Confused on which to buy Honda Accord vs Kia Optima

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Hi all, I am new here and also new in the US ... so my questions may be silly so bear with me!

Anyway, I have been researching the Honda Accord EX and Kia Optima EX. I don't want to pay more than $23K, maybe less if possible! I love the look of the Kia Optima but concerned about the steering as stated by some, and the lack of seat controls. I also love the looks of the Honda ... so I am confused.

I leave in Delmar, by Salisbury border. Got families in Silver Spring, MD and Long Island NY. Would it be cost effective to buy the car there and register it in Delaware - if I found it cheaper in any of these places?


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    I'd say the Kia represents immediate value but the Accord represents longterm value--so if you're planning to keep this car for a number of years, I'd go with the Accord---better resale value and a very good reliability record. You should be able to squeeze in under $23K on either car. The Kia has a longer warranty if that matters. Rear seat room better in the Accord. The Kia engine has more power. Insurance is probably cheaper with the Accord and you'll get somewhat better gas mileage.

    There's no clear winner here.

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