Oil Consumption On Chevy Equinoxes



  • Mdahl669Mdahl669 Member Posts: 5

    I own a 2012 Equinox, I bought it new. The first year was awesome, but this past year, I have noticed that my oil changes are not lasting to the next oil change and I am having to add almost 2 Q of oil and my maintenance says it still has 72%. as i just got an oil change My engine does not idle smooth and it almost sounds like there is a tapping sound in the motor? Why does a new vehicle such as this Equinox have so much motor problems? Is any one else having this problem?

    Yes! We do with our 2011 equinox! I'm so sick of it and we are on our 2nd new motor and still having same issues. It actually has gotten worse with this last new motor.
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