GMC Envoy Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Please share your purchase experience here.

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  • aleasealease Member Posts: 22
  • aleasealease Member Posts: 22
    I have ordered an Envoy and it has become my obsession to check these boards to see what everyone else is saying about them. I ordered a pewter 4wd slt 1SF w/Moon Roof and running boards. The dealership offered 500 over invoice after hearing that we knew all about the invoice price and dealer holdbacks. I really think we could have hashed out a better price but we figured what is a couple hundred dollars when you are spending almost 33,000. My build date is 6-11, I can't wait...
  • suv18suv18 Member Posts: 11
    I ordered an SLT Envoy with premium towing package, running boards, sunroof, engine block heater for about 200 under invoice from a fleet manager in LA. Price paid was $33,700.
  • edtassedtass Member Posts: 4
    on a SLT stickering 36,000 with freight. Getting local area wholesale on the tradein (5 dealers offered similar allowances). Probably somewhat of a screwjob, but the rig seems geniune and very nice.
  • bryancosbryancos Member Posts: 282
    After 3 1/2 hours of negotiation on a SLOW Saturday night, I got my Envoy SLE for approx. $1000 over dealer *COST*. Received GMS pricing(GM Employee Rate+ 4%) Thanks to my employer, minus a $1000 GM loyalty check (Thanks GM!) and $500 dealer incentive that was mailed to me, (Thanks Don Massey GMC!) and a little bit of finesse for an effective total price of (approx) $27500 + TTL (36 mos lease, residual value of approx $16K. $500 down plus first mos payment) Traded in a fully loaded, leased 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (which is where they'll recoup any loss when they sell it). My payments are only slightly higher than what I had on the Jeep. I also think I was just lucky to catch them on a slow night where they were willing to cut a deal -- these are popular vehicles that usually don't get discounted much, (and not many folks are eligible for the GMS pricing either) Other dealerships didn't want to work w/ me for a trade in... go figure -- it was their loss. I'm very happy w/ my experience at the dealership tho. If you're shopping in the Denver/Littleton area, go talk to the folks at Don Massey!
  • amasseyamassey Member Posts: 1
    My neighbor, who is a Canadian citizen but lives and works here in the US, purchased his surburban in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Can a US citizen do that? Any downsides, besides having to switch the speedometer? It's much cheaper there. I know that Acura will not honor warranty in US from a US citizen only Canadian.
    My neighbor also didn't have to pay taxes, or got a refund since he no longer lives in Canada.
  • baitisjbaitisj Member Posts: 24
    I got the SLT 4x4 with cassete & seat heaters for $31900 or so (excluding *tax* - eech - $3k for tax!)

    My advice to those of you buying in California:

    Go to Oregon. Or somewhere else. Ugh. California tax.

  • envoyenvy1envoyenvy1 Member Posts: 22
    Onyx Black SLT with every option (except DVD player) in Orange Co, Ca.
    Went in on last day of the month around 5pm with info (including invoice pricing) from Dealer looked at my info, said he wanted to try and match the $$$ and needed to make his (end of month) numbers.
  • dkrdenvoydkrdenvoy Member Posts: 6
    Paid 33,946 (minus $2002 rebate) so 31,944. Might have gotten better price but auto show killed my bargaining leverage. Dealer sold _4_ Envoys while I was haggling that afternoon. Since he had exactly what I wanted I bought it before some one else did. Why hate myself for a couple of hundred? :)

