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  • 02 EXT LT 4WD w/4200 SFI I6 & 6000 miles - Love the vechile however the gas mileage is not what was promised. Have a mileage computer and the best it can get on highway is 16.7 and in the city 12.0. Check manually and get the same results. Any feedback?
  • I bought a demo with 5200 miles on it and I also got poor gas mileage. First I put a K&N air filter on and put a can of sea foam (ejector cleaner) in the fuel system. Finnaly I changed the oil to Royal Purple Synthetic which the salesman said I can run for 20K before changing. I will only run 10K between changes. The results I have seen have been great. 21mpg on the hiway and 17 around town. I think the Royal Purple helped the most. Hope this helps!!!
  • trich2trich2 Posts: 2
    My 2002 LTZ seems to have a hot radio. I would think this would be hard on it after time, does anyone else have this problem?
  • Just purchased a TB, LT and now find that the second row seats do not adjust backwards. They do adjust forward, but in normal position they are too straight up for comfort. Does anyone know how to adjust them more or has a fix for GM's obvious error. So much for truck people designing for car occupants. Thanks Much!

    Gnarley Mc
  • blazedblazed Posts: 2
    I am new to the discussions and was wondering if anyone has had problems with power steering in cold weather. Cold meaning having the TB setting out over night in 10-20 degree weather. When turing the steering wheel, sounds like squeaking noise when leaving the center position and back during a turn. It finally goes away after running for a while. Thought possibly a problem in power steering pump. Anything like this encountered elsewhere?
  • Hello all. Just joined this site and noticed some complaints on this. I had the same one on my '02 TB. Took it to the dealer and they knew immediately what it was. Turns out that the problem in the hood latch. It has to have grease on it. And very heavy grease. I tried driving the front of the truck at an angle and touching the curb of a parking lot. When I did it an kind of climbed the small curb the noise was from both angles. Was positive it was suspension. Well the grease fixed it. I was very surprised by this. Possibly adjusting the hood bumpers on the front edges would do but that was the solution that was used by my dealer. It has worked well.
  • bigfigbigfig Posts: 35
    To Blazed-- I have a '03 TB ext with 2375 miles and recently I have been hearing the same noise that you are referring to and just the other day mentioned it to wife. I suspect also that it could be in the steering mechanism. I live in the New Orleans area and our temperatures have been dropping to about the high 30's lately which is very unusual. Seriously thinking about looking up to see if any bulletins have been issued by GM concerning this problem. Will talk with the service manager when I take TB in for 3000 oil change.
  • I have a 2002 TB and have had a problem with the brakes going to the floor when I sit with my foot on the pedal. The dealer changed my master cylinder and it helped. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have a 2002 Trailblazer that is throwing road debris from the front tires onto the flanged area in front of the rear tires. I have 13000 miles on it. It has never been off road. In conversations with Chevrolet they will not do anything to make it right. I asked for mudflaps and repaint of the area. Since then I have discovered two more Trailblazers with the same damage. Since the 2003 and 2002's are the same body design it will be a problem with both. Everyone should check their vehicle immediately and if you find damage file a complaint. I will be contacting the attorney general and the BBB. I, also plan to provide this information to dealers so that they will be under pressure to get this design problem taken care of.
  • candy6candy6 Posts: 2
    My name is denise & i have had my LS since oct of 01 Indigo metalic blue
    Luv It!! But it certainly has had alot of problems hot cd player lights going on & off..doors locking even though keys are in the ignition shifts itself into gear ..hs put itself in park 2x & 4 wheel drive 1x..the 4 wheel drive is too tight can barely make turns with it in 4 wheel drive..does anyone else experience these type of problems? I still Luv it though despite its troubles
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    Have you checked Edmunds Maintenance Guide for recalls and technical service bulletins?

    Also, try entering "electrical" into the "Search this discussion" box to find any other posts with these possible similar problems.

