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Mercedes-Benz M-class vs Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer vs Buick Rendezvous vs Acura MDX



  • Dont mean any disrespect here tidester but I want want to respond to your thermo Dynamics posting. You should know me by now, if you didnt want me to response, you should not have posted anything. First of all, I didnt think your lamp shade test was a fair comparison to a car's left and right HVAC system. The light bulb is over 200 deg and room temp is 70 deg. Can a HVAC system in a car generate a 130 deg difference? Secondly, both the 70 and the 200 deg air is not being circulated by a fan like the air in a car.
    You are right about the fact that with the right heat flow configuration just about any temperature gradient could be sustained. Only true if there is no returned air re circulated back from the rear of the vehicle.

    You are right about no air is consumed, consumed was the wrong word, the hot air warms up the cold air.

    Finally, you said:
    With one end at a fixed 68° and the other at a fixed 80° you have a temperature gradient. Intermediate locations have intermediate temperatures. What am I missing?
    What you are missing is the recirculated mixed air returning from the rear of the vehicle that will influence both of the temperatures. If the passenger compartment in a car was actually a wind tunnel, then it may be possible to maintain a 12 deg difference with a 12 deg output temperature difference in settings.
    Sorry, didnt mean to correct you but I just thought I shared with you what little I learn from college physic 101.
  • First of all, sorry to hear about your accident, hope you are all right.
    The front air bags in all vehicles are set to go off at a certain force. Perhaps in the heat of the moment, you over estimated your speed. But you should be happy that you only walk away with minor injuries. Had you been test driving the RDV, you may not have been able to walk away. Finally, this comment does not apply to you, because the other driver ran a stop sign. So dont response to this please. I think people who talk on cell phones and drive at the same time are as bad as driving drunk. They should really have a law banning this practice.
    By the way, I am not too crazy about the Honda pilot neither.
    Drive safely cfocfo
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Not crazy about the Pilot?

    A few days ago, you said, "there is very little distinction between the MDX and Pilot."
  • Hey old buddy, good to have you back. You are not going to verbally attack me again, are you? Just kidding.
    I believed what I said was the top of the line pilot is very close to the MDX base in price. I never said I like the pilot.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    It was more of a rhetorical question...

    Seriously though, did you read the review I posted in #365? I thought it was a surprisingly unbiased evaluation. What do you think?

    (cfocfo...sorry about your mishap; glad you're OK!)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Sorry, didnt mean to correct you but I just thought I shared with you...

    You may not have intended to correct me and you succeeded in not doing that! :-)

    You ignore the presence of cooling and heating elements that maintain the "endpoints" at fixed temperatures. The "system" is not closed or isolated.

    My lightbulb analogy holds as the principle applies to a 1° temperature gradient as well as it does to a 1000° temperature gradient. That was in response to your flat out claim that a temperature gradient could not be maintained in such a small space. In fact it can.

    tidester, host
  • montreidmontreid Posts: 127
    Welcome to the frying pan! Take a serious look at those two (Lexus and XC90). Unfortunately, the new Lexus is going to still be a 5 seater (a mistake by Lexus IMHO), so that's ruled out of this board altogether. Take the XC90 for a spin. Rides well, good safety, decent engine in either model. Price and maintainence are its major issues.

    Good luck hunting, and let us know what are thoughts are about those ones.