    Locking Diff, Sunroof, Load Leveling suspension and SLT Enhanced package.
  • alabamamaddogalabamamaddog Member Posts: 4
    Sandlewood SLT Enhanced Package, CD Changer, Running Boards, Polished Wheels for $31,501.08 + 3.08% tax. $150 over invoice.
  • mmorgmmorg Member Posts: 1
    When you guys list the price over invoice that you paid are you talking the invoice listed on the Edmunds site or the invoice on the site plus other fees such as advertising etc. The reason that I ask is that every dealer that I have gone to so far gives a different invoice price even though they are giving a price on the identical vehicle and of course it is always more than what is listed on this site. Please offer some insight.
  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    The invoice prices should match, unless it's several months old. The dealer should show you the invoice, if you ask. If they add $$ for advertising, it will be clearly stated. Not all dealers participate in advertisements, so check around. But, if you find something on their lot that meets all your wants, it may be worth the extra couple hundred dollars.
  • lovefastcarslovefastcars Member Posts: 6
    We bought an Envoy SLT all options (sunroof instead of DVD) and paid about $33,000 from $38,000.
  • sbindleysbindley Member Posts: 28
    I just bought my SLT with every option, including DVD for $32,500
  • rj123456rj123456 Member Posts: 140
    Looking at buying one.

  • techman2techman2 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2002 Envoy XL, in May, loaded, for 35K, including extended warranty of 5 years, 100K miles.
  • rj123456rj123456 Member Posts: 140
    2002 May purchase "Loaded" - what option package is it? I have a quote for $34,900 (inclusive of the $1000 rebate but no extended warranty) on a SLT with 1SK package.
  • mlpcamlpca Member Posts: 6
    I have seen the total prices paid, but can you tell me the lease payments, term of lease and mileage?
  • besos7besos7 Member Posts: 4

    I just leased a 2002 Envoy (I live in Jersey). I paid $1500 due at inception and $375/month. It is the base model SLE, but it has so many ameneties that I didn't need the upgrade.

  • stachie1stachie1 Member Posts: 1
    I AM IN PA.
  • mlpcamlpca Member Posts: 6
    Nicole: Where did you purchase? What mileage did you get? 12K or 15K? What extras?
  • besos7besos7 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Mary,

    I live in Middlesex County, and I leased my Envoy from the Greenbrook GMC dealership on Route 22. They were great! I got 15K, and I opted for the base model (SLT) because it had EVERYTHING I wanted STANDARD. It has fog lights, daytime running lights, headlights come on automatically, power windows, mirrors, doors, driver side seat,lumbar, heated mirrors, 1yr onstar free, electro-(something) rearview mirror, CD player, dual climate control, and much more! The SLE (the more expensive model) had leather seats...I didn't want leather seats, different rims, and other stuff, that to me wasn't that major. The MSRP on my car was 32,000+. I am very happy with it. Are you planning on getting an Envoy? If you are I suggest going to Greenbrook. And if you mention my name, I get $200! :-) By the way, I qualified for a $500 GMC loyalty rebate because I turned in a Chevy Blazer.

  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    Just for the record...The SLT is the more expensive model.
    (SLE Base MSRP - $30,200 2WD/$32,425 4WD)
    (SLT Base MSRP - $32,815 2WD/$35,240 4WD)
  • besos7besos7 Member Posts: 4
    (SLE Base MSRP - $30,200 2WD/$32,425 4WD)
    (SLT Base MSRP - $32,815 2WD/$35,240 4WD)

    Oops...honest mistake.

  • mlpcamlpca Member Posts: 6
    Thanks Nicole for your info. We found an Envoy SLE, $32,900 (has a few extras). Got the dealer down to $30,600 then deducted $750 lease loyalty and $750 rebate. So we made out okay.
  • delrickdelrick Member Posts: 105
    The "loaded" LST is the 1SK pkg, which includes the DVD system.

    We could not locate any of these in the state of Arizona.

    With GM's lease walk away package, look for a lot of existing lease customers to grab these vehicles.

    We are getting the LST XL with the 1SH package. This includes all package features with the exception of the DVD system.

    We qualify for employee pricing, so the GMS pricing applies.

    Surprised that someone was negotiating under these terms as pricing and terms are set.

    You just pick the vehicle and GM sets the price.

    In our case that is $32568.

    You do NOT recieve the $2500. if you are leasing. We have an Olds loyalty cert that is worth $1000 on any GM product.

