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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Accessories and Modifications



  • cwhawkcwhawk Posts: 38
    Has anyone done any modifications, dealer or not, that has improved gas mileage?
  • Anyone know if there are any lift kits for these available? I am in the market possibly for a new 4X4, but want to make sure it is going to be decent offroad.
  • ktliu2ktliu2 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if Onstar is required for the factory sunroof ? I keep getting different answers from Chevy.
  • ktliu2ktliu2 Posts: 3
    Does anyone have any experience with the optional V8 in the TB ? Is the gas mileage penalty just 1 mpg ? How long has this engine been around ?
  • genemo3genemo3 Posts: 11
    Anybody know of a hitch step or hitch bumper made specifically for the Trailblazer?

  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I don't think the V8 is out yet, it's going to be out mid year at best according to the GM website. Only available on the EXT versions. It's a new engine, so there's not much info on reliability, fuel mileage, etc.
  • sildogsildog Posts: 50
    When I bought my TB, I had to get onstar to get the sunroof. When they tried to "build" it in the computer, everytime they added sunroof, onstar magically appeared also. I tried to argue out of paying for the onstar and all they could do was offer to have aftermarket sunroof installed. I didn't like that idea, so I ended up springing for the useless onstar. There are other things that came with onstar, such as the fancy mirror with compass and temp and the homelink garage buttons.
  • Genemo3- Nope, but there are a few companies out that make hitch steps for the 2" reciever on the TB.
    Sunroof qustion- nope, its a "package" from GM. Best bet is to price one out on your own(so you knwo how much it costs) then have the dealer factor it into the lease... other option.. buy it from GM and pay 2g++ for a sunroof.
    5.3L V8.. IMO, it will probably get a little better than the Tahoe since it's the same engine, but weighs more(vehicle and engine) so I would guess maybe a 1-2MPG increase over the Tahoe.
  • Below are my two posts over on the "big board". Thought I'd post them here to see if anyone can help me out:

    I've seen several posts about the splash guards with running boards. I have an EXT with factory running boards. Ordered the front and rear from gmpartsdirect and sure enough, the fronts don't fit. The problem isn't necessarily the running boards, but the strip of plastic trim just below the doors seems to not be letting it fit up flush. Has anyone found a correct part number yet, or an alternative to the GM guards?

    (2nd post):
    Well, I think I've figured out the problem. Went to local Chevy dealership and took one of the front splash guards with me. It fit fine on a "short" Trailblazer, even with the factory running boards. Evidently, it's the EXT's that have a wider plastic trim piece under the doors at the front wheel well. If anyone has an EXT with the GM front splash guards, please post the part numbers.

    Thanks for any and all information!
  • rye78rye78 Posts: 16
    I own a Trailblazer LS and I was wondering if anyone knows how or where I can get color matched side mirrors. I have heard that the LTZ models came with them but I have yet to see them. If anyone has any ideas and/or and idea on what they might cost, I would appreciate it.
  • twinrottstwinrotts Posts: 161
    Anyone know of a lock gas cap accessory for the TB EXT.
    Got a Check Engine alert today and went to look at the gas cap. Sure enough it was just hanging by its teather.
    I gased up several days ago and really do not think I would not secure it for several clicks
  • I believe its a Stant(??) Any auto store should be able to find one that fits. Got it in Sept. '01 after I bought my TB, and haven't had a problem with it since...(except for the dodo's that fill my gas since I live in OR and can't fill my own gas.. =o( how frustrating)
  • I've been on a sort of "quest" to get these items and thought I'd let everyone know what I've found out. If you have a regular length TB, the part numbers for the splashguards are: FRONT, 12497608, REAR 12497609. For an EXT TB, FRONT, 12498652, REAR 12497609 (they're the same). And these will work for sure on an EXT with the factory running boards, contrary to what the GM Access. site says. I would say they will on the short ones, too, but can't say for sure since I have the EXT. BTW, all these part numbers have a white Chevy bow tie emblem painted on.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • Greetings,

    No you do not have to remove the front wheels. Just turn the wheels to the left or right as needed to install the front splashguards for the EXT.

    Note: There are three screws for each side, two screws do not require additional drilling. Just loosen the large nut and place the splashguard into place. However, the third requires drilling and that is located at the bottom. Really, the first two screws are sufficient to hold the flaps.

    You can finish the whole task in less than 30Minutes for both sides.