    If you're in the SFBay area, there's a poster who's wife hated her XC90 for xmas. It's on that thread somewhere recently....
  • fedlawman: Very nicely none on posting # 365. You post the editor's good comments as well as the bad.
    tidester HOST: Since we are going way off subject here, I will make it short. We are getting nowhere with this physic thing, so I will give you a case and point. If I remember right, when the GMC Envoy first came out, it too has a similar dual climate control. GMC claims that the system can maintain a 10 deg difference on the two side of the car in the front. Since that was a manufacturer's claim, usually in reality, its less than that. The RDV has a similar system, maintaining a 12 deg difference is impossible. I can't get my MDX to even maintain a 10 deg. difference between the front and the back, and the MDX's HVAC system has more BTU than the RDV.
    You also stated that: " You ignore the presence of cooling and heating elements that maintain the "endpoints" at fixed temperatures. The "system" is not closed or isolated ". I know a little something about temperature control loops, all auto climate control systems are closed systems. Meaning it had a feedback loop, therefore its a feedback system. The more the temp. differnce in setpoints, the more unstable the loop becomes. When you say endpoint, I think you mean sensor right? The cooling and heating elements maintains the sensor area to the set temperature. Temperature loop tends to be very unstable in any area that has high air flow, thats why most manufacturer place their sensors under the dash. Therefore it may have a 12 deg. difference where the sensor is. Any area that is a foot or 2 away will vary in temperature depending on the circulation.
    Finally: you also stated that " your lightbulb analogy holds as the principle applies to a 1° temperature gradient as well as it does to a 1000° " Well its somewhat true, but image how much energy it will take to maintain a 1000 deg difference in a area that is about 150 cubic feet. Imagine the heating and the cooling cost. The same theory can apply the the dual climate control system. To maintain a 12 deg. difference it would take a awful lot of energy, and frankly, I dont think the HVAC system in the Buick can do that. I think the key word here is maintain, it can certainly output air temp diff. of 12 deg. But it cant maintain it without the temp drifting up and down.
    Sorry that I couldnt make it shorter.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    hopeitsfriday: bottom line ... the RDV dual climate control system works very well.

    Also, you said, "the MDX's HVAC system has more BTU than the RDV." Just out of curiousity, how are you measuring the BTU output of these two vehicles? Please post a link. ;)
  • I have never said the RDV's climate control didnt work well. I merely said it cannot maintain a 12 deg difference in both side. The MDX's system should be able to create a bigger temperature differential since it has a seperate heater core and a air conditioning condenser just for the rear compartment.
    Following is a link to a edmunds article about the MDX. It claims that the MDX can output 19000 BTU. That is more than most of the SUV in this class.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ...all auto climate control systems are closed systems.

    I was talking about open/closed systems in the thermodynamic sense (in response to your recirculation comment). You have an energy source (the engine) and heat exchange with the outside world. That allows maintaining the temperature gradient. The system is not closed unless you want to include the rest of the Universe but that would take us even further off topic! :-)

    tidester, host
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244

    What's the RDV BTU output? How do you know if it's less (or more) than the MDX?

    That's a pretty obscure statistic for an SUV, imho. A cooling/heating system that big has to make some serious noise in the cabin. I'd rather hear the stereo.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I'm glad your found the review in post #365 "nicely done, posting editor's good comment's as well as the bad."

    Here is the link for the actual review:

    Of course, I replaced all references to the Lexus "RX300" with the word "Rendezvous" to make a point...

  • tidester HOST : quote: "You have an energy source (the engine) and heat exchange with the outside world. That allows maintaining the temperature gradient" That is only true if you have no influence on the temperature by another source, which is not the case here. The temperature gradient might be maintained right at the sensor, but where the driver and the passenger is seating is a difference story. I was talking about open/closed systems in the sense of temperature control system. Open system is one with no temperature sensors and a closed system is one with temperature sensor. I think we have beat this subject to death, dont you?

    fedlawman: Point well taken my friend.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I think we have beat this subject to death, dont you?


    tidester, host
  • montreidmontreid Posts: 127
    if the dual-climate control system is just a farse (or minimally effective), then why is it so popular, and increasing in demand as a standard option in the near-luxury/lux segment (BMW, MB, Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick, Lexus, Volvo all have it)? I for one, am very satisfied with not being in a sauna (or the perception that I'm in one) and my wife vice versa.

    The point wasn't 12 degress absolute difference (I haven't brought two thermometers into the car), but that two different temperatures of significant difference was being felt, and enjoyed in the front cabin, which the MDX lacks.
  • Well montreid, I am glad you like your dual climate control system. I was never a big fan of climate control systems. I would just assume stick with the old 3 dial HVAC controls of old. If It get too hot or too cold, I just crack a window. I can just imagine how much energy it would take to even maintain a 10 deg difference. Its a waste of energy really, because the hot air is heating up the colds while the cold air is cooling down the hot. The Acura's front rear system is alot difference from your left right system. The rear system in the Acura is not a feedback system, therefore it waste less energy.
  • Frying pan...LOL!

