Volvo V70 Wagon - shuddering steering wheel

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Last month my 1998 V70 wagon began to shudder through the steering wheel. The speed at which this happens is inconsistent - I can be going slow, medium or fast. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does there appears to be a stuttering noise out of the engine. This is more than an annoyance when I am traveling on the highway - I have three small children and am beginning to fear driving the car. The Volvo dealer seems to feel that without a "check engine" light it will be hard to diagnose. The car goes in on May 28 - anybody have any ideas?


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    Well, my goodness, the dealer doesn't need an engine light to tell him when a steering wheel is shuddering. What kind of lame excuse is that?

    This could be any number of things, but what comes to mind as most likely on a newish car is a lumpy (out of round) tire, bent wheel, tire out of balance, or warped brake rotors.
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    I,too, have a '98 V70 XC, and am experiencing the same problem. My dealer insisted that it's a tire problem (slipped belt), so I replaced all 4 Continentals with new Continentals. That did not solve the problem, but the dealer insists it's still a tire problem and refuses to do anything with it. Now they want me to put Michelins on it, but the Continentals are only 6 months old! The rotors were replaced, so that's probably not it. It's such a nice car, but I'm fed up with the treatment from the dealer. They've pretty much washed their hands of it. I'm not sure I'd buy another Volvo. When the warranty is expired I'm taking it to my Honda mechanic!! (If I still have it.)
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    Your problems are not confined to the XC. I have a 1995 850 sedan and the shuddering of the steering wheel became noticeable last year. The car was brought to the dealer who could not find a fix for it. Four new Michelin MXV4 tires which were balanced were put into place...all to no avail. They supposedly checked the bushings and brake rotors and those were ok. After all that, they said that the "shuddering was normal and that I was too sensitive probably to vibration."
    I am not too sure of purchasing another Volvo at this point.
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    Have you tried a really expert alignment shop to check the caster specifications on this car?
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