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  • candy6candy6 Posts: 2
    Thanks Karen..I will certainly look into that I checked there before but have not checked there recently.. thanks
  • jtruonojtruono Posts: 1
    As I brought my 2002 Trailblazer in for the 5th time (each time had multiple repairs) the service manager said I can't find the first repair on the gas fill problem "YOU HAVE TOO MANY PAGES OF REPAIRS". My truck wouldn't take any gas, it kept shooting out the fill neck & I had to cancel my Sunday outing with the family. The brakes have vibration when stopping (warped roters) in 2 times for this. My 4wd keeps freeking out & jumping into 4wd low at 60mh & flashes 2 4wd lights & reads service 4wd on dash. Two weeks ago it lunged into reverse after I put it into park & tried to shut it down because of its error lights.
    The computer had to be re programed because it had a valve clatter so loud I thought something came loose. The second day I had it I found screws loose under the hood on the hood support arm. It sometimes bumps into gear in low & others it takes too long to shift into the next gear. Aside from this it rides nice & pulls my boat very well.
  • kkheerenkkheeren Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 LT and during the first week I had it, it started to have a squeaking noise coming from the front passenger side. I took it in 3 seperate times before they finally found out what it was. It was a fender clip that held in the fender lining that was turned the wrong way and the transmission line was rubbing against the clip. They replaced the clip and I have had no further problems. Just thought I would pass this info on, I hope it helps someone else.
  • corttcortt Posts: 7
    I just got a LTZ and would like to add window vents for the
    4 windows. I have found several types (3M stick-on, clip on,
    insert in window channel) but am not sure which is best. Has
    anyone out there have window vents and care to comment
    on their satisfaction for the type? I installed "autovent" from
    the local auto parts store to my 1996 GMC Jimmy which used
    the 3M tape and they fit perfect and lasted for the 7 years I
    owned it. They are great for summer rains and heat disipation. Thanks for any advice on experience with the
  • Hey everyone, I've been reading up for a while on the trailblazers and I'm still a little leary on buying one! I'm in the market for a used SUV and I'm really interested in the trailblazer. Love the looks and was very pleased with the drive and performance.

    Can someone please fill me in on the reliability of these vehicles? I haven't heard great things about chevy but in the same, I've heard they've been changing their ways. Please please help me, I'm going coocoo over here trying to decide what to buy ;)
  • I have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. Can someone tell me how to adjust the parking brake? The cable has stretched and no longer engages the brake.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Enabling the Park Brake Cable Automatic Adjuster

