Entire electrical system broke while driving in reverse! 98 Ford Escort.

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98 Ford Escort (150k miles) died suddenly when I was going in reverse (parking) after a 100minute trip between 7 and 9 am. The entire electrical shut down after going about 30 ft in reverse.
I checked all the fuses and they look OK. The alternator has about 2 years on it. The battery is used up but still works in warm climates.

Now, when i turn the ignition, no diagnostic lights turn on inside. I can only get it to do a warning audio beep on the first section turn of the ignition (warning that door is open). Electrical door locking makes a trying sound but no action. The headlights turn on when i flash the highbeams.

This is a very tough problem because it's electrical. This car has had no mechanical issues and I take care of it, even driving no more than 65mph and avoiding day driving (due to heat).

What could it possibly be? I have never even imagined a problem like this.


  • potato8potato8 Member Posts: 2

    Checked battery voltage: 11.2V. Then 14.2V. Obviously it is busted and i replaced it. Everything works.

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    yeah, when the battery voltage gets low, all the car's modules go absolutely nuts and start behaving badly. Whenever you have a situation of multiple electrical failures all at once, in seemingly random patterns, checking out the battery and charging system is the best first step.

    Glad to hear you're back on the road---good sleuthing!

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