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I have had repeated episodes (3) of sudden engine stalling while at freeway speed. There is no warning, only the panic of realizing that the engine is no longer operating. The car cannot be restarted in any but the Park position; which means I have had to drift over 2 or 3 lanes of traffic, seeking a safe place to park and restart. In all cases (3)it starts immediatley and operates for few months with no glitches. It has been to the dealer twice before. They have changed the Throttle Body and replaced some relays and checked all the electrical grounds. All to no avail; it stalled again on 5/26/01, and the preliminary input from the dealer is again focusing on the throttle body.Does anyone have any information on this problem? Has anyone else experienced the same problem with a 1998 Jaguar XJ8? Any help or comments would be most welcome.


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    The fact that it is so sudden, and occurs at normal operating temperature, makes me thing electrical component related to ignition. Fuel problems usually (not always but usually) do give warnings.
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    This message is especially in response to Gunnar6's 29 May 2001 message regarding his vehicle stalling. The vehicle that I have been driving has been doing the exact thing. The vehicle has been at a Jaguar dealer for over two weeks now and I have not heard anything at all. This is the second dealer that I have taken the car to because the other dealer has attempted to fix what I will call electrical related problems with the car for over two years. The car has been flat-bedded to the dealer five times because it would not start. New starter motor put in. The corm switch went dead. The headlights died while driving at night. The sun-roof would sometimes start to close but then reopen. Lately though the car does exactly what yours does, i.e., you are going 55 to 65 mph and all of a sudden the engine just quits. You must then battle the car to a safe "shoulder", put the car in park and re start. Jaguar customer service has not been of any assistance. A while ago the local dealer said the vehicle needed a new "controller card" but that they could not get one from Jaguar. This same dealer also said the stalling was due to the fact that the oil had to be changed. This was after a March 2001 trip to service. I told the dealer that I did not buy this in light of the fact that that they used this same excuse for the February 2001 trip to service.

    I am very unhappy with the Jaguar due to the fact that as I mentioned it has been flat-bedded to service 4 to 6 times (one loses count after awhile) and I have driven it into service probably another 5 to 10 times. I can not say I have received any real customer service from Jaguar either in light of what I consider a very serious and dangerous problem.

    Any suggestions out there?
    I am new to this service and am wondering if there is any way to contact Gunnar6 directly?
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    Yes, you can just click on his name at the top of his post, it should be highlighted in BLUE which indicates that it will take you to his e-mail.

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    I've had the same problem. Bought the car off lease from a broker and brought it in to the dealership to have it all checked out. The car was in for a week, and was given a clean bill of health. I drove it for 3 days and then experienced it stalling as I was getting off a highway exit. The car was able to start and I drove it directly back to the dealer. They checked the throttle and said it looked clean. Told me to bring it back the following week as it was Friday and the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend. A couple of days later, I was driving on the highway at 55-60mph, had to slow down, and then stalled. Luckily I was in the right lane and pulled onto the shoulder. Brought the car in that day. They had the car for almost 2 weeks and replaced the ECM relay. I haven't had a problem since. My confidence in the car was shot. Just beginning to regain it, but always afraid when I'm not in the right lane, what if...... I requested a letter from Jaguar and all they sent me was a letter stating that they spoke to the dealership and that the problem was resolved. I hope!!!
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