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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Owners Meet the Members



  • deboundsdebounds Posts: 9
    I am 90% leaning towards the purchase of the 2002 Trailblazer. Has anyone had and BAD experiences with this vehicle so far?
    $30K is alot to spend for a vehicle and then have problems!
    Thanks to anyone out there who can fill me in on the scoop about this newer Chevy product
  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    They found the problem with my gauges at post #30. Seems that the relay for them was not fully into the socket. They pushed it in and it solved the problem. They said this is the second one they have seem on TBs like this. I think they have only sold 3 of these.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "The Chevy lacks Explorer's cargo room. A long-wheelbase TrailBlazer with a third-row seat (and optional 5.3-liter V-8 engine) early next year should help"

    This is from

  • Thanks Ryanbab for the news on the usa today....
    I'm just about ready to go and order TB LTZ...
  • johnjjdjohnjjd Posts: 3
    My problems started with the vehicle stalling while running and what was diagnosed as a simple cam shaft sensor failure. On the second "service engine" return, the dealer found metal filings in the engine and Chevrolet is now replacing the complete engine assembly. It is my understanding that this is not an isolated problem for them.

    I have driven the TB only three days in the past three weeks. Not a good omen. I live in Connecticut and the new vehicle "lemon law" here is 3 returns for the same problem (i.e. they keep it on the 4th return) or 30 days out of service.

  • flyguy5flyguy5 Posts: 35
    Looks like resetting the relay didn't cure the problem at posts 31 and 34. Still does it on occasion. We are now at strike 2. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • thomasjtthomasjt Posts: 1
    I too am having problems with gauges reading high. This has happened twice in the last month. All the gauges expect the speedo ran high. I shut the motor off and re started the engine this terminated the problem. The dealer indicated that they have not heard of anyone having this problem. Hmmmm. Also had a "Service Engine" indicator light. It appears that the cam sensor is having a problem. The dealer had to order a new one. Other than that the truck runs fine.
  • perezlperezl Posts: 10
    I had to have the cam shaft sensor replaced also. Were the metal shaving related in anyway to the failure of the cam sensor. Did they tell why you had metal in your oil?
  • muzicmanmuzicman Posts: 7
    I got my Majestic RedTB 2 weeks ago. My average fuel economy is 19.2 mpg. I have 1584 miles on it now. I love this thing. I got the 6 CD Bose system and it rocks! I also got the sunroof and running boards. 2 tone leather and power everything makes this a real joy to drive. My wife just bought a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am with the WS6 Ram Air package (340 hp) and said she wants to race me. I said "ok" but I get to pick the track.....
  • ees1996ees1996 Posts: 31
    Just purchased a Indigo Blue LS with package 3. Nice sound system. Glad to see the gear selector in the console as it should be in a "SPORT" Utility Vehicle. Took it on a road trip from NC to Ohio and only had to fill up once. this was about a 700 mile trip. Tackled the mountains with no problem. The more I drive this truck the more I see how far the General has come in quality. Great rig.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Hey I finally found a good place with other owners.

    Have had my Black LTZ with everything but a roof TB for about 2,700 miles now.

    Few minor problems, but all is good.


  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    has anyone worked on any performance modifications thus far? I'll be adding a few to the modifications page.

    I've installed a K&N Filter in place of the stock filter. Exact size match was found on filter # 2417 but thanks to GM's design, there were some other minor mods on the intake that needed to be made. Breaths much better now. That's the start.

    Cold air intake is in the works.

    Anyone have information on an aftermarket exhaust yet? Nothing lound, but based on what I've read from GM engineering, a good aftermarket system will add quite a bit more power to the inline 6. Aftermarket Headers would certainly help, but the darn thing is so new......nothing out yet.


  • texastbtexastb Posts: 3
    I traded in my 1999 Firebird for the 2002 TrailBlazer last week and I am in LOVE. I bought the LS (white exterior w/light & dark pewter interior). The only thing I miss from the Firebird are my controls on the steering wheel for the sound system. The TrailBlazer rides so smooth and the engine is so quite you hardly know it is running. I can't wait to go on my first road trip to visit my daughter in college 5-1/2 hours away.
  • Got a LTZ in May. I love the truck, its smooth and powerful and I have gotten as much as 22mpg avg on the highway. First thing is the windshield has cracked where it meets the roofline and the crack is growing. I am taking it to the dealer today but they are already giving me this stress fractures only happen withing 1-2000 miles (I have 9000). Has anyone else had a problem with the windshield. By the way I don't remember a rock hitting it.

    Also, sometimes whe I first start the truck up it revs really high with loss of power. The engine almost sounds like its wheezing. Any comments.

  • wapwapwapwap Posts: 11
    I have had my LT for a month (just turned 1K mi) and have also experienced the engine reving at about 1200-1400rpm when first starting it up. This has only happened twice so far and seems to coincide with a new tank of gas. I have only been putting in 87 octane but changing gas stations and thats when I have noticed the reving for about 2-3mins then it drops to a normal idle with no other symptoms, so for now hopefully it is only due to a gas change.
  • wapwapwapwap Posts: 11
    On my 4wd LT I have also noticed that the front bumper also feels loose. Has anyone else had this fixed yet?
  • I have a 2002 TB I purchased in June, my wife's boss purchased in July -- basicly same car. He just got he car back after 21 days -- seems after an oil change they couldn't get the car to stop leaking oil!!!! Also, since the dealer felt bad, and he mentioned he was getting lousy mileage, they updated his computer!!! Now if his has the air on when he shuts down, the car won't start, the car rev's very high upon initial start!