    Lower the park brake lever.
    Raise the park brake lever.
    Lift the park brake lever boot to gain access to the multiplier lever at the front of the park brake lever assembly.
    Pivot the multiplier lever up and down 3 times.
    Cycle the park brake lever up and down three times for auto adjustment.
    Lower the park brake lever boot.
  • I have had my LTZ for about a year now and have had nothing but problems. During the year been to the dealer about 6 times with major repairs. Including broken tie rod (DANGEROUS), exhaust leak,diff. bearing, and numerouspetty but necessary repairs while under warranty. The final straw was the driver side rear window regulator breaking allowing the window the move up and down by hand. Finally decided to call the dealer and suggest a new vehicle. Just starting the ball rolling so I don't know what the result will be. If anybody is interested they can e-mail at
  • I have a 2000 Trailblazer, I have been having a problem starting it when it sits outside in 10 degrees or below. The vehicle turns over but will not catch. It is only after the temp rises or the sun hits the hood for a few hours will it start. Mechanics have tested it but are baffled and have no idea other than pay up for the testing procedure. Anyone else with this problem or any ideas.
  • aevertszaevertsz Posts: 1
    Hi, my name is Aevertsz, I own a 2004 trailblazer LT with the navigation package. I would like to see some discussion on tips and tricks with the navi package. Also when are new nav DVD's published and can they be obtained at the dealer?
  • lisahlisah Posts: 2
    My name is Lisa H. I currently own a 2003 chevy trailblazer and my family also owns a 2002 chevy trailblazer. The 2002 has had no problems and run perfectly. Mine however has had a long list of problems. In the first month I owned the car I started hearinga rattle in the engine. Turned out it was the catalytic converter, they replaced it and it was still there. Throughout the past 9 months they have replaced the catalytic converter twice, the exauhst system, the fuel injecter, the heat sheild, etc. They cannot fix the noise. My sunroof has also worked intermittenly since owning the car and has repeatedly been fixed. The dealership now claims it is operator error because they have continued to fix the same problems. Third my cruise control took over while I was driving on the highway. It got me up to 95 mph with my brake to the floorboard and the cruise control turned off. The governer finally kicked in and turned the car off. These are major problems I have dealt with, but there are about 8 other more minor problems. Has anyone had the same problems or know of anyone that has? My car has now been turned in as a lemon and I am shopping for a new car. I am hesitant to buy a new trailblazer although I lvoe the car and I ahve loved our 2002. I am considering a toyota highlander. any warnings or suggestions from other owners would be very much appreciated. Scared to trust GM again. Thanks.
  • Well i do have a tblazer same yr same trim i have not had the same problems you have. But i do say this in 06 gm MUST OVERHAUL THIS SUV TO COMPETE WITH THE REST OF BOYS!!!! The exhaust i am putting on is a borla on mine. I do think you can trust gm but you have to know where to buy a gm product from a DEALER I SAY AGAIN DEALER that will be nice and considerate of you. I drive like 28 miles to get my tblazer serviced because the one i bought it from is a jerks. simply put. So do not give up on gm follow these things and you will be ok. Lastly check out the csi that means customer service index of the dealers you go to. That means the service shop. they have to tell you what it is if they do not tell you there full of mess. if they do not tell you well you know what to do.
  • vince3vince3 Posts: 1
  • hello, i seem to have the same problem (pealing radio buttons) with my Trailblazer. when truck was under warranty, they replaced whole radio (twice). I no longer have warranty...and just today I noticed that one button was pealing. What have you done?
  • Any updates on your peeling radio buttons, I noticed mine are peeling too and it's still under warranty. Did you have any problems with the dealer in replacing while under warranty?
  • adupweadupwe Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 trailblazer.. I got it in Oct 03. I absolutely loved it.. but a couple of weeks ago the lights on my radio numbers went out.. but came back on and the just went out.. couple of days after that the cd player completely stopped working... well night before last I woke up to cops banging on my door because my trailblazer was on fire in my driveway at 2 am in the morning. I absolutely loved this car but I am scared of them now.. they said it looked to be electrical starting around the center console area between the front seats(the one that has the heat/air controller and adapter plug like for dvd or cell phone) but I had none of these in my car... it is totally baffling me.. and I was wondering if anyone else experience any electrical problems?
  • riddhishriddhish Posts: 1
    IF you are thinking about buying chevy trailblazer then forget it. Don't even think of buying it in your dreams. It's the least reliable vehicle chevy makes. Read the consumer reports. For 2002-2004 Trailblazer has a 8 recalls. Hope that you got all the information that you need.
  • adamjeepsadamjeeps Posts: 56
    I don't think recalls has anything to do with the reliability of a vehicle.
  • nmertznmertz Posts: 27
    Just found these forums. Wish I had seen them before I bought. Also damn glad I bought the extended warranty. Have an 02 Trailblazer bought new about a week after the 9-11 attack. At 1000 miles the A/C quit blowing. Two DLR visits to find a shorted resistor in the blower assy. At 9000 miles the tranny started slipping. Three DLR visits just to diagnose this one. Low fluid in the tranny but no apparent leaks. Finally found bad seal between tranny and transfer case. All the tranny fluid was going into the transfer case!?!?!?!??? A month later it shorted another resistor in the blower assy. Couldn't keep brake light bulbs in it, then discovered a recall for that. Was sort of OK after that until approx 81K when the Master Cylinder failed. A week later the #1 cylinder coil assy failed. I know this doesn't seem like much compared to others I have read here, but I figured I'd put my 2-cents in anyway. We like the ride-and-handling, and it has power to burn. Just wish the build quality was better.
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