    I don't really see what the big controversy is. The Buick is obviously the best value here. It's got pretty much everything the Acura has, but for a lot less money. Sure the Acura's a little faster and stiffer, but neither car can dance the tango. Besides, if the Buick's too soft for you, just take hopeitsfriday's advice and spend $200 on some Bilstein's.

    I think you and fedlaw have stated the Buick's case well. For $28K the Buick's pretty hard to pass by. I think the Buick's biggest handicap is's a Buick.

    That's too bad about the GX not having 3 rows of seats. Oh well, at least the TV commercial is pretty cool, with it dancing on the snow to Bing Crosby...all four wheels turning along. Oh the weather outside was frightful!

    Later dude
  • I am still not convince Buick is the best value here, I do agree it is the cheapest in price. If the Buick is such as bargain, poeple would be lining up to buy them, they would sell 20000 a month instead of 5000 a month. If you consider the cost thru out the life of the car. The MDX only cost about $4,000 more. By the way, a set of Bilsteins shocks and springs installed will run you about $2,000 plus. For $28K the Buick is pretty hard to pass by, but if one really do their homework, it is not so hard. I think the Buick's biggest handicap is not that it's a Buick. It is the lack of power, soft suspension, quality of the interior and exterior, styling and the design of the interior.
    By the way, I agree that Lexus has the best commercials.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    "It is the lack of power, soft suspension, quality of the interior and exterior, styling and the design of the interior."

    Well, we've already estalished the highly subjective nature of the interior/exterior styling and quality. You don't like it, others do.

    As for power and suspension, both the RX300 and the ML320 have been dinged for these areas of performance, and they are two of the most desireable near-luxury SUV's on the planet.

    So again, we are left with what the RDV is truly lacking that these other SUV's have.

    Wood trim and a $40K price tag.

    Even you cannot deny that the RDV and MDX are comparable. You've been comparing them for weeks.
  • If it will make you sleep better at night, you can believe that the RDV and the MDX are equal.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I've said it several times before, and I'll say it again.

    I don't think the RDV is "better than" the MDX. I don't think the RDV is even "equal to" the MDX. I like the MDX more than the RDV myself. What I've said is that the Buick is almost as good as the Acura overall, and better in some important categories.

    No, the problem here is that you cannot admit that a $28K Buick is almost as good as (ie: comparable) to your $40K Acura.
  • I just dont see the point in debating with you anymore. We keep going around in a circle, one month into this and we are getting nowhere. I give up, tell you what, I think my next SUV will be a RDV, hows that?
    RDV's interior looks like a Audi? Come on, get real. It looks more like a Saturn. By the way, I find the RX300's interior too unconventional, but the seats are nice.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I was editing my post as you replied.

    I've decided to save my "RDV / RX300" argument for another day.

    I won't write it again, but in a nutshell, I contend that except for interior richness, the RDV and RX300 are very similar in performance, thereby indicating that if the RX and MDX are comparable, so is the RDV.

    Good night.
  • Once you get into that $30,000 to $40,000 range in a car. They are all pretty close. Each with it own advantages and disadvantages. In that sense, I can say that the RDV is almost as good as the MDX.
    By the way, I was not too high on the RX300 also when I test drove it, the only thing that impress me was the seats and how friendly the dealership was. Like you say, RX300 has a nicer interior, and a little more horse power than the RDV, and that is all. The SUVs that I did consider seriously before I bought the MDX was the Envoy, Grand Cherokee Limited, ML320, MDX and XC90. All very good car companies and SUVs and all within that $30,000 to $40,000 range. But Acura had the reliability and the performance heritage I was looking for.
    Good night law man
  • cfocfocfocfo Posts: 147
    Maybe you 2 should get a room.
  • montreidmontreid Posts: 127

    v. de·bat·ed, de·bat·ing, de·bates
    v. intr.
    To consider something; deliberate.

    dis·par·age )
    tr.v. dis·par·aged, dis·par·ag·ing, dis·par·ag·es
    To speak of in a slighting or disrespectful way; belittle. See Synonyms at decry.
    To reduce in esteem or rank.

