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Infiniti I30/I35 Owners: Meet the Members



  • linkarmlinkarm Member Posts: 4
    Just bought a new 2003 I35 in CT. No sport package or Comfort package, just base model with sunroof, splashguards and truck mat. Paid between $28,000 and $29,000 for car, plus they gave me 2.9% financing. And they gave more for my G20t trade-in than the Maxima dealer would give.

    Ended up paying only $1000 more for the I35 versus the similarly equipped Maxima, and the I35 is a more refined car due to its little things that are better than the Max. The Mazda6 is a great drivers car, (was tighter to the road much like my 95 G20t) but a little small for a growing family. Plus dealer is great, and I have had a great experience with my G20t. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a larger car with performance and style. It is not a total "drivers car" but has a great blend of performance, luxury, roominess and price.
  • chotxschotxs Member Posts: 2
    Looking to hook up with other Nav owners, shoot me an email.
  • bergerbitsbergerbits Member Posts: 7
    I am shocked and disappointed. You may not of thought of this or even noticed or heard. I am alerting everyone. Stereo separation is poor in the I35. Compare to other cars much cheaper and see if they have better or superior separation of sound. I found this! In other cars, I hear sounds on the left, on the right and in the center. This is what stereo means. Separation of sound. The I35 does not have good separation. It has poor separation. It has full sound but poor separation of sound. An inferior system. I did not get what I paid for! Please describe your experience. See if you agree. Spread the message. Thanks
  • panela15panela15 Member Posts: 6
    hi! my name is neil and i am the proud owner of a black 2002 infiniti i35 sport model.my car is fully loaded and i couldnt be happier with it..........heated steering wheel,heated front and rear seats,rear spoiler..........id like to know what accessories both outside and inside that i may be able to get for my car.nothing too crazy though.im working on getting some chrome konig rims sometime soon,but would like to know where or what webstes maybe i can look at for accesories to my car............hope to hear from you soon....by the way i live in new york...........westchester county to be exact............see ya NEIL
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Welcome aboard!

    Check the owners list for the accessories & modifications discussion.
  • panela15panela15 Member Posts: 6
    thats it! thats all you have to say?????????? tell me more about this website,theses discussions,etc.is there any live chat with other infiniti owners on here? if so when are they?................NEIL
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    The best way to find all discussions for Infiniti I35 is by using the Browse by Vehicle search to your left. We do our best to categorize all of the topics in the Town Hall so that new members can find the discussions that interest them easily. As for an Infiniti specific chat, at this time we do not have one available, but you are always welcome to join any of our scheduled chats. Click on "Chat Schedule" at the top of the page for times.

    Hope this helps!
  • panela15panela15 Member Posts: 6
    thank you very much karen for your help!!!!!!!...........neil g.
  • lynnjlynnj Member Posts: 1
    I am nearing 60,000 miles on my 2001 I30 and seek advise on tires to consider. The tire dealer says the Goodyear RSA's that came on it are very good. How about Michelin MXV4 sold at Sam's Club. I got recommendations for Michelin's at Sam's for my Toyota Sienna van and they have performed very well.
  • fastocfastoc Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2001 i30. I noticted the touring model has a cdrack in the trunk. Is their an after-market rack which can easily be installed in the trunk. I did see the wires in my trunk where the touring rack was located, however the wires did not terminate there.

    Any advice? Thx.
  • jhinscjhinsc Member Posts: 399
    Hi everyone. I've had my 2002 I35 now for almost 3 years since I purchased it in Jan.02. It's been a great car during the 38,000 miles I have put on it. At the time, I was looking at the new Camry and the Maxima. Both of those loaded to the gills including navigation would have been about $2k less than my I35 w/o navigation. I finally decided I couldn't put up with the Toyota or Nissan dealer service so I went for the Infiniti. I bought the car in CA and now live in SC, and the service dept's here are just as nice and courteous as in CA, and of course the free loaner! During my last service, they needed to order a part so they gave me a G35 loaner over the weekend. I thought I would like it, but was glad to get my I35 back. The G is more of a drivers car, but IMO not as comfortable on longer drives as the I.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    Just bought an I35 today. Brilliant Silver with a Willow Leather Interior and no options. (well, a trunk mat and splash guards)

    Does anybody know how to adjust the clock? It won't adjust. And, the clock isn't moving. Is something wrong?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
  • benudivabenudiva Member Posts: 3
    It looks like not too many people access this board anymore but I will give it a go..

