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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Accessories and Modifications



  • I just decided to add a mobile video system to my 2002 Trailblazer LS 2WD. Does anybody know where I could find a switched aux power to tap into under the rear seat?

    I removed the spare tire tools and used the two studs to bolt my DVD player brackets to, fits nicely under the rear seat, now I just need switched power.

    VIN 1GNDS13S822421574
  • thvthv Posts: 1
    I am interested in obtaining an after market interior rearview mirror with compass and temperature..anyone done this and how complicated ..where was it found have a TB EXT LT
  • mjdartmjdart Posts: 11
    I just ordered and received the cover part number 12498321. I am very pleased, it is basically a 3 dimensional molded piece which plugs in to the hitch receiver. I perfectly fills the large gap around the hitch doing wonders to dress up what I consider an ugly area on the TB. I paid $32 and it was well worth it. My wife can't get over the difference it makes also.
  • genemo3genemo3 Posts: 11
    I bought a 2003 LT last fall and would not buy without a temp and compass mirror but would not pay for the whole package. At least five dealers told me there was "no way." One dealer said, "no problem" and accomplished it by ordering a 2001 mirror and put it in my LT. I think it cost me but can't remember how much. In any case, I was glad to pay. The secret is the 2001 TB had the compass and temp mirror as an option and it was not part of a larger package as in the 2003.
  • I have a 2002 Trailblazer that is throwing road debris from the front tires onto the flanged area in front of the rear tires. I have 13000 miles on it. It has never been off road. In conversations with Chevrolet they will not do anything to make it right. I asked for mudflaps and repaint of the area. Since then I have discovered two more Trailblazers with the same damage. Since the 2003 and 2002's are the same body design it will be a problem with both. Everyone should check their vehicle immediately and if you find damage file a complaint. I will be contacting the attorney general and the BBB. I, also plan to provide this information to dealers so that they will be under pressure to get this design problem taken care of.
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    Get some $30 mud flaps OEM or Husky. Running boards help also and enchance the looks. All vehicles do this!!! I put my flaps on week ago. Its pot hole filling season in NY.
  • rpl13026rpl13026 Posts: 8
    Would recommend getting them with the vehicle when you buy it. Last year they were not available for the LS. I notice now they are.
  • rpl13026rpl13026 Posts: 8
    Does anybody know where factory fog lights attach to the wiring harness in the LT models? Any chance the wiring is in place for the LS model? I really would prefer not wiring them to the headlights.
  • jdabjdab Posts: 1

    I have an LTZ with the Sideview Mirrors and I have found that water builds in the turn signals. I have asked the dealer that I have my truck serviced at about this and the Sideview mirrors are notorious for building up water.

    Just an FYI
  • Hi
    Or to find altezza light for the TRAILBLAZER in the USA. And could you indicate a URL for this accessory to me.
    I live in EUROPE.
    Thank you in advance
  • goochgooch Posts: 13
    I just installed a DVD entertainment system for the kids in my (or shall I say my wife's) 2003 LS. Had a heck of a time trying to find the ideal location for the DVD player though. Finally opted for creating a small stand to mount the player in front of the back seat. So far so good. If I decide to move it in the future it shouldn't be too much of a hassle since the stand isn't a 'permanent' fixture.

    Dual 6" LCD displays installed in the headrests, wireless headphones also installed with the transmitter up top in the headliner. FM modulator also installed to pipe the music to the stereo, but I get a darned alternator whine. I have the modulator running on AAA batteries right now, so trying a ground loop won't work. I have read that FM modulators have the tendency to whine anyways. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to turn up the radio so much to hear the incoming signal, but there is no gain on the unit. I will try the DC power supply to see if that improves it any.

    But I digress... My daughter just loves the fact that she can now watch movies in the car and have a screen all to herself! I used to lug my laptop with me for longer trips so she could watch a movie but that was becoming a bit of a hassle. Well worth the price of the components, and only took a day to do the install!
  • I recently saw a Trailblazer with marker lights where the front bolt covers would be for the luggage rack. Anyone know where I might find some of these?
  • kram18kram18 Posts: 45
    The North Face edition of the Trailblazer is the one with these marker lights. There was some discussion on another TB message board about installing these on a non-NF edition truck but there has not been a straight answer of if the wiring is pre wired up there.... (you can buy the actual lights from GM parts direct, just don't know if there is anyhting to plug them into up there on a non north face edition.)

  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    I checked out GM parts direct and they hardly had anything for the Trailblazer in their catalog. I guess they once had more?