    friday, one may observe that you do the latter more than the former. The advantages that the RDV has, you dismiss as a nonfactor or as nonimportant instead of acknowledging the fact that it exists. eg: dual-climate control, HUD, interior utility, price.
         If you cannot accept the qualities/advantages it is unfortunate. But to resort to degrading the RDV only discredits yourself as a respectable opinion on comparison threads--you've been exemplary on the other boards, even humble on the MDX one.
         No one is going to convince any person who has already purchased a crossover that some other vehicle is better suited for them otherwise (at least such a humanly admission would never come out here!).
         Two active posters here (Fedlaw and myself) have always maintained that the RDV offers a comparable comparison at a valued price that warrants serious consideration when purchasing a 7-seater SUV. We both acknowledge that the MDX outperforms the RDV in a few areas (mostly engine). However, it does this at an additional expense of $14000, which people would have to decide if it is worth the difference (VSA, engine). We don't disparage the MDX for its lack of certain amenities/qualities, just simply state its deficiencies.

    Now back to our regular program......
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I don't see friday 'disparaging' the RDV at all. I consider it disparaging if he would say something like "The RDV is a piece of crap." In effect, he has not. He's stated his opinions, and the RDV fans responded in similar fashion. In my book, that's a legitimate debate.
  • I'm not sure about you guys, but in the front seat of my cars, the vents are pretty darned close to your body. Therefore, what the "cabin temperature" is doesn't matter as much as the driver getting cold air blown on them and the passenger getting warm air blown on them. Dual climate control is necessary if you have two people with different temperature likes ;)
  • I think more and more people are starting to observe that people like you and fadlawman are down right rude and are not really looking for a debate but just looking for a verbal confrontation. You two like to throw stones and squeeze in a few cheap shots here and there and call people names. But finally, I think fedlawman is coming around, thanks law man, that only leave you who like to hit below the belt. We have gone thru the advantage and the disadvantage of the two car already. Must we discussing it again just because you didnt like the final outcome. I for one, refuse to waste my time in doing so. Since there is really no sense because you have a one track mind.
    All I have been saying all along is that a bunch of options doesn't not make the RDV a better car than the MDX, There are many many other factors involved.
    I truly believed that the 2 cars are dissimilar, the only thing in common between the two is that they both come from minivan platforms. Each car has its own design goals and each emphasize on different area to excel. Which one you buys really depends on what your priorities are, what you value in a car, your financial situation and how much one is willing to spend on a car. If options and price are the only factors in determining what is the best suv out there, then the RDV would come out on top every time.
    Try to lighten up buddy, its only a forum, not life and death.
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    I've read many these last posts and it seems there are about 3 or 4 of you who just perpetuate a constant slugfest over the fact you're all happy w/ your cars. And that's great that you're happy! But maybe you can all just agree to disagree. You know, the 'ol chocolate and vanilla addage. It seems that either you guys are getting paid to represent these car makers, or you just love to argue.

    We bought our RDV about a year and a half ago and are pleased w/ it, overall. Way back then, we test drove the MDX. We really liked the navigation system in it. The kids thought that was real cool! However, on that model, it was extremely difficult for an adult, ie, me at 6' 1" to get back to the 3rd row. It was hard to physically get there. And once in it, I found it not to be comfortable at all. Perhaps Accura has remedied that aspect by now.

    That difficulty in accessing the 3rd row and comfort therein, coupled w/ the hard front seats led us to the RDV. There was nothing compelling, at the time, about the MDX, except for perhaps the naviation system and peppier engine, to justify us spending an additonal $10k. But that was just our decision.

    My wife loves the room and the comfort of the RDV. Also, not being 6' tall, she's glad she doesn't have to step way up into a higher car like the Expedition, Suburban, and perhaps MDX. If in the market again today, we'd go through the same gyrations we did back then - research, test drive, and buy. Who knows, maybe if we did it today we'd end up w/ a Volvo. Enjoy your cars, whatever they may be...
  • I want to apologize for all of us who posted some of these non-informative garbage on these boards. speaking for my self, I was merely trying to show all the RDV owners out there that the MDX does justify the added cost. Of course, this is subjective to what one is really looking for in a car. I am sure that none of the car manufacturers out there can make a car that is pleasing to everyone.
    With that said, have fun driving your RDV and you could have done alot worst in picking a new car.
  • montreidmontreid Posts: 127
    friday, I apologize if I'm being rude in my previous statement, that was not my intention but to impart what is felt. Statements like your previous, "I love getting you guys all work up in here" point to your confrontational style...enough said, let the dog lie.