    Good Luck
  • Watchdog2 is correct. Fronts are a piece of cake.
    Rears have a hole on the inboard side that might be a little tricky. I've just done the one's on the wheel well and the bottom that I could get to. I've read on the board that you could possibly drill from behind and not have to remove the rear wheels, but I would think that would require some sort of pilot hole first. I haven't fooled with installing these yet. Maybe the next sunny day I'll give it a try.
  • ok i have found several for 300.00 or more and the chevy one is 500.00. Im looking for a black one under 200.00, as well as rear light guards. Anyone here know of any trailblazer that may have been in accidents and have salvagable grill guards or want to sell the one that may have come on your truck?
  • Does anyone know where I can find 2003 door edge chip guards made especially for a TB? They are for avoiding door paint chips while opening the doors next to a car in a parking lot. I had them for my 1998 Blazer but can't find the custom made ones for a TB. Thanks.
  • Anyone cahnge out the fog lights for aftermarkets? Im looking for the parts number for them. I havent been able to find them, either in the manual or from the dealer. Supply stores dont even have a number for them. Any help would be appreciated.

  • We just purchased an 03 TB LT/EXT V8 fully loaded. I used this site prior to purchasing the truck and hopefully can provide some additional information. The dealers are offering $2000 cash back but we found one in Central NJ offering $3000. The sticker was 40,600 and we ended up paying 33,500!

    We were thinking about a Tahoe but they were too pricey, very nice but too much for me. The same dealer that was offering 3000 back happened to have a V8 on the lot. I've just finished the 500 mile break in period and while babying the truck(not going over 3000 RPM's or 55 MPH) I was getting 15.4 miles to the gallon. Under normal driving conditions you can expect around 13 or 14, I hope!

    Any questions? I love talking about my new truck!
  • I priced out all needed parts to install like factory fog lamps on my 03 LS TB and was shocked!GM is not the best in offering add on kit's in this nature.So I took this matter into my own hands to find an easier and cheaper way to get the factory looking fog lamps.Well I have!I purchased the factory replacement fog lamps from a dealer$100 for a pair.Then I puchased a universal fog lamp wiring harness kit from HELLA $40 which came complete with everything needed to operate,fuse,relay,directions,etc.Then I went to home depot and bought 1/8 thick piece of metal $8 and fabricated two brackets to fit fog lamps to the vehicle.This took a little time to make.I then cut the grills out in the bumper cover where the fogs fit ,and fit in place.They look great!They look like they came from the factory.When I wired them I tapped off a wire that went to the headlamp switch so they come on when the headlamps do.So for $148 and a little creativety making brackets to fit perfect, it wasn't to bad.I hope this helps anyone interested!
  • Congrats on the fogs. I did almost the same. I found the fogs on the internet from a used parts store but had to pay $200 for them and paid another $100 for an aftermarket shop to wire and install brackets for a grand total of $300. I also put in some silicone electric grease where the wires attach to the lights to keep moisture out. HOW DID YOU GET THE FOG LIGHTS FOR ONLY $100 FROM THE DEALER?????

    I also took off my roof rack and put back in the original black screws with a lot of silicone in the screw holes. Sure hope this keeps the water out. Can anyone foresee a problem using the original screws other than looking ugly. I also noticed there are threaded cups that the screws go into (not directly into the roof). So there is a chance for moisture in both the screw hole and under the cup. I used the original screws just for the slim chance I may need to use the original rack some day. Currently I use the trailer hitch mount for bikes and skis.
  • I work at a dealer myself, so I get a discounted price.Barnacle
  • I would like to install factory side view mirrors that have the turn signal built in the underside of the mirror housing.They come standard on the LTZ models.Has any one attempted to do this to a LS? How much are the mirrors ?Is the wiring there in the door harness?,Or do you have to do all the hard wiring yourself?Please give any info on this if anyone has got this same interest as I.Thanks.
  • Just purchased a TB, LT and now find that the second row seats do not adjust backwards. They do adust forward, but they are too straight up for comfort. Does anyone know how to adjust them more or has a fix for GM's obvious error. So much for Truck people designing for car occupants. Thanks Much!

    Gnarley Mc.
  • suesnsuesn Posts: 1
    Would it be cheaper to buy the assist steps and install them myself. Or buy them when I get the TB where they cost $173.00
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    I found this thought I should share!
  • Has anyone changed there exhaust system and
    had a change in the idle speed?
    Also little too loud in cabin area.
    let me know!!!!
    P.S. I have a 2002 LS group 3 pkg. Trailblazer.
    Accessories are: tint windows to match the back,
    rainguards, hood protector, ss sidestep bars, ss front
    chevy plate with gold racing flags on it.
    I luv this truck!!!!
  • I too, thought I had a problem with the Second Row seats on the Trailblazer. But alas, if you simply move the #1 handle slightly and push back on the seat you will see there are ~3 seat positions for recline. I still think the seat sits at too much of an upward angle, but at least the back can be made comfortable.

  • What experience has everyone had with after market running boards? If found what appears to be quite nice ones that fit like the OEM ones. But I can't find any references to the company. Their site is "". The Westin boards also look nice, but the custom fit of the OEM boards look really good.

    What are your experiences? Quality? Ease of installation?
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