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Isuzu Trooper Starter issues

tenserloftenserlof Posts: 4
edited September 2014 in Isuzu
Hello there. 2001 trooper with gremlins. It started a couple months ago when all of a sudden the power window stopped working the ABS lights came on and the TOD lights went out completely. The trooper ran fine up until about a week ago when it had a hard start at the gas station and I drove in a couple blocks home and then it wouldn't start. When turning the key over I just got a single pronounced click from the starter. Went through the usual tricks of the trade i.e. tapping the starter jumping the solenoid with nothing starting the vehicle. I switched out the battery for a known good one and still nothing. I pulled the starter and had a bench tested at Napa and it seemed to work fine of course it wasn't under a load but it's all I got for now. Replaced everything hooked back up all the wires now I don't even get a click. Tried jumping the solenoid again and nothing. I've tested the wire at the solenoid I have 12 V I just can't figure this out and really need to get this thing going. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your help.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482

    Did you check the engine to frame ground strap and the battery cable connections on the starter and frame ends?

    did you check your neutral safety switch (or clutch safety switch if a manual transmission?)

  • The starter cable papers to be in great shape. Bright non corroded terminal ends and 12 volts at the solenoid terminal. I will check the ground strap when I get home. Also I notice there is no ground on the starter. Is it self grounded to the engine/frame? I checked voltage on the ignition cable on the starter as well. When the key is turned I'm getting juice to that terminal as well. I haven't changed the relay out yet but the relay shouldn't stop the starter from engaging when I jump the solenoid or does it. Would the neutral switch do the same? Thank you so much!!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482

    Yes the neutral safety switch would interrupt to the solenoid but not if you jumped directly from the battery.

    Sometimes starter armatures have "dead spots", where they may or may not activate, depending on where they landed on the last spin.

  • Ok so I'm stumped. Cables are good. Checked the grounds. Fresh charge on the battery. Why can't I get the starter to even spin when jumped? It was bench tested at napa and they said it's ok. What grounds out the starter?
  • Well it could be that your negative current attachments are either corroded or broke since this,starter grounds to the engine when it mounts to the Bell housing its always a good idea to be sure there are clean mating surfaces on both started and bell housing ! Also your engine may need to be ground strapped to the frame itself completing the ground and/or negative return cirquit you may have also done the same as I'm guilty of doing myself time and time again you may have struck a live wire on your way in or the old starter may have internally made a hot connection blowing a fuse or a really or both so just some things I have found when having the same problem good luck let me know what you find plz I am curious too and love to gain knowledge .good day 
  • Also I have personally had three diff major shops bench test one starter for me and as a result we were surprised to find that each and every one of em were incorrect my problem actually lied in my frame to battery ground and my alternator ground circuit alot 
  • If the Of cars won't complete the starting circuit if the alternator circuit is open or not opperating correctly I found this to mostly be true w BMWs but just a part of a list you maybe be able to eliminate in orderr to isolate your issues and problems n fix em good day brah
  • Also some startersyou cannot only jump the two wires you actually must incorporate the third as well most the time being the little wire that seems out of place ! Some having two hits and a ground some having a low voltage hot a hot and a ground and so its very difficult to fix at times could just be a fuse in the big fuse box I usually check every fuse when dealing w the alternator starter diagnosis because sometimes the fuse panel will not have certain circuits that are shared w one another labeled correctly so the one that says alt. May not be the only one the alternator and most of the time in fact isn't the only one in circuit common w that fuse or part .so check em all just to make sure good luck 
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