    There is NO lease loyalty program at GM other than on Cadillacs. The deposit is waived for existing lease customers.

    Maybe this unique to the western region.

    So, we drive in hand them the keys for our 2000 Bravada, lease schudules to end Feb. 2003, and drive out in the Envoy.

    Residual 55% with 12k annual miles.

    Lease rate 3.5 percent.

    $420./month for 36 months, nothing out-of-pocket.
  • jebivjebiv Member Posts: 7
    Can anyone tell me what they paid for the Envoy XL on a 36 month lease with either 12 or 15k miles per year?

    Also, does your state charge sales tax up front (as in Ohio)?

    Thank you.
  • cleanpackcleanpack Member Posts: 2
    I purchased an Envoy SLT with pretty much every option except DVD (got sunroof instead). I think it was called the professional package but I do not recall the abbreviation. I also got the following upgrades: running boards, pinstripe, and magentic red paint. I also have the so called Chrome wheels but I think they may have been part of a package. I paid $35 for mine but cashed in on the 0% for 5 years. I also purcahsed the extended warranty and got that on separate payments at 0% for 18 months.

    All in all I am quite happy withthe vehicle. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but didn't have as much leverage as I purchased on 9/30 which was supposed to be the last day of the 0& for '02 (they have since extended this) plus in my whoel city, they only had 3 '02s left amongst all the dealers in town. The other 2 were hte Pewter which is a nice color but there are a lot of those on the road. I think the magnetic read turns more heads when it is polished up. So I went for it and have not looked back. In retrospect I think the Envoy is much niccer appearance wise and feature wise than the Trail Blazer or Bravada even though you sacrifice 5 horses.
  • vijayfvijayf Member Posts: 5
    I was thinking on getting a '03 Envoy SLT w/Comfort and convienence package, sunroof, assist steps and side airbags, Price at $35031(not including $2000 rebate). I was ready to sign the deal, but hesitated when I saw a dealer fee(298 + Tax), plus license fee $134. I was uncertained of such a fee. Is this legite, and so is it negiotable? After reading this site, I also learned that I can save some more money by custom ordering and paying below invoice. Is this true?
  • bigelmbigelm Member Posts: 995
    Well, as of now, it seems I will be riding in an Envoy by mid Dec. I have done extensive research and price haggling (even the no-hassle ones) and have come to a dealer that will be willing to offer $300 over invoice and if I choose what's on the lot, it will be $100 over invoice (this includes the rebate). Think this is good? The price is for the '03 model. Lease will be about $1,200 due at signing and about $400/month. Does this lease seem realistic?

  • superglidesuperglide Member Posts: 67
    I bought mine in July for $200 over invoice, plus the advertising fee ($500?), minus $2,500 rebate... and I got to cash in $1,700 rebate from my GM Card (my favorite part) :-) The advertising fee seems to vary by geographic location. I'm in Northern California. I'm assuming everyone knows how to find the invoice amount from edmunds or carpoint. I used to sell cars, and I'm on #51 for myself, so this is not new to It was interesting to go to the GMC internet site and actually look at the inventory of all the dealers in california. I ended up driving about 150 miles to a dealer that had the right color and options I wanted.
  • garagesmokergaragesmoker Member Posts: 8
    Anyone familiar with the GM Supplier Program? Supposedly it discounts the vehicle close to the employee price. I asked for a quote from the web site (supplier program) and got an e-mail from a local dealer. His price was a couple of hundred over invoice which, while good, is no better than I would expect by spending a few hours in the dealership. Especially since the web site said that there was a special $250 additional allowance for participants.

    Just curious if anyone knows what the real deal is with this program. I want to get an Envoy (reg. or XL, not quite sure yet which) but certainly don't want to use a program that charges more than I think you can get just by being persistent at the dealer.

