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Infiniti SUV Owners: Meet the Members



  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    I am looking at a 2001 QX4 or Pathfinder LE with leather seats and side airbags.
    I would love to hear members thoughts about the pros and cons of each.
    Since the price is nearly identical, what are the factors that should tip the scale for one or the other ?

  • chaplainchaplain Posts: 16
    My 98 is having 4WD trouble. What were your problems and was it a major fix? Please help me here.
  • jeff192jeff192 Posts: 5
    I currently have a 2003 QX4 and had the 2001 QX4 prior to that. While I can't speak to the Pathfinder, I can tell you that the QX4 is the best car I've ever owned. The main differences that I see between the 2 are the cosmetic designs, the service that Infiniti offers versus Nissan, the prestige that comes with driving an Infiniti, and the resale value.

    You didn't indicate the mileage of the 2. Infiniti usually carries a longer warranty than Nissan. Another thought is to look up the TMV of each. Since you say they both cost the same, the one with the higher TMV is your best deal.
  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    I just bought a used QX4 with a navigation system. I read it needs 9 cd's. Where are these CD's located and should they be coming with my used car?
  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    Thanks Jeff,
    After reading your comment, I decided on buying a QX4.
    Now perhaps you will have any experience with the following:
    My QX4 came with a navigation system.
    The dealer only had one CD of my region, and told me that several are needed for the entire US. Should the navigation system come with the entire US ? Where can I get the other regions?

    2. How reliable is the navigation system and should I buy an extended warranty for it ?
    Anyone have an approximate how expensive are the repairs?
  • jeff192jeff192 Posts: 5
    Can't help you out with the Navigation system, I've never had one.

    I would think your dealer could help.
  • dan10dan10 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advice.
    Your advice helped me decide on the infiniti.
  • tintinntintinn Posts: 9
    I've been driving Honda accord for years and want to try a SUV. Found one from Carmax, 72K, can switch between 2WD,AWD and 4WD (how do you call it), $17998. Looks and drives pretty well. Is this a good deal?

    I heard QX4 is discontinued for 04 or future. Will it mean anything bad as far as the service and maintenance?

    Also is QX4 premium-gas only?

    Thanks guys.
  • savage25savage25 Posts: 3
    Ime just wondering when you said you have a titanium 2001 QX4..Because i also have an 01 Q. How would I know if its a titanium QX4?I bought it Certified pre-owned in infiniti dealer here in arizona. tnx.
  • bgreavesbgreaves Posts: 3
    Yes I have, all the way to the speed govenor. It hit at 115mph. It's performance is typical of an SUV, nothing special. I did out accelerate the QX56 though??? Weird!
  • bgreavesbgreaves Posts: 3
    Yep...hopping this reply shows up.
  • bgreavesbgreaves Posts: 3
    Has anyone changed their front rotors on their '01 and QX4? I need to but was wondering if I had to buy the over priced OEM's from the dealer? There are so many other brands out there, some just as good or better and some very poor. I would really like to know if anyone has any recommendations please. I found some on ebay for $29.00 for the pair of fronts and they are by Bendix, any thoughts?
  • I recently purchased a 1997 Black QX4 and love it. I think it is the end of a 2 year nightmare. I had a '95 Pathfinder that was stolen and totaled. I bought a 4Runner which was a :lemon: . Now for the first time in ages I don't have that horrible question, "what's going to go wrong this time" running through my head as I turn the key. :D
  • bumbalumbumbalum Posts: 1
    I have an infiniti Qx4 1998, and when the engine gets warms it stutters and does not accelerate properly. I had the Mass Air flow sensor changed and the problem still exists. The SES light is ON and error code P0110 shows up on the scanner. Could you tell me what the problem is.
  • eastridgeeastridge Posts: 2
    My '97 QX4 "service engine soon" keeps coming on. Most recent trip to the shop will cost around $1,000 dollars for a NOC sensor and no one can guarantee this will solve the problem. The vehicle is displaying no symptoms of problems. Any experience anyone can share? At this point I am tempted to try the "you know you're a red neck when you put duck tape over the light and keep driving." remedy :)
  • I am looking at purchasing a 02 or 03 QX4 and cannot find any information about the towing package. Is the towing package a hitch and elecrical connector? Or does it include any HD engine, transmission mods like transmission cooler, HD radiator, etc
  • bolucaboluca Pittsboro, NCPosts: 30
    I have an 03. The towing package is just the hitch and the wiring connector.
  • I have had this issue with my 01, I found that driving in Auto instead of 2 wheel drive took care of the issue. No difference on the gas mileage either
  • I am getting "Error 2" and the CD changer will no longer play CD's. The carousel works properly and the CD platter appears to be operating properly. No mention of the error codes in any of the literature I found. Any recommendations?The entertainment system is the Bose model CA992. :cry:
  • Welcome to the nightmare! Check out this other forum for more information . I learned a lot here, but I still have not gotten the cd changer fixed.
  • I have a 2000 QX4 with 103,000 miles that still runs great. I recently took it to an Infiniti dealer to have it serviced in which they suggested I get a 60,000/120,000 mile service which cost $700+. I was told that everything that I would need up to 120,000 miles would be taken care of, including timing belt and fuel induction service. After the service was completed the work order only showed basic services like oil/air filters/ and spark plugs replaced, and no timing belt. They also suggested a few other services like brakes and alignment. When I asked them about the timing belt they stated that replacing the timing belt is not included and needs to be replaced at 105,000 miles which I am nearing and costs $500 more.

    So my question is, if supposedly the timing belt wasn't included then why didn't they suggest it since it definitely needs to be replaced. Were they hoping that it goes sometime in the future so I can bring it back to them so they can charge me thousands!

    Does anyone have an estimate of how much these services cost? And should I dispute the costs and services they claimed they did? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • Did you figure out what the SES problem actually was? I might be able to help. Bob
  • Did you determine what problem the SES light was about? Bob
  • I'm new to the board but have been reading the posts about the SES light. I have a 97 QX4 with 95k miles and the light just came on...again. First time it happened was in 03 w/ 75,900 miles. The diagnosis from the dealer was a faulty TPS switch ($760.00 parts & labor). Since my SUV was running perfectly, I asked what symptoms I should be experiencing, but choose not to replace the part. Two weeks later the SES light went off; two weeks later it came back on; this happened a few more times until the light no longer came back on; all the while my SUV ran beautifully. Today the light came back on and my SUV is still running like a charm. Should I just ignore the light again in hopes it will go away as before? If I disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, will it reset the computer that is giving me a SES light? (I had a Maxima with he same erroneous problem, which was corrected by a 15 minute battery disconnect.) I'm open for suggestions before I take it to AutoZone for a system check. Thanks!
  • beccavbeccav Posts: 1
    I have a 97 QX4 with 70k miles and now I'm getting a "bottle whistling noise" when the car is idling...once the rpm's increase it stops. The mechanics can't seem to diagnose the issue, so I'm wondering if anybody else has had this engine lights are coming on and it doesn't seem to hamper the performance, but it is annoying, and I would like to get it fixed before it does become a bigger issue.
  • koblixkoblix Posts: 8
    I have a 99 QX4 with 96k miles. My SES light just came on over last week. Should I bring my QX4 in for a service. Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi, I had the same prob with my cd player and called the dealer and they ordered a new one instead of trying to fix the current player, they replaced it free si nce it was still under warranty... no prob's since ... :)
  • Hi, I was just wandering if anyone knows how to protect the headlight covers (lens) from getting a cloudy/hazy film on them from the inside...Im thinking its from the sun but any thing to protect it? :confuse:
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