    I purchased a 2001 I30 about 2 months ago and so far I love it. I upgraded from a 95 Accord with over 213k miles on it (my odometer stopped working roughly 2 years ago--go figure) Anyhoo.. I was in the market for another Accord or an Altima but ended up with this baby. It was a company fleet car so it was impeccable inside and out with all the Infiniti services per the maintenance schedule. The car had 39k on it when I bought it.

    I am a road warrior..drive roughly 60 miles a day to and from work plus any client sites I visit (roughly additional 50-75 miles a week). My question is.. should I invest in the extended warranty? To those of you with this model or prior years.. did you experience any problems/needed repairs between the time the factory warranty expired and when let's say an extended warranty would expires (100k)I need to know is it worth paying $1200 for an extended warranty.

    FYI, I have a off market mechanic who kept my Honda in great shape for the fraction of the cost (i.e. cost of parts plus flat fee of 100-150 for labor) and before I bought this car I checked with him to make sure he could work on Infinitis and he can. Do you think I will be okay with just his expertise and buying Infiniti parts (filters/brakes etc from an online Infiniti parts website)?

    Please advise. Thanks
  • rdelacyrdelacy Member Posts: 1
    We must be related. I also got a 2001 i30 2 months ago, love it, and am approaching the 60k point.

    I drive even a little more than you -- 100 miles a day round trip. Since it's mostly highway, I'm thinking that's pretty easy on the car and I'd chew up the warranty mileage too fast to make it worth my while.

    Have you done the 60,000 mile maintenance yet? I just scheduled it. $600. Yeow. Sounds like your mechanic will beat that price for you, though.

    I'll be looking for replies to your query. Thanks.
  • benudivabenudiva Member Posts: 3
    For $600 hellll nawww I wont be getting it done. I will look in the manual and make sure my mechanic hits the major points. I found a website where you can buy Infiniti parts and thats what I will do.. where do you live? If you are in the NYC metro area perhaps I can hook you up with my mechanic...I'll be damned if I pay that much for a maintenance. I am going to call my local Infiniti dealer to see if I can get on their mailing lists etc and get dealer coupons..that is completely bonkers.

    I'm with you on the extended warranty. I have read that Infinitis are well made so I hope it wont give me any problems (fingers crossed) What color is yours? Mine is Silver, with tan/taupe(?)leather interior with wood trim.. I feel like such a grown up (smile) Be well.
  • rawdadrawdad Member Posts: 12
    I bought a 99 I30T a few years ago and it was the same deal - a corporate lease vehicle. I had a couple of problems initially that were very minor that were fixed under warranty but since - no problems or complaints. I just gave it to my daughter who uses it at college and she loves it. It has 105K miles and the only mechanical repair it has had is the alternator was replaced at about 80k miles. I wouldn' t buy the extended warranty especially if you have a good mechanic - remember, the I30 is the same as a Maxima which are all over the place. Parts are relatively cheap and most mechanics know how to repair them. I think your car will give you years of reliable transportation.
    BTW, I just had the plugs replaced, the transmission flued replaced, fuel filter replaced, fuel injectors cleaned and a few other maintenance items done - it runs like new! I love it so much, that i just bought a used I35 with 16k miles on it - I have a lot of faith in Infiniti's. I will never buy and American car again! My Chryslers, Fords and GM were all garbage by comparison!
    Good luck
  • dockydocky Member Posts: 11
    benudiva and rdelacy,

    A Boston area Nissan dealer is offering an '01 I30T w/44K miles for $19,900 (black on black). I checked auction prices and the car with these miles is going between $13700 and $15K.

    What did you pay, and did you get them at dealers or private? Any advice when I look at this car?

