MAF? 1999 Buick Park Avenue.

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I have a 1999 buick park ave. It runs fine and isn't using an enormous amt of gas, but it keeps dying. At first is was when I would come to a stop, but now it's doing it even when driving. The code says it is the MAF. I cleaned it and it wasn't dying as bad, but now it's as bad if not worse. It's not hesitating and is still reading MAF, but guy at auto zone said it could be o2 sensor. I hate to spend a lot of money on the MAF sensor if it isn't that. Any suggestions? Also, they said the battery was bad, but it's a good battery. It's a 12 volt. Please help!!


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    If you have the # of the code extracted, post that here. These codes don't tell you the part that is defective, only the circuit or system that might be in distress. It's a starting point for diagnosis.

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