming from my rear speaker area. What was done to fix your problem?

    By the way, do you have the name of the kit for the steering wheel controls used with after market radios? Thanks.

    To All,

    Has anyone experienced excessive noise (wind/road) while driving between 70 and 80 mph? I just had both rear window seals replaced and the front driver side window seal worked on, but I still seem to hear excessive noise at higher speeds. I do not know if I am being a little over critical or if there is really something wrong. I did read a comparison review on the I30t and it was said that the test car experienced the same right rear wind noise I noticed on my car. They said it was a design flaw. I had a saab 900 prior to owning the I30t and it was extremely quiet. I may be a little spoiled from the low noise levels of my saab. Any feedback on these issues?
  • vip_4vip_4 Posts: 3
    Hello, I have Infiniti I30 (2001) that I bought almost a year ago and love it very much. Unfortunately, two days when I was going on highway, a stone came and hit my windshield and damaged it. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? If the damage is repairable, should I get it repaired or go for replacement. If I go for replacement, should I go for Infiniti windshield or other windshield made by other manufacturers for this I30. People tell me that it wont be as good as the original factory sealed windshield. I am at a loss as to what I should do.
    The damage is a star like and one company came and looked at it and said that it is not repairable. It is a star like and it can be covered by a dollar bill.

    Thanks - VP
  • I got my 2000 i30 in may 2000, I repeatedly complain the wind/rad noise to dealer, manufacture. The dealer did a whole day test drive and said that it's normal, it's machenically Ok, I got piss but nothing I can do. You should check out the to hear people all over US camplaining about what you and I did.
    I am ready for the i35 coming out and do a trade if it has a better noise improvement.
  • zeliforpzeliforp Posts: 44
    Wow, I didn't know that folks had posted questions to me here... Sorry, I don't check this board that often. :-)

    Here is a pic of my car w/ the Volk Racing AV3's sitting on 245/45/17 rubber. Yes, the wider tires do fit very nicely in the wheel-well and I have not noticed any compromise in ride/handling. They do make the car look much more aggressive, and combined with the Yokohamas are about 50% lighter than the stock wheel/tire setup so I've shed a few pounds.

    By the way: the car isn't lowered; the way it's parked in our sloped driveway just makes it look that way, and the slightly low-profile tires appear to fill the wheel-well a bit more than the stock 17's.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Can't see the picture from the link. can you do a img src?
  • zeliforpzeliforp Posts: 44
    Oh yeah, and for the person who asked about the speaker buzz: It wasn't a little bit of buzzing, it was closer to a "rattle" or vibration that made it sound like the speaker was blown. And that was when I was playing regular, non bass-heavy music at a medium volume. It sounded pretty bad. The rattling was coming from that little plastic hook-thingie on the back dash (I don't know what it's for, a child seat maybe?). The dealer wedged a piece of foam or something inside of that contraption (under the plastic cap) and the rattling is now gone.
  • zeliforpzeliforp Posts: 44
    O.k., let's try this ONE MORE TIME...


  • The VR AV3's look really nice on your car. I have the same color I30t and was thinking about putting some type of star wheels (18") with low profiles on my car. Do you know of any specific tire that may produce less noise on the road?

    Thanks for the tip about the speaker buzz. My service guys thought the noise in my car was from a loose ball bearing in the seatbelt system. They replaced the seat belt and the noise did go away for the most part. I will definitely place some foam inside the plastic child restraint covers as an extra solution. Thanks again.
  • I know how frustrating it is to try to get the service guys to hear the wind noise and think of it as anything else but normal noise.

    I have been harrasing my service team about my wind noise issue. They have been very helpful with this issue, however, I am still not completely satsified with the noise level of my car. I truly expected the car to be very quite. The service manager also went out with me in my car to listen to the noise. He heard the noise a little on the drivers side but said that it was nothing abnormal about the noise. The service team did replace both of my rear side window seals and it seemed to lessen the noise coming from the rear. Now I notice it more on my drivers side. I will probably take it back to them and have them replace the window rubber seals on that window as well. The only advice I can give is to stay on the service department about the issue until you feel they have done all they can do to correct the problem. Maybe even bring the GM in on the issue to elevate the issue. It seemed to work for me thus far.

    I also road in another brand new I30 with the service manager to compare the noise level with that in my car. I think they may have set me up with this particular car.... The new car we test drove was even louder than my car was (a lot louder). I felt I could not complain too much after riding and driving this brand new car and it being much louder (wind noise) than my car. Nonetheless, I will still probably get them to change the window seal for the drivers side window in my car. Hope this helps.
  • zeliforpzeliforp Posts: 44
    I used to have low-profile tires on my last car (a fourth-generation Maxima), and I forget what brand they were but they were a lot less noisier than the Yokohamas that I currently have on my I30 now. I would not call the current road noise "excessive" by any means, but nevertheless I would not recommend the Yokohamas.
  • karz10karz10 Posts: 106
    if this board is gonna take off, with the advent of the I35's appearance, but I am a new '01 I30t owner myself as of this weekend, and am very pleased so far, really love the car!!!