  • reedleereedlee Member Posts: 4
    2003 with dvd and running boards.....with 0% interest what should i be payiing? Do I get the 3% dealer hold back? Should I be paying 2 to 3 hundred dollars above that price(dealer invoice minus 3 %) Thanks for your help in advance.
  • mvhansonmvhanson Member Posts: 14
    Used to work this way - maybe changes to the program alter my knowledge of it.
    a. Need to be a supplier. Someone in the chain verifies you are associated with a supplier. In my case, law firm did legal work for GM, and that qualified the partners to participate.
    b. Send request to GM for a specific form.
    c. GM sends you packet with information on each GM product or Saab product and what discount they will allow. Bigger discount on ordered vehicle. Bigger discount on vehicles they want to move. Bigger discount on higher priced vehicles. Vehicle on dealers lot is subject to dealer being willing to sell it on the program. Options discount is computed separate. Purchase of an ordered vehicle is also subject to dealer's willing to use an allotment of his vehicles to order you one in this program. Example, I checked with a GM dealer to order a Suburban (pre renaming as Yukon XL) The dealer refused to use his allotment of Sub's to sell me one on the program.
    d. must agree to retain the vehicle for 6 months, in your own name.
    e. Bottom line: You basically save the price of the options. So you get the vehicle nicely optioned out for roughly the base MSRP.
    f. I just had a partner purchase a Tahoe (in December 02 when GM was running some customer incentives) at a better price with direct negotiation with the dealer than he could have gotten using the supplier program.
  • dperonedperone Member Posts: 14
    I live near GMC in Greenbrook. Your deal sounds great. I was going to buy - but the lease sounds better since I like a new car every 3 years. What salesperson did you use? I will definitly use your name.

  • smfransmfran Member Posts: 432
    The dealer is trying to locate the Envoy XL that will fit my lease requirements. He wants $500.00 over invoice. I've leased two vehicles previously from him and am very happy with the treatment and service given me. Is $500.00 over invoice the going rate for 2003 Envoy XL/SLT?
  • dailydoubledailydouble Member Posts: 22
    Maybe I'm pushing it a little.....
    But can I get a new GMC envoy "basic" with no options ( except rear defogger...why that's not standard I have no idea).. for 24K... out the door.
    ie....list price $28,942( dealer list is $26,243) - $2500 rebate, - "haggling" + Tax,title ???????
    I know I can get a 'base' trailablazer for this price, but it is "base".... I'd love to be able to get the Envoy..or am I just pushing it too much?
  • luxrideluxride Member Posts: 14
    I picked up my Indigo Blue Envoy SLT, 3.73 gear ratio, Bose speakers and 6CD changer (awesome sound), SLT Comfort and Convienence package. MSRP 38,950.00, after rebates and haggeling 32,289.60....So far I love the ride and comfort of this SUV....
  • dailydoubledailydouble Member Posts: 22
    I was looking (and almost did) at getting your exact model last year with 4WD for myself....In the end I ended up getting the GMC Yukon Denali (sweet). After my wife drove the Denali that was "it".
    This latest SUV is for my dad. I have free choice...MAX budget 24K.
    Envoy is my outright number 1 choice, but I'm unsure if I can get one for my price. Buick RDV and Kia Sorrento are also being considered (there is something about the Trailblazer I 'just don't like' not sure what it is).
    ps...yes the Bose system is awesome, I test drove an Envoy without it, then one with it...what a difference....I was sold even though it was a $500....The Denali has it as standard
    pps ..when did you get the Envoy? I'm looking to get it mid/late March...I've "seen" 3 Envoy's online that fit my specs (basic, with rear de-fog) and printed off the details...I'm thinking to look in a couple of weeks again and if they are still there, construct a fax to the dealer....saying i'll give 24K today out the door ..bla bla they are obviously not flying off the shelves!..I hope the rebates continue.. I saw last night it went up from $2500 to.... $2500 + 500 auto show bucks = $3000! if only I had the money today!
    Am I dreaming or is $24K worth a shot?
  • luxrideluxride Member Posts: 14
    I picked it up on Friday 2/21, one other thing I think maybe helped me out too, was that it was pouring rain and there was not too many customers in the showroom....I think mid March is not a bad time, try to go when the weather is not too good too...