  • websparcwebsparc Member Posts: 2
    I've bought recently '01 I30 w/64k on it for 12k from dealer. So you can compare yours with it. Ot me it seems price is more may be because of less milage.
  • tomc6tomc6 Member Posts: 3
    My Infiniti I-30Service engine soon light has begun coming on after a long stretch of 200 miles on the highway. Last time this happened, I read that unhooking the battery for 24 hours will reset the computer. I did that and it worked. No more problems until my last trip over 200 miles yesterday. The light came back on again. Anyone else have this problem The car is running perfect. I don't want to go to the dealership to have them install something that I don't need. Any suggestions?

  • jmyedsjmyeds Member Posts: 1
    I think if you take it to an Autozone, if you have one around you, you can have them read the code for you. I think it is free with them. That is what I was told in a Subaru forum.
  • 02infinitii3502infinitii35 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, Name is Jonas
    I bought a 2002 Infiniti I35 about one year ago. It's black with tan interior and the wood grain paneling... I think. WOW.. Anyway had 38k then and 53k now.. Yes, Low... I bought it from a lot that just acquired it from and old lady who traded it in on a two seater convertible. I live in FL so I understand that trade but I can live with the Sun roof and auto windows the I35 has. Everything works fine (knock on wood). It runs good but does hit hard on bumps.. I think thats due to the tires however. Anyone experience the same? common issue?
    I just did some touch up paint the other day. I keep great car of the car, wash, vacuum, wax, and having mats on top of the stock mats. It Looks fantastic in the city at night under the lights. People often mistake it for a Lexus
    "Pardon me Sir, nice Lexus and do you have an gray poupon?"
    Well, I hope I enjoy this forum and that it brings good advice - the new members list is old but Edmond's is a great site.
    Have a great drive all and the best to ya.
  • realtordaverealtordave Member Posts: 8
    What can I say I stumbled into site. I purchased my White 2002 I35 in April 2005 as a Realtor work horse. I even flew up to Vegas from Phoenix to get it. Beside having the worst turning radius of any other car I have ever owned. This car is AMAZING! I bought the car in April 2005 with 20K miles on it and have 90K! on it now! I still looks and runs great! The back seat has enough room for clients and horsepower to spare! Its taken some maintaince mainly due to the Hard Miles and Driving! On top of regular maintaince of tires, brakes, oil changes and belts all needing to be done a bit more often. I have had to change wheel bearings, rotors, and 3 motor mounts! But this thing runs like a champ! I look forward to contributing to the forum!

    David ;)
  • aparks3aparks3 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out how to program your homelink system? I have a 2003 I35 and have tried everything the manual said to do. Any suggestions?
  • daverich18daverich18 Member Posts: 3
    Hey, I recently purchased a 2002 I35 with 51k miles- traded out of my 2004 Ford Explorer. It's Midnight Blue with Tan interior. Soon I will make a custom color and get it sprayed. Incredible difference though. I love this car. Runs super smooth in comparison to previously owned cars. Only paid $9100 from a dealer with online special. The only thing I can foresee shelling money out for are tires. It has the original Brigestone Turanzas that have about 3k miles left on them. Any suggestions?
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    Curiously, 51k was how long the Turanzas on my old Mazda 626 lasted.

    On my I30, I'm running Dunlop SP Sport Signatures, which so far have survived ice storms, cloudbursts, and summer runs through West Texas without incident. The only knock I'd put on them is that the noise level is wildly variable, depending on the sort of pavement they encounter.
  • 1jazmin1jazmin Member Posts: 3
    Ive had a problem with my mpg since I put in a new fuel filter a few months ago. Since then Ive had a plugs changed, fuel injectors cleaned, new tires, added STP gas treatment. Nothing Its dropped 30 percent. Someone sed it could be either the THROTTLE or OXYGEN SENSORS. Just wondering if anyone has haD THE SAME PROBLEM WITH POOR MPG ON THEIR i30 AND HOW THEY FIXED IT. aNY HELP IS APPRECIATED. 1j
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