    I'm sure the wiring is already there. From what I have been told, there are hookups for pretty much everything. I've even got fuses installed for things I don't have.
  • kgbkahnkkgbkahnk Posts: 89
    I've been dying to put Marker (NF clearance lights) on my TB since the first time I saw a NF TB driving at night, and I've been part of this discussion on other message boards.

    I've had the bolt covers off of the front of my roof rack rails dozens of times when taking my cross bars on/off. I've never seen anything that would lead me to believe this would be a plug-n-play type of modification. Please tell me I'm wrong, because I'd sure love to do this, and I'm squeemish (putting it mildly) about having to drill any sort of holes in the roof to get power to the lights.
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    My guess would be that they are inside the roof and drilling would be required to feed them through. That's my guess.

    What is up in that hump in the middle of the ceiling over the arm rest up front? I have no sun roof and no overhead console, so why is it there?
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    heh.....I had a dream last night that I took down part of the ceiling and found all types of connections.
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    Last night I pulled the ceiling down and can now verify that the 2002 Trailblazer does NOT have pre-run wires for the marker lights. BUT, they would be very easy to run. Now if I could just find the lights.
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    A while back some people posted about having battery trouble. If those people are still here, I'd like to know if you had anything like an FM modulator installed. I installed the Delphi SA-1003 FM mod and had trouble with it killing my battery if I hadn't driven for 24 hours. I ended up having to put a switch on it. This problem seemed a bit strange in that the Trialblazer has all of the circuits set up to shut off if the battery is threatened. I had tapped in behind one of my cig outlets. You'd expect at least THOSE would be monitored by the computer.

    One cool thing I found out when I was back in the dash was that everything seems to have a dedicated ground. Makes it much easier than trying to find a screw to use.
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    I guess not many people read the posts here. Is there a more active board?

    I contacted GM and asked about the parts. They requested that I supply the VIN of a NF Trailblazer so that they can make sure to get a compatible part to fit mine. I explained that I live several states away from where the things are sold and such a request may prove difficult. I also mentioned that the only difference between a NF and a standard are the added options. Hopefully he realizes this and gives in. But if not, does anyone here have a NF edition and could reply back with their VIN?

    Thanks for your help!
  • mharrymharry Posts: 11
    Anybody know anything about the replacement headlights from Matrix Racing? They have the halo rings and 2 round lamps. They look real cool, but the reflectors aren't fluted, I'm over 40 and night blindness is becoming an issue. The last thing I need to do is drive around with flashlights for headlights!
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Does anybody know where we could get a set of tube steps for the Trailblazer that conform to the shape of the rocker panel from immediately behind the front wheel all the way to the area directly in front of the real wheel? I've seen a few on the web that were simply straight, and so were set away from the rocker panel directly below the doors (because of the way the wheel wells bulge out the ends hold the rest away). I've seen two vehicles, one a Trailblazer and the other an Envoy in the area, but both were in the middle of traffic, so I was unable to ask the owners where they found theirs at.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    After much calling around and searching the internet for pictures of customized trailblazers, I found an image of a show truck from the SEMA 2001 Las Vegas, NV show with the "Goin' Mobile Trailblazer".

    This truck had exactly the same type of tube steps as I've been looking for. Doing a bit more digging, and I found the site for the company that created the show truck, and on that site a group of pages on the truck in question. There I found information that indicated that Go Rhino! made the steps used on the truck.

    Searching for Go Rhino! tube steps for the Trailblazer, the closest product I could find was the 4000 Series Sumatra Sidesteps. But there were NO pictures of these anywhere. So after several telephone calls and an e-mail I finally managed to get in touch with the Go Rhino! tech named 'Pete'. He said that the 4057C, 4057B, and 4057PS were the steps I was interested in (Chrome, Black, and Polished Stainless). He also looked up a supplier that I could get them through.

    So now I've got an order in through J.C. Whitney for the polished stainless steps. I also placed an order through another online site for the Go Rhino! lighted step pads, which are supposed to be direct fit replacements for the standard step pads on all Go Rhino! side step products.

    I'll post an update once I receive the steps (I'm still nervous that they'll turn out to be the nerf-style steps that are what you get in the 4000 series for most other vehicles).
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    The sidesteps arrived at my door yesterday. Needless to say, I acted mature as befitted a 4 year old with an Easter basket full of candy and wasted no time opening them up to check out the goods. The Sumatra 4000 series for the Trailblazer (4057C, 4057B, and 4057PS, as listed above) are the steps I was looking for. They are shaped to follow the contour of the quarter panel / wheel arch flares. Happy ME!