    P.S. I even got them to throw in mud guards at not extra charge...
  • mountainaire1mountainaire1 Member Posts: 2
    I am currently looking at the Envoy XL SLE version with the DVD, Running Boards, V6, Side Impact Air Bags - with an MSRP of 36,685.00. I see that the invoice on edmunds is showing 33119. I just received my first pass at pricing at 34119 (1000 over invoice). What is realistic for me to see for this model - I am thinking roughly 500 over invoice? Is the dealer still making any money?

    I love the SLT version - but at 40K it makes it about 4K more than the SLE version...from what I can see.

    Thanks in advance.
  • smfransmfran Member Posts: 432
    The dealers are hurting right now due to pitiful sales. They make money even at invoice due to Holdback. I paid $275.00 over invoice in mid February for my Envoy XL SLT. I love it!
  • sapia1sapia1 Member Posts: 4
    When will people learn that "invoice price" as stated by a dealer is what ever he desires to make it as he prints invoices in his computer. That is why the invoice price varies from dealer to dealer for the same vehicle unless its a Honda or Toyota. There the sticker price is it, thats what you pay for unless the vehicle is in high demand and you will pay a premium over sticker if you want that vehicle. I chose one of those and paid the premium and still came out similar in price to an Envoy/ Trailblazer for a far superior vehicle, Honda Pilot, with same features, much better quality and better gas mileage.
  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    What are you on? All cars have a dealer invoice price. Copies of these can be obtained from various sources. They're all equal at the time of manufacture. Granted, there are incentives and holdbacks that aren't shown, but they do exist for all manufactures.
    I won't stoop to bashing the looks, features and performance of the Pilot, even though it's hard not to.
  • smfransmfran Member Posts: 432
    I've purchased many vehicles in my day (imports included) and the various dealer's invoice price has always matched Edmunds almost to the penny. As far as imports go, they can be purchased at invoice or above just like a domestic. The net amount you pay for a vehicle depends on buyer knowledge and market situations for the make and model.
  • wrightr34wrightr34 Member Posts: 4
    I just bought an Envoy XL SLE for $30,603. This was after the $3000 rebate, $1750 off for GM Card earnings and getting it for invoice ($34257). It doesn't even look like they charge me a destination charge. It has extra options are polished aluminum wheels, vortec 5300 V-8, sle comfort and convenience pkg, sle enhanced package, side impact air bags, rear axle 3.73, and locking differential. I was going to wait 6/12 months but I just couldn't turn down a deal like this. I talked to the sales rep and a few other employees and they said things have been rough for awhile but this week has been outstanding. If other dealers are experiencing the same thing I think these large rebates or 0% financing may be gone soon.
  • currherecurrhere Member Posts: 2

    I got a quote for an Envoy XL SLT - + comfort package , sunroof , running boards = 40,000.

    I think this is too high - I want to know what have people been paying for this? Also I heard it got bad safety ratings - Any ideas how bad and does anyone here have any experience with that


    - CH
  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    With the economy the way it is, you should be able to purchase at invoice. This doesn't include any incentives, which will bring it down even further.

    On safety ratings, I don't put much importance on them. With my Envoy, I know that I stand a better chance of survival in any accident compared to most of the vehicles on the road. Size does matter!
  • currherecurrhere Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. I also thought that the price was a bit too high - The invoice for the car + my incentives comes to around 36000. The price that the dealer gave to me is way too high than that. The invoice for the basic SLT is 33000 appox - so I guess I will have to haggle a bit - OR go to someone else.

    - CH
  • rtcrisanrtcrisan Member Posts: 2
    Dealer Invoice listed at $27,659 including N80/G80/C49/NW7/DK2/V1K. Dealer wants to give it to me for $216 over invoice, before any rebates.

    Should I make the deal?

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