    Whats going on, anyone else have this problems? I'm due for an oil change and I'm scared!!!

    Anyone have these problems?
    What mileage are people getting (with around 3k)?


    Great forum!!
  • I have 2,200 miles on my LT and I am getting between 21.5 and 22.5 doing fairly constant 65 highway driving.

    As a reference, my 96 TB was getting 24.0 fairly consistently doing same daily trips.

  • I am at 2000 mile mark and have been getting 21 to 22 mpg mostly 55-60mph. I do have some wind noise coming from the two front windows. Anyone have answers to this? I would hate to take it in to have the dealer try to fix it and it end up worse than before.
  • in response to texastb: I had wind noise on the drivers side only. It was caused by the rubber molding around the glass (at the rear of the glass) not fitting properly. Try putting electrical tape on the molding and the glass to hold the molding down. A short test drive will let you know if this is the problem. My dealer replaced the molding and all is well.

    good luck

    ps Love my TB
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095's events are horrendous, and we probably haven't heard the last of it. My prayers for the safety of you, your loved ones, and for us all.

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  • Amen Karen...
    and we think we have problems (with our triplets)
    God bless America & Its people!
  • I started my TrailBlazer the other morning & all the needles on the gauges stayed all the way to the left, I couldn't tell if I was in Park, drive, reverse, etc., the speedometer wasn't working either. I turned off the motor & went inside to tell my husband. He said to drive on to work & call the dealership when they opened. I took the TB in and they said that any TB made in June needed to be reprogramed. So the dealership sent off for the software to do this. In the meantime the service mgr told me if it happened again to turn the key on and off 3 times and this would reset the computer, until the software comes in. My question to Chevrolet, were they going to send out a recall notice to anyone????
    Just wondering...
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    My 3 month old, 2166 mile TB left me stranded and required a tow. Diagnosis: dropped cylinder sleeve. Required remedy: New engine. Has anyone else had this happen. I have been told by Cust. Service at Chevy it is the first time they heard of problem. Dealer says problem was wide spread before Aug 31. Chevy will not buy back the vehicle and provide a new one. If this is a design defect, what options do we have?
  • We bought our Trailblazer LT in June and now have 5000 miles on it. We love it but ran into a problem last week, and hope that another owner can give us some guidance. Our TB suddenly developed a high-pitched squeal somewhere in the front right portion of the car. It doesn't seem to be a wind-related noise and occurs only when the car is warmed up and speed exceeds 25 mph. As soon as we drop below that speed, the squeal stops. Had the dealer ride along today and he couldn't pinpoint the cause. He said it sounded somewhat like a wheel bearing or brake, but since applying the brakes and putting a load on the bearing didn't cause a change in the sound, he doesn't think that's it. It isn't in the roof area, and not in the windshield or sunroof. If anyone else has experienced this, I'd appreciate the benefit of your wisdom. I have an appointment to leave it at the dealer's next week, but maybe someone can help diagnose this before I lose the use of it for several days.
  • I just got the Trailblazer LT in Majestic Red. I love the pickup the engine has, but there are two problems. The first is that the gas mileage is horrible. I have 700 miles on it and getting 13 mi. per gallon. The next thing is that the front bumper is too damn loose! Let me know if anyone has had this problem.
  • I just purchased my Tb LS 4WD, so far i am very happy with it , but of course it is to soon to realy find out, I have already notice one problem, Paint seem to be chipping off around the rear plastic license holder, is anyone else having this problem, being I just purchased the vehicle saturday (4 days ago) its to early to chekc out the quality.
  • rwalton, check out the following forum (also under the Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners heading:

    MY2002+ Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Oldsmobile Bravada(SUVs Board)

    There are a few of us there that have posted about this exact paint problem. I'll summarize my experience so that you don't have to read all 2000+ posts:

    The reason the paint chips is maybe due to expansion/contraction or vibration at the license plate assembly. The sharp edge of the plastic seems to dig in to the paint at that groove and chip the paint off.

    I noticed my paint chipping at the license plate assembly shortly after taking delivery of my truck... I took it in, the dealer's body shop said they wanted to dissassemble the whole liftgate and repaint. I don't feel good about them doing that, so I contacted Chevrolet about the issue (1-800 off their website)... the person there said she would research the problem and get back to me (she hasn't yet)... meanwhile, the paint chips seem to be only paint and not primer, so I'm not worried about rusting while waiting on a fix.

    Others in the above message board have posted about their paint chips, one person even indicated that EVERY new TB on the dealer's lot had the paint chipping at the same spot. Some feel that repainting would be a waste of time, since the chipping would only come back. We feel that there may be a redesigned part issued to replace the current license plate assembly, or at least a rubber gasket designed to prevent the rubbing that chips the paint.

    Take your truck to the dealer to report the problem, or call Chevrolet... I would recommend calling Chevrolet, since the dealer seems to not report these types of problems.

    Congrats on the new purchase. I've had my TB for 2 months. So far so good. I think you'll like it in spite of this paint thing.
  • bgosbgos Posts: 1
    Did anybody find out why the inside fender well were not fastened to the body of the truck. Have owned the 2002 TB LT for one week love it so far but was curious to this and why the front bumper is loose? Also does anyone recommend have rust protection applied.
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