    '01 I30t
    Sport pkg
    (side sills/spoiler)

  • Finally, I got the navi working today, it's great.

    I bought a 2001 Titanium/Sage I30 Luxury with navigation. Car's great, great stereo, navi is cool..

    i noticed that the driver's side window when halfway down makes a clicking noise over bumps, anyone else have that problem? actually, i should ask over in the regular i30 thread..
  • karz10karz10 Posts: 106
    glad to hear the navi working =)

    personally, I have no problems with window clicking

    good luck w/ the i30

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your I35!

    My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owner's Clubs

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  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Hi, Karen! Thanks for the opportunity for us to get together and have a semi-private forum...

    I'm Michael Ratledge from McClellanville, South Carolina - born and lived all my life in the Charleston area. I've had a 2002 I35 for almost a month, now, and it's a nice "Royal Ruby" red beige interior luxury model with everything but the Sport Package and NavAid. I'm quite pleased with mine, though it appears as though there's a pretty common problem in the first few thousand off the line that involves one of the Traction Control/ABS sensors, as far as I can tell (I haven't gotten a definitive answer from my dealer whether or not there is actually anything really wrong other than one of the sensor modules - and it seems to be common enough that it's a problem getting a good unit to replace them, since they're already on back-order). "Ruby" has given me quite a lot of fun, it's a joy to drive and a real head-turner as well. I know a lot of people prefer the silver and some the black or white models, and I've even run into a single instance of the Midnight Blue - which is just too close to being black for me.

    Hopefully, we'll get some more participation here soon, but since you just opened shop today, it may take a while for people to chime in...

    Anyone else seen this problem? (the "TCS" or "VDC" light and the "ABS" lights stay on, and as soon as you put it in a forward gear, the sensor 'sees' slip, so that comes on, too)
  • tinttint Posts: 3
    Well, I just purchased an I35 here in Austin, TX. I have to say that compared to my 1985 Cavalier it's great. My I35 is white with tinted windows, sunroof sunshade, cold package, and 4 mudguards- that's it. No problems after 1day, I purchased on 11/27/01. I'll talk more @ my experiences when I have some to talk about.
  • Hi All;

    My name is Louis and I live in beautiful San Diego. I've had my I35 for just over two weeks and I'm still in heaven. I love everything about the car..except for minor things. Mine is midnight blue..with the sunroof/sunshade pkg and splash guards.
    It's the first "head turner" car I've ever owned..and I love when foot hits just takes off. The stereo system is awesome..but my big complaint..minor as it the clock is difficult to read at night. Also..does anyone have a surefire way to get rid of water spots?
  • Hello,

    I purchased my I35 11/17/01 in Columbia SC. So far I love it. The car is actually my wifes but it was my choice. I considered the Acura TL type S but the staff at the acura dealership here in Columbia were very rude and condescending(actually very snooty). Dick Smith Infinity in Columbia were very helpful and knowledgeable and they made for a very satisfying buying experience.

    My I35 is briliant silver w/ charcoal interior, the Sunroof sunshade package and the splash guards.

    In response to ratledge, I have notices that the TCS is not very effective I have on several occasions lost traction off the line. However, I have not had any of the service lights come on.
  • Hi Karen! My name is Scott Bergstrom and I live in Lexington, Ky. My wife and I took delivery of an Ivory Pearl/Beige I35 last month. We absolutely love it! The car is wonderful to drive, very smooth and quiet. The new 3.5 liter engine is something to behold! It is awesome! Tremendous pickup and acceleration. The Infiniti Engineers did an impressive job with the upgrades and improvements over the I30. From the Sojourner Leather, the new luminescent instrument cluster, to the 17" rims ( I had side sills installed by the Dealer. They really set it off especially in this new shade of white). Other options we put on the car were sunroof/sunshade/heated seats/ and a full size spare. I did loose trunk space over this, but it is a deal for $180.00! The other car makes that offer a full size spare are few and far between. I can keep the spare rotated with the other tires and extend tire life as well.

    The fit, finish and assembly quality of this vehicle are superb. Nothing is out of place! The paint work is like a mirror and not a single flaw!

    My wife and I both are very pleased with this car, and plan to keep it for a long time. The folks at Glenn Infiniti in Lexington are great!

    The only odd thing about this car is the fact that the moonroof glass is barely tinted. You will get a suntan through it if you keep the shade drawn back like I do. I took the car to a tint shop and had it treated on the underside for $40. Problem solved.

    I have 1200 miles on the car with absolutely no problems. Will have it for many more miles!

  • My name is Don Crist I bought my I35 at the end of October after anxiously waiting for the new changes since June. Mine is Brilliant Silver w/Willow interior.I got the cold weather package, sunroof/sunshade, side sills, full sized spare, splash guards and the navigation system. The Nav. is great. I would recommend it to anyone. It makes a great car extra special. I live in Maryland and bought my car @ Nationwide Infiniti in Ellicott City from Damion. He and the manager Paul were very professional.
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