Odometer Fraud What To Do? Help!

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Hi I bought a car recently and didnt know the car had odometer fraud on it. The seller claimed the Acura had 75k miles on it and showed me a fake carfax and lied about the title of the car. He told me he had a PA dealer license and I took a picture of his PA licnese. But I'm not sure the license is real. Everytime I tell him that I'm going to call the cops or go to the lawyer he tells me to go and he is not picking up his phone anymore. I have done research on this guy and he has sold other low mileage Acuras so it looks like he does this for a living. What should I do now because I called the cops and they just told me to go to court. But this guy is doing this for a living. He should get his dealer license revoked and go to jail for odometer fraud. What should I do?? I want the cops to take him down so he will stop scamming other people.


  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    So, how did you find out the odometer is wrong and how do you know this to be a fact?

    It seems that the burden of proof is on you and this may be difficult to prove.
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    Fraud is very difficult to prove even IF the odometer was turned back, because you have to prove intention and you have to prove who did it.

    What's your basis for presuming the odometer was rolled back or replaced?
  • sally_w23sally_w23 Member Posts: 2
    He lied about the carfax. If only I took the fake carfax that he showed me. He also lied about the title. And I did some research and see that he does this for a living. He also has the same car model of other years with also very low mileage which is very sketchy and he always used a different fake name. I only found out after I got my own carfax.
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    What miles are on the real Carfax? If you have a picture of his 'license' you should be able to check with the licensing department. If it's fake he's committed a crime, go to the police and that agency.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    Car Faxes are often wrong especially when it comes to miles. They simply report what was re[ported to them. Emission inspection stations are the WORST about entering incorrect mileage.

    I've seen Car Fax flag a car as having had " ACCIDENT REPORTED" when someone had a bumper scratch touched up.

    It's very difficult to turn back an odometer on a modern car with digital odometers but I've heard it can be done. The penalty for doing this, if caught is so severe that a person would be a fool to do this.

    I just think some people rely on Car Faxes as gospel and this just isn't so.

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