    Nosuv4me, I to do truly like both cars (MDX and RDV) and nearly did by the MDX with its $14000 additional price tag....the XC90 also, but couldn't wait the 3-6 months for it so that left the MDX and RDV.
         I agree, that Buick's greatest challenge is to get people to show up at the dealership. When I first pulled out the 7-seater class need and the Buick was included, I thought "do I really want to be driving my a grandpa car company?".
         Being in that yuppy category, I suffered the same biases in favor for Acura, BMW, MB, and Volvo.....alas, reasoning prevailed and we researched the RDV and finally took it along the hills in San Francisco to make sure that our engine concerns were satisfied....they were.
         Good luck with the search for the new SUV.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 14,906
    have had a 2002.5 eb explorer for about 5 months.
    prior to that, my wife and i have had 3 others, (91,94,97), some concurrently and a 2k expedition.
    maybe i'm in the minority, but we never had any tires delaminate, or have the vehicle roll over.
    what i like about the new generation explorer is
    the better ride, 3rd seat that can fit 2 adults and folds into the floor(as opposed to the expedition i traded, which could fit 3 kids/0 adults - kids like having their own row of seats on those 600+ miles one way trips, plus you had to remove the seat to get a flat floor), dual climate control front/rear (expy had this too), split rear hatch (all have had this, great for trips - don't have to open bottom when stuffed with gear), plenty of v-8 power and sound, locked 4 wheel drive option (for really bad weather in new england).
    other features i really enjoy are the keypad entry, message center (thermometer and compass especially), easy entry seat and 6 disc cd player.
    on the other hand i wish it had more headroom, better mileage (although 20% better than the expy), and the gas mileage computer was a little more honest. also, the suspension has a couple of squeaks, which i hope can be taken care of next week.
    2019 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 1, TBD
  • montreidmontreid Posts: 127
    Now that's one thing we really miss from not having a Ford. It comes in handy when going to the beach or playground so that we didn't have to bring the keys or ask the main person where the keys were all the time.

    Same goes with the split hatch. We like that particular design option. Unfortunately, the RDV's rear hatch designer didn't concur. Whoever it was didn't think to put a outside latch there and made the whole thing too heavy to close (if it doesn't close on itself!).
  • I think a very important factor in vehicle ownership is safety (don't get me wrong - I'm no freak). Someone out there crashed a new Pilot and walked away. I think that speaks volumes for the Pilot. Like I posted previously, I crashed an '89 Cherokee Limited at about 40 mph into the passenger side of a newer Lex LS 400 totalling both. She was lucky no one was on the right side of her car - they would have been dead. After bending my steering wheel, smashing my dash, cracking my windshield as my head hit the headliner, and a cool ambulance ride to the ER, my mission for a replacement car was simple. No fault of my own, but a very violent crash in which I has extremely lucky to "walk away" from. I am very satisfied every time I read a review of the MDX by any of those organizations who crash test these things.

    For me and my family, it's 5 stars or forget it.

    Evaluate the features you value. This has been fun. I am surprised no discussion on global warming. Huh, not as off topic as I thought. My bad.

    Good luck on the hunt.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The global warming talk occurs often in I don't like SUVs, why do you?. Bring your crash protection when you join the fray :-)

    Steve, Host

  • Here's an interesting link that gives information about Rendezvous as the crossover vehicle.

  • I like to share a story with some of you out there about an incident I had about 5 years ago. It was a stormy day, I was driving my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I took a left turn on a 2 way parkway. It was kind of a blind curve. A car pull out in front of me and I had to stop. An on coming Ford Aero Star hit me in the passenger rear door and spin my car around. Her car actually intruded into the passenger cabin and threw the baby seat into the driver side of the vehicle. Luckily, my kid was not in it at that time. I walk away from the accident, but the other driver was taken away in a ambulance. I could still visualize the accident sometimes when I close my eyes, there must be a god up there because I was actually on my way to pick up my kid. The best combination of safety is to drive defensively and god forbid if an accident is un avoidable, hopefully your are in a vehicle that has a high safety rating.
    Please everyone drive safely, it saves lives!
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    You guys sound the same, seem to write the same, and even had a crash in the same kind of car: "Jeep Cherokees", albeit different years. And in both instances, someone could have been killed, by both of your accounts. Hmmmmmm...