    The lighted steppads that I ordered for them came in the day before yesterday. I didn't have the steps themselves in yet, but I tentatively opened one of the packages (2 pads per box) and extracted the installation instructions. Besides the fact that there isn't much detail in the instructions, I was able to make sense of most of what they say. It's a fairly simple job to remove the old step pads and put the new ones on in their place (stringing the wires for the lights into holes in the tubes under the pads). They then indicate that the wires should be pulled through the leading end of the tube and through a hole drilled in their mounting bracket on the truck frame. This is fine and dandy for the nerf style bars that make up most of the GoRhino 4000 series (for other vehicles), since the leading edge of the tube is directly against the mounting bracket / vehicle frame, and out of sight.

    Unfortunately for me, since the steps are the style I wanted, if I follow the directions for installing the lighted steppads explicitly, there'll be some ugly exposed wires sticking out of the front of the otherwise great-looking tube steps. The other alternative is to drill a hole in the tube steps near / beside the mounting bracket (and out of sight unless you get under the truck), route the wires through that, and somehow seal the hole around the wires (I'm thinking rubber grommits + silicone caulk or RTV). The bad part about the workable method is that it voids the 'Limited Lifetime Warranty' GoRhino proves on the Polished Stainless steps (5 years for the anodized black or chrome steps). At least, I think it does. Still waiting on word on that part back from their tech person, who I e-mailed about this situation. I may end up returning these steppads and doing without the extra-cool looking lighting. Sad ME. :(
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I finally managed to both be off work in time and to remember soon enough to call the GoRhino Customer Service number about the lighted step pads. Turns out that drilling a couple small holes for the purpose of installing those lighted pads doesn't void the warranty. After speaking with customer service, I talked to their techs, and was told that:

    1) I'd need a drill bit that is harder than usual (or something like a carbide bit that I can chuck after I finish).
    2) I need to tape off the wiring where it exits through the hole with electrical tape. This is to prevent the wire from "chaffing" against the edge of the tube and getting cut / shorting out. He also recommended using some silicone sealant around the wires. When I told him that I was considering using some of the good rubber grommits (available from Radio Shack stores), along with some silicone caulk / sealant, he said that it should work fine.

    So Now I'll be looking to drill out the tubes for the wiring, probably somewhere very close to one of the two welded mounting supports on the bars. But before I do that, I have to talk to my local Chevy dealer to see what the best place to tap into the 12v courtesy lighting circuit is (and how, since nearly all the electrical systems on the trailblazer are linked through the data bus in some form or other, and I don't want to screw some electronics up during this install).
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    Got my marker lights the other day! I don't know how a little bit of plastic and some wire can cost so stinkin much. More like a profit margin of 10,000%. Now I gotta drill my some holes and run some wire.

    Also got my new carputer sitting here for loading all my MP3z and GPS software. Once my bank account has recovered from the two purchases, I've got to obtain an LCD touchscreen.
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    I was sizing up my carputer yesterday under the rear passenger-side seat and noticed a flap in the carpet. I opened it and found a wiring harness. Next to the flap was a rectangular depression with a hole for wires. What do I not have that goes there!

    Another thing. I took the pleasure of blowing the 125amp Mega fuse up on the front fuse panel. While replacing it I noticed a thin red wire that had been pulled back and hooked to a wire bundle clamp as though someone were trying to keep it from making contact again. It's got a connector on it that fits perfectly on a post at the corner of the fuse panel next to the left of Mega fuse. Is this wire supposed to be disconnected? I'm wondering if a mechanic forgot the reattach it.

    This is on a 2002 LS.

    Thanks for the help!!!
  • mharrymharry Posts: 11
    Mines exactly the same, 03 tb ltz. The only options I don't have are the sunroof and dvd system. I suppose the answer would lie in the Helm manual, I seem to have $120.00 for alot of things, but not that. Hey if that's the computer, what's on the other side?
  • adamjeepsadamjeeps Posts: 56
    If this wire you refer to is under the hood I would guess it is the trailer brake control wire that is used for trailer brakes while towing.
  • ericevansericevans Posts: 33
    I found out that the loose wire under the hood is for trailor battery charging. They intentionally leave it disconnected but still make it available if needed.

    The box attached to the rear fuse panel is the computer...I think. I was refering to my Carputer. I'm installing a Mini-ITX computer under the other seat. It's got a 40G drive to hold all my MP3s and GPS software. I'll mount a touchscreen LCD somewhere up in front to control it. Sound will get to the radio through an FM mod I'm using for my XM.
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