    And a "cool ambulance ride to ER" afer a purported disastrous accident, sounds like a terrible misnomer jman.

    I think, instead of driving "defensively", it'd be better to drive "smart". Of course, that's not always possible. Sounds like you guys might be safer in an Expedition w/ helmets.

    And how many times, Jacksonman, do you need to report, in the same forum, that you t-boned some car??? I think once is sufficient. And oh yes, as hopeitsfriday said, "please drive safely" guys.
  • I believe that this is the frist time jacksonman Had mention his accident on the forum. The previous T bone accident was by cfocfo. Safe driving is serious business, I dont see the point in joking about it, because the life you save might be mines.
    I actually walk away from my accident and didnt go to the hospital, but the outcome easily could have been alot worst.
    The only reason I posted my incident was that I was surprise someone out there actually had a similar accident.
    By the way, you may be the smartest driver out there, but there are plenty of dumb drivers on the road, either drunk, on the cell phone or what not.
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    Within his post (#407) jacksonman says, "Like I posted previously,...". I interpret that to mean he posted it already. Your mileage may vary.

    And yes I agree hopeitsfriday, there are "plenty of dumb drivers on the road". Please be careful...
  • Sorry to bog you all down. I mentioned my crash twice, although the first time it was briefly noted. Thought I'd expand on why certain attributes are important to me. If you found it uninteresting or overstated (although you didn't take the time to research). I never said "T-boned", although I did T-bone that Lex. Referring to the ambulance ride as "cool" accomplishes a few things. First, it is an example of irony. Second, it was stated in jest - sort of a witty pithy comment if you know what I mean. Third, as a kid I always thought ambulances were cool, and actually riding in it was cool. I can't say my method of obtaining that ride was worth it, but it was cool none the less.

    An Expedition with helmets? Real cute. You must have hurt yourself with that one. After all the miles I have logged while sharing the roadways with idiots and fools, I'd say my driving style is excellent - both smart and defensive.

    Friday and I have totally different writing styles. If you read the posts, you will find mine are relatively concise, written with a grain of salt, and generally free from grammatical and spelling errors (no offense, Friday!)

    Good luck.
  • None taken actionmna.

    Oppps I spell your name wrong sorry
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    Okay, it's very clear that jacksonman & actionman are the same person. Why would someone, trying to be an honest contributor here @ Edmunds, maintain 2 (or more?) identities? Perhaps a cool feeling as a kid of being 007.

    Anyway jacksonman/actionman, I think the "irony" is your thinking that you're being "pithy" when you're adding your chilhood feelings to describe a serious accident. And I fail to see the wittiness of it as well; maybe that's just me.

    And you guys all still sound the same, to me. No offense intended Hopeitsfriday.
  • Perhaps all three of us is the same person! Since we all sound the same, please dont lose any sleep over that one.
  • felizfeliz Posts: 32
    Thanks for the chuckles. This thread has been one of the most entertaining I've ever followed, please don't stop. I've started coming here every night instead of watching friends. Trouble is.......I still haven't decided on an SUV. MDX or RDV??
  • Yes actionman and jacksonman are both me. I hope that doesn't offend you. It happened actually by accident as I have been using one identity for a long time on one computer, and recently inadvertently established another identity on my work computer. Since I couldn't remember my user name/password combination, I guess I ended up with 2. Not really caring too much about this, I just let each computer log on automatically. To you, I apologize. Not trying to confuse you, although it appears you might be and are looking for someone to blame.

    I am no kid anymore, but hell yes being 007 would be cool (if that's what your cryptic message attempted to convey.)

    I would agree that most of your issues are directly related to you being you. Don't try to make something out of nothing, please.

    Good luck.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    "And I fail to see the wittiness of it as well; maybe that's just me."

    Nope, not just you. Sarcasm/humor/wit/whatever does not translate well in text unless you know for sure the author's intentions.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Actionman and Jacksonman - pick one and let us know which you want to be. It's against the rules to have more than one login id

    (Member Agreement). Thanks!

